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Sunny Leone Photos Without Makeup !

As you all are already aware of the title, with what we have come up this time. Yes, this time we took some of the unseen pictures, without makeup photos of Sunny Leone, who is no doubt among the favourites list of young one bachelor’s. So, I don’t think Sunny Leone needs any introduction.

Beautiful Gold made Baby Doll has not only a long list of fan following but she is India’s most searched celebrity on Google too. Here we have a brief biography of Sunny Leone. Born as Karenjit Kaur Vohra, she chose to be called as Sunny Leone. She is a well-known pornographic actor; despite an Indian origin she has been brought up in Canada. Leone finished her education from a Catholic school and has always been the X factor among her peers.

Disaster came into her male fans when she was married to Daniel Webber in 2011. She loves to read and enjoys painting when free. Hawaii is her all-time favourite destination and she has played for the women’s soccer team in California. She is no doubt very pretty, beyond we could imagine. This Bollywood actress without makeup shall sweep any guy off her beat; however, she is now taken!

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Top 15 Sunny Leone Without Makeup Pictures 

Super hot Sunny Leone became a citizen of America in 2006 and maintained a dual citizenship of Canada. It was on the 14th of April that she made the announcement about holding an Indian citizenship. Her first Bollywood movie was Jism 2 and it turned out to be a blockbuster. For her, it all started with that movie; she has 3 more movies lined up for her viewers.

1. Some blessings!

Doesn’t she look beautiful? This was the time when she was a contestant in Big Boss, and Mahesh Bhatt came to offer her the film Jism 2. The other heroines without makeup might very well fade in front of her. She has some natural beauty within her which comes naturally!

2. The sizzling red!

She looks beyond just sizzling hot in the red dress! Her hair perfectly set and oh that expression; she is a star for sure! The way she has begun throbbing hearts, I don’t think soon there will be any heart left which doesn’t beat her.

3. From the sets of Jism 2

This has to be one iconic picture, isn’t it? The way Mahesh Bhatt has a story lined her and the way she has acted in the movie, I don’t think anyone could have done that role better than her. The way she looks makes me think how these Bollywood actresses without makeup could put all us girls to shame! Why do they all have such beautiful skin? This is pure Magic!

4. From the bed!

Yet another picture from this actress without makeup. She has just woken up from her sleep and you just cannot believe if one can look so beautiful even when she has not got over her bed. She looks quite different in this one though, but pretty as always obviously!

5. Smile, please!

Heroines without makeup, really? They look pretty anyways, what difference does makeup or without makeup make to these people? It is us who should be the ones worrying Because they are a celebrity because they are celebrities for their flawless skin and beauty, so there’s no point arguing about their images without makeup.

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6. And that is what I call sheer beauty!

My personal favourite picture of this Bollywood actress without makeup, she looks just so adorable. She is just beautiful, and this picture proves it all. I might just fall in love with her prettiness!

7. Canada times!

This picture of Sunny Leone is of earlier times when she was in Canada. She looks pretty though, with the Canadian kind of look on her face! Having Different hairstyles is one of her liking which most of us might be not aware of. I love the muffler though!

8. A selfie with the beanie!

sunny leone images

She looks quite different the way she is clicking that picture. Fair and smooth skin are the good gifts which can be easily seen in these pictures, I mean even after not wearing any sort of makeup, she looks pretty impressive. Tied her hair into plaits and a beanie on her head, isn’t this just so adorable? I mean you know it is pretty and it suits her well enough.

9. The cute one!

sunny leone cute images

She is looking adorable in the pic even don’t have any makeup. That face and the soft toy, two cuties in a single picture. The picture shows that she is sitting on a plane, and if this is her travel look, I am afraid of falling unconscious if I actually get a chance to see her in real.

10. Cheers to Sunny!

And it seems she is enjoying herself with her glass cocktail! Thug life? Truly!

11. The Perfect One!

sunny leone unseen photosThis is really the perfect one picture. Her smile is more enough to enhance her beauty, not the makeup material. She is looking amazing wearing the simple plain glossy pink top. And enjoying the music in her good mood.

12. The Morning Look!

sunny leone morning workout

Do you want to know the real secret of sunny leone’s natural beauty? We will reveal this!! Yes, this is her daily yoga and exercise routine. That keeps her fit, healthy and appealing. Let’s take some tips from sunny with her yoga and fitness CD.

13. Selfie on the beach!

selfie of sunny leone

Most of the girls look pretty on the beach but I think you can’t take your eyes off after the most attractive look of sunny leone. Hey, have you noticed she is even didn’t apply any single makeup or accessories? She is looking stunning and beach colours background also enhancing her beauty looks.

14. The Mixed one!!

sunny leone images

Could you ever imagine that one can look so beautiful in their variations of mood? This defines the natural beauty of sunny. If she can look this much beauty in her sad mood then imagine how much alluring she will look in the sexy red dress!!

15. The pout!

bollywood actress photos without makeup

How girls look cute with a pout? Most of us might not look good, but she looks so innocent while doing so. She is really looking too much pretty in her two cute braids. Sunny Leone is the only actress I think who can look so cute without makeup.

And that was it from pictures of Sunny Leone without makeup; as pretty and as cute as ever. Let us not judge her for what she does or has done, she is cute of! We Hope You liked our small research on your Favorite actress, We’ll come up with some more very soon. Till Then enjoy and do share the posts!

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