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Best Lipstick Colors For Dark Skin Tone Available In India

best lipstick shades or dark skin tone

Hello friends, as the spring-summer season is coming, so don’t be worried about makeup and lipstick shades for this season till then we are here. Are you searching Which color Lipstick Is Good For Dark Skin? I can understand how typical is this to carry makeup and choose lipstick shades for summer collection and specially when … Read more

How to Apply your Liquid Foundation

Looking good is always a serious business. Having a flawless look is something many females aim for, but it doesn’t come that easy. There are prices to pay to achieve that smooth-looking face. To give the skin a smoother look and even out the tone of the skin, many women wear either powder or liquid … Read more

17+ Best Mineral Foundations For 2018 – Best Mekeup Products You’ll Fall in Love

To look beautiful is the birthright of every woman, adding to it Mineral makeup has changed the face of beauty, in fact, it combat a slew of skin problems and it is also non-comedogenic. You can pat these products without worrying as these are Buav and vegan-friendly, does not harm your skin. Mineral makeup, known for its breathable, … Read more

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally Home Remedies

how to get pink lips

Everybody loves pink and smooth lips, don’t they? buy viagra generic over the counter Every woman dreams of pink and rosy lips…Hey don’t think here we are talking about pink or red lipsticks shades to give pink look to your sexy lips. Here we will today discuss home remedies for how to get pink … Read more

How to Lighten Dark Lips Quickly Sitting at Home

best way to get pink lips

Hey gals, Are you trying to capture the perfect pout click but upset with your dark lips. Then need not to worry, many home remedies for pink lips or how to lighten dark lips instantly, here is your three-step guide. Instant dark lips removal doesn’t here means for make-up. Make-up is a just one-time solution … Read more

Sunny Leone Photos Without Makeup !

As you all are already aware of the title, with what we have come up this time. Yes, this time we took some of the unseen pictures, without makeup photos of Sunny Leone, who is no doubt among the favourites list of young one bachelor’s. So, I don’t think Sunny Leone needs any introduction. Beautiful … Read more

13 Best Tinted Moisturizer You Should Buy In 2018

Ever heard of tinted moisturizer and what you need it? Moisturizers are usually sticky and applied scaringly before make-up and after beauty regime. For all those women who love wearing makeup and still keep their skin supple, tinted moisturizer is the solution. You can choose amongst best-tinted moisturizer for dry skin and all skin types. … Read more