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Best Magazines in India (English/Hindi) in Different Categories

Magazines are one of the widely used media to get updated about your interests after Newspapers. In a World where people are going crazy about technology, Magazines play a vital role in getting updated once in a week or a month or half-yearly, depending on how you feel comfortable. There are different types of magazines available in the market which have updates about different categories, either in the country or global. Asiatick Miscellany first magazine in India which was published in 1785. India is the only country where more than 5000 magazines are published in different languages.

We have divided the magazines into different categories for our viewers to have an easy and better read. Let us have a read of the categories and some magazines under those categories:

Best Fashion Magazines For Women

Magazines keep everyone updated with the new trends.People working in the corporate sector does not get much time to read the newspaper on the daily basis.Also, Newspapers have become biased and don’t show the exact happenings. There is very less time available for women, no matter if they are working or homemakers. They have a lot to sort and that is the reason they do not get much time to get updated on the latest fashion and trending clothes and accessories. Magazines help them to get weekly or monthly updates about anything they are interested in.Let us have to look at the top 5 Fashion Magazines for women.


Cosmopolitan is a Global magazine for those who love fashion and more importantly loves to read about sex and relationships. The magazines mostly write what women love to read. The most talked about topics in this magazine are Love-Relationships, Sex- Health, Careers, Fashion-Beauty etc.The magazine is printed in 35 Languages and distributes their editions in almost 110 countries.


Vogue is again one of America’s fat Magazine brand which writes about Fashion and Lifestyle.The magazine had its first publication released in 1892 in United States Of America.The Magazine prints in 21 countries.The magazine expanded its area of work during the Great Depression and World War 2. The “Vogue” has also been awarded the most influential Fashion Magazine in the year 2006.


Maxim is all about photography of the female actresses and models who are trending. Maxim’s editions are sold in 75 countries worldwide. There are more than 9 million subscribers to Maxim and more than 4 Million Digital Subscribers. Maxim published its first magazine in 1995 and there have been no lows after that. The popularity and subscribers have been increasing since then.


The very first edition of Elle took off in France in the year 1945. Elle works for Fashion, Beauty, Health, and Entertainment. It has been the best-selling fashion & Beauty magazine for quite a few times.The Elle had a very famous slogan of itself, “Si else lit, all lit Elle” which means “If she reads, she reads Elle” in French. Elle is published in more than 60 countries in 45 different languages.


Femina is an Indian Fashion & Beauty Magazine which is published every 15 days(fortnight). The “World Wide Media” owns this company with 50% partnership of BBC Worldwide and The Times Group. They have a very wide area of work including the topics related to women, fashion, travel, relationships, etc. The establishment of publication goes back to 1959 when its first publication was released. Miss India Beauty Pageant is also organized by Femina since 1964.


Business India

Business India is a business Magazine which talks about business news published fortnightly.The headquarters reside in Mumbai. There are more than 100000 copies circulated around the country which is doubled from the 2006 data. The First copy of the publication was published in 1978. The Founder of the renowned magazine is Ashok Hotch and Advani.

Business World

Business World is an Indian Magazine basically, works on the daily business updates. Business World is India’s most renowned business magazine. The first magazine of this publication was published in 1981.The publication does a very unique and exact analysis of business-related terms such as the economy, banking, finance, industry, and entrepreneurs.

Business Today

Business Today is also an Indian Business magazine published fortnightly.The magazine has been in progress since 1992.It has not followed the path of enormous success, but it has been successful enough to make it up to the market.Rohit Saran is the editor of the magazine since 2008.

Forbes India

Forbes India is not very old to the market.It was launched in 2008 and since then it has been doing on the footmarks of the parent company, Forbes. The magazine is being published every fortnight. Forbes gives you a list of top of the tops in different sectors of the society.  Finance, Industry, Investing, and Marketing are some of the major topics covered in its fortnightly published magazine. Raghav Bahl is the CEO of Forbes India.

Inc. India


Inc. Magazine was founded and established in 1979, and the headquarters reside in New York. The magazine talks about the monthly reports of the small and big startup companies in the U.S which are being referred as “Inc.500” and “Inc.5000”. There are more than 700000 copies of the magazine which are in circulation every month. In 1981, Inc. became the first ever magazine to feature Steve Jobs on the cover with a tag “This Man Has Changed Business Forever”.

Best Magazines To Prepare For Competitive Exams

Pratiyogita Darpan

Pratiyogita Darpan is an Indian informative magazine for students who prepare for Competitive exams in India. The magazine published its first copy in 1978. The Magazine has a lot of topics covered in one edition and they cover current affairs, economy, geography, history, politics and Constitution Of India. The Magazine get published in both Hindi and English versions and also has an Online version to it with Applications available on both Android and iOS platforms. The Magazine is mostly used by students preparing for Administrative Exams like IAS and State PCS.

Competition Success Review

Competition Success Review is an Indian General Knowledge Magazine which has been on the top for the past 4 decades. CSR (more commonly abbreviated) mostly writes about the current events taking place day to day and summarizes them into their monthly issue. They also cover IAS interviews, tips to crack GD and some sample questions which are asked in examinations.

Civil Services Times

Civil Services Times is one of the best magazines for the preparation of various entrance examinations, but the main focus of the magazine is Civil Services Exam.They indulge themselves in providing current affairs and matters of concern with deeper understanding to make students analyze and understand the government’s proceedings with a clear understanding. The major topics covered in this magazine are national, international, foreign policy, science and technology and economic issues.


Chronicle has been providing its services for almost two decades and it has been a great journey of enlightenment for the students. They have been defining the analysis of the current events for a long time and students find it quite effective in the race to crack the entrance examinations. Chronicle has been providing stuff for almost all the top exams of the country like CSE, CAT, IFS etc. After the change in the pattern of the examination, it has redesigned its magazine and now the issues published are according to different papers conducted.


Yojana is an Indian monthly magazine which talks about socio-economic issues of the country with being biased. As it is a government run magazine, there is no political bias in the content being created by them. Its publication started way back in 1957. The magazine is published in 13 languages of India. It is quite of an importance for people who love to read about current socio-economic ongoings in the country and also beneficial for the students who appear for Descriptive papers of different examinations.

Best Sports Magazines In India

Cricinfo Magazine

Cricinfo was initially started by Wisden in 2006. The magazine covered everything about cricket whether it was domestic or international.One of the best cricket magazine for cricket lovers till date. The magazine was later acquired by ESPN in the year 2007. Infomedia was the publisher of this famous cricket magazine.


Sportster is a weekly sports magazine which is being published by The Hindu(Newspaper).The magazine was started in 1978.The magazine covers almost every sport in India and even outside. Cricket, the unofficial National Game of India, has been the prime topic for all the sports magazines. The online version of Sportstar was launched in 2015, is the final destination of every Indian sports fan to follow their favorite sports.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is an American sports magazine owned by Time Inc. The magazine has over 3 million subscribers globally.The magazine is more famous for its swimsuit issue which has been active since 1964 and is also available on tv. It is not very old to the Indian Market. The magazine is not published in India, it is published in America and then bought and sold in the Indian market.

Cricket Today

Cricket Today is an Indian magazine headquartered in Delhi with the parent company Diamond Magazines. Besides updating the readers with the cricket news, they also do a deep analysis of the cricketing decisions and the articles written by the experienced professionals who have deep knowledge in this field. They are involved in writing about the inside-out stories of cricket, legendary cricket moments, interviews of cricket personalities, player profiles, the history of cricket.


Sportsworld is published under the banner Anand Bazaar Group. The magazine was started in 1983. The first editor was a cricketer and his name was “MAK Pataudi”. Later it was sold to “The Hindu” group with the same name. The magazine has done wonders since it has started working under “The Hindu”. The magazine covers Football, Hockey, Cricket, Wrestling etc. The magazine is a boon for young sports lovers who like to be updated with sports news.

These were some of the best Magazines for different categories of people. The magazines we have filtered are according to the interests of the people.Like for people who love sports magazines have been kept apart, stay at home women or working who do not get much time to read the newspaper are kept apart. So The best magazines in India have been full of words in this article and we hope to bring the new update to this article as well some more articles for our readers.Do give us some feedback regarding our articles so that we might improve in right areas.Do not forget to share if you liked it.

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