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Hello intimates, we welcome you to multi niche website “The Daily India”. If you are viewing this page then it’s for sure that you are in search of some news. At TDH we provide you the latest new on Jobs, Education, Entertainment, Politics, Technology etc. We started this website for every man or women who is in search of news. We planned to post Job news Sports news technology news Political news and many other things. Initially we were not sure about the success of this website but we were sure that we will provide the best and quality news to our viewers. We launched this blog with an idea and that idea was to provide valuable knowledge to viewers. We faced this problem a lot whenever we were trying to get some useful information from any blog, all we got was disappointment so we decided that we will create a blog which will not disappointment any user. The Daily India is a place which will not disappoint you and will carter you authenticate news. The Daily India name was our first choice for this project as we were bound to provide the best and quality news for our country people. This name was describing our thoughts clearly. We are a group of engineers who are passionate and willing to learn more and more. While completing

our engineering we always tried to something different and started some small projects. When we saw that our small projects re really good and we got a positive feedback from everyone then we decided that now it’s the time to move on and start something big.

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