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Top 5 Best Smudge Proof Kajal/ Kohls In India

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman body. Human eyes are also connected with the heart. Sometimes we listen from the lovers about love at first sight. So,eyes can also play a role very importantly in life. Here are Best Waterproof Kajal Pencils Available In India.

It works magically to attract someone towards you. Here we are representing you the Best Eye Kajal In India to look your eyes more glamours and beautiful. In past years making kajal was a very long procedure. But as the time changed, now things have become simplest and easy going. But the worry is to find the perfect Best Smudge Proof Kajal In India.

Here, we have made a list of best eye kajal’s available in India. If you are interested to put kajal pencil or kohl liner in your makeup kit then you can pick one of them for you.

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Most Popular Indian Best Eye Kajal Linear

Now days very huge list of kajal brands is available in the market and choosing the perfect one that is smudge and waterproof is really very time-consuming task. As I am Kajal Lover, therefore, I have tried many eyes kohls available in Indian market. But some brands only advertise for non-smudge but reality is different. Therefore, here today I have come up with the kajal that are really water proof and smudge proof. Here we are including Best Waterproof Kajal Pencil Available In India, How To Apply Kajal Without Smudging, Indian Kajal Eyeliner, Best Long Lasting Kajal.

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Top 10 Best Indian Eye Kajal With Price

  1. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

As the company claims that it’s 10-hour long lasting, smudge proof and also waterproof. I can’t say anything for waterproof but it’s long lasting for 8 hours. Lakme is the brand that also introduce colored kajal’s in India. It feels very smooth when glides on the eyes. This is also not so expensive just rs. 250 in market and 200 rs. online. It comes in a deep black color with the easy twist pattern, gives your eyes an eye conic look.

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2. Maybelline Colossal Kajal

This will give your eyes a new definition and very easy to apply with the twist and rotate pattern. It’s dark black in color and claims 6 hours smudge proof. A price of this kajal in India is only 199 Rs. You can put it into your makeup kit. As I personally used this so, this will smudge if you have oily eyelids and i always have very short time to get ready for office so always stay afraid if i rotate it after limit then whole kajal will break.

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And also if you want dark kohl for eyes then you should apply it for 2-3 times.

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3. Revlon Colorstay Pencil

Being Indian women, Kajal is the only beauty product that we use from childhood. Nowadays, dark kohl has become the easiest and simplest way to look different. As colorful kajal is in trends but black is always evergreen. Expensive colorstray kajal gives your eyes a new definition with it’s one stock. It’s price in India is Rs. 490. It’s super soft and creamy. You can also apply on the top of your eyes as eye liner. As this is smudge proof and water proof will not fade up it’s own. So, you can easily remove this with olive oil.

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4. L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique

If you want to give the natural color to your eyes, then this one is the best. It is 6-8 hours long lasting with minimal smudging. This is extreme black in color, so if you want smoky eye than can use this in place of eyeliner. This also provides extraordinary special care to your eyes.

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5. Himalaya Herbal Health Care Kajal

Kajal is a very essential for the Indian girls. As this is one of the famous brands for women makeup. Many products of this company is in the market and appreciated by the buyers. This is completely waterproof, stay for 2-3 hours and soft and creamy. This also has the cooling properties for the eyes extra care. It’s really very affordable in price. You can buy this in just 110 Rs. Drawback that I feel with this is the cap is very fragile that can break if drop down.

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Every kajal works differently on the different eyes. So, it’s the best try out the kajal for some time until you are doing other shopping in mall or market and if it’s not smudge and waterproof then can purchase. Hopefully, these kajal brands will be helpful for you to shortlist. These kajal’s are also the Best Kajal For Sensitive Eyes.