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Top 10 Best Selling Watch Brands in the World

Watches were discovered to see the time after people learned to see the times. But the watches are no longer an instrument to see only the time. People are so crazy about buying expensive watches that they do not see any extent of putting the money to buy it. There are n number of brands who are involved in manufacturing supreme quality watches which are worth buying.

As we know that women have a lot of things to wear as accessories like Jewelry, handbags etc but men have a limited number of items and the prime among them is Watch. The choices of watches differ from men to men as everyone has their own sense of fashion. And yes, the choice of Watch Brands also depicts the status symbol of people. As they say “Expensive Watches not only tell time but also tells your time”.

Watches do reflect your taste, character, and your brand selection. We have done some research for you all and found out which are the best selling and most popular brands of Watches, which are worth going for. So here’s the list of The Best Watch Brands :





Rolex SA is a luxury watchmaker from Switzerland. The watch company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London in 1905 and later shifted to Geneva in 1919. Rolex holds the first position in manufacturing luxury watches and the quantity goes up to 2000 watches per day. Rolex Submariner 16610 is the most sold Rolex watch of all times. The blue and golden combination of the watch makes it just perfect to look at. The price range of the Rolex Watches from about 4500 dollars to 30000 dollars. So if you’re really interested in buying one, you need to overload your pockets. You can check out the collection at Rolex official website.



Like most of the luxury watchmakers come from Switzerland, Audemars Piguet also hails from there. The company was founded in 1875 by Audemars and Piguet, respective names of the founders. The company specializes in making supreme quality analog watches and finest quality jewelry. The market of the brand spreads in around 88 countries. Though being one of the oldest watch manufacturers, the company is still owned by its founding members only. The company has also been named most luxury watch brand in the world. Looking at the design of the watch, the watch looks elegant yet stylish. The most expensive watch of the Audemars Piguet is Royal Oak Complication which is worth $8,69,000. You can check the collection of the Audemars Piguet here.



Patek Philippe also headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The founding of the brand lays back to 1851. The company is best known for its analog watches. The brand has the honor of manufacturing the most expensive super complication watch worth $11,000,000(Henry Graves Supercomplication) in 1999 and $24 Million in 2014. Queen Elizabeth is one of the prime lovers of the watch.The ones who love wearing luxury watches are great admirers of Patek Philippe.



The foundation of the watchmaker dates back in 1775 and it is one of the oldest luxury watchmakers which is still functional. Though the company started its operations in Paris but later shifted to Vallee de Joux, Switzerland, in 1976. The inventions of the company stand great at Tourbillion, by Abraham-Louis Breguet (Founder).


The first wristwatch was manufactured in 1810. The first workshop opened by Breguet was with the help of the money he was being given as dowry in his marriage but his hard work paid off and now the company is functioning worldwide.



Montblanc was not involved in manufacturing from the starting, it was only producing luxury pens and other instruments. Montblanc is one of those luxury watch manufacturers who is not functioning in Switzerland. Montblanc also engages in manufacturing products like jewelry, fragrances, leather goods and eye wears. Montblanc is a part of Richemont group, which is a sister company of companies like Cartier (also specializes in Wrist Watches). MONTBLANC 107321 is the most bought watch of the brand. You can check the collection here.



The company has its headquarter situated in Switzerland like other luxury watchmakers but the company also deals in making clocks. The foundation of the company was dated in 1933 by Antoine LeCoultre.

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The brand has the pride of making the smallest caliber and one of the most complicated wristwatches. The most expensive watch of the brand is Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette and the price of the watch is more than $1.5, Million. The basic Antoine LeCoultre watch starts at a nominal price of around $4000.



Bulova is an American Brand which manufactures watches and clocks. Bulova’s Swiss company is owned by Citizen Co. The company was founded in 1875. The craftsmanship is one of the most admired among all the watch manufacturers in the world. The brand is considered among those few brands which offer high-quality stuff at very affordable prices. The most popular Bulova watch is BULOVA MEN’S 96B175 “PRECISIONIST” STAINLESS STEEL WATCH which is one of the most bought watches of the brand.



Tag Heuer’s foundation dates back in 1860. Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG was the founder of Tag Heuer and was later acquired by TAG Group Holdings. The company was once again acquired in 1999 by Louis Vuitton. The luxury provided by Tag Heuer has always been affordable and within reach of everyone who loves time masterpieces. Tag Heuer also manufactures time devices which have stopwatches for sports like ski and Formula 1.



The Italian brand which not only engages in manufacturing luxury watches but also has handed in producing fashion accessories like bags, jewelry, leather goods, fragrances etc. One of the strange facts about Bvlgari is that it also has handed in luxury hotel chain which no other watchmaker has. The BVLGARI has always had an upper hand in creating one of the finest jewelry in the world. BVLGARI believes in making the finest of the fine designs in watches. It has one of the elegant watches manufactured across the globe. You can already have the view of the watch shown above. So elegant yet so stylish. Papillon Voyageur is the model shown in the picture.



Cartier is the French watchmaker which was founded in 1847. The company has its hands in manufacturing watches and Jewelry. The company used to manufacture jewelry and watches for the kings and queens of the past.

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Cartier Tank Series is one of the most bought watches of Cartier. Though the Cartier watches look quite complex but still has a large audience who are always ready to buy it.

This was a small research on the most popular watch brands in the world. I hope you guys would love reading it and get some help if you are really into buying any masterpiece of time. These were some of the best brands which would never ever disappoint you with anything. Do not forget to share the article with your friends.

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