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How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home Easily

 Best modus operandi To Remove Acrylic Nails Down the pike acrylic nails are on trend. Chicks and besoms are getting crazy about having acrylic nails but removing these acrylic nails is a challenging task. First, we account for what are Acrylic nails? Acrylic nails are not the replacement of the natural nails but these are artificial … Read more

13 Best Waterproof Mascara That You Must Try Once In 2018

Say no to smudging, and dripping lines of mascara when you choose from a list of waterproof mascaras. Get beautiful lashes and enhance the beauty of your eyes with the application of the best waterproof mascara. You can sweat it out at the gym looking stunning without worrying about mascara running down your cheeks. Mascaras … Read more

Top 5 Best Smudge Proof Kajal/ Kohls In India

best kohl for eyes available in india

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman body. Human eyes are also connected with the heart. Sometimes we listen from the lovers about love at first sight. So,eyes can also play a role very importantly in life. Here are Best Waterproof Kajal Pencils Available In India. It works magically to attract someone towards … Read more