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Top 10 Best Natural Homemade Nail Polish Remover Tricks

how to remover nail paint without remover

As you all know Nail Paint Remover is a solvent which is used to remove nail polish. Different types of nail paint removers are available in the market with a large number of chemicals, which are very harmful to our nails as well as our skin. Here, we have come up with some ideas on … Read more

Top 5 Best Face Cream For Men In India

best face cream for men for fairness

Nowadays, men’s are not behind in the fashion and beauty industry. You can find them searching for the beauty products, especially before their weddings or any parties. In India fair complexion for both male and female is considered as the beauty of person, especially in North India. You can see there are many TV advertisements … Read more

Best Magazines in India (English/Hindi) in Different Categories

Magazines are one of the widely used media to get updated about your interests after Newspapers. In a World where people are going crazy about technology, Magazines play a vital role in getting updated once in a week or a month or half-yearly, depending on how you feel comfortable. There are different types of magazines … Read more

List Of Top Ten Wheat Producing States of India

Agriculture is one of the oldest practice prevailing since the evolution of man.Growing crops is an important part of the ecosystem.Most of the food items depend on wheat and rice.They constitute the most important thing in a human’s life.In the earlier days of civilization, humans used to grow this for themselves only but later they started … Read more