30 Trending Short Bob Haircuts Looks Ideas For All Type Of Faces - Trends 2024

30 Trending Short Bob Haircuts Looks Ideas For All Type Of Faces

Gone are the days when women can only put long hairs, nowadays with the busy and hectic schedule, working women are now moving towards to try new different short bobbed cut hairstyle. As nowadays people want to follow the latest trends and style either it’s fashion for clothes or hairstyle. Here you can check Top Best Ideas To Style You With Short Bob Haircuts & Hair Style Ideas.

Short Bob Haircuts is the one classic hair style that never goes out of fashion. In the old time, short bob hairstyles was the most popular hairstyle. Now the trend is back with some modern changes. Here we are representing the latest gallery of hairstyles for fine hair.

Here we have picked some of the Best Hairstyle Inspired By Celebrities that can change your look when tried according to the different face shapes.

short bobbed hair cuts

How To Style A Short Bob Haircut Ideas To Change Looks

Short bob-hairstyles also gives a decent looks and the main thing is with them that they need very low maintenance for fine hair. Face shape also matters a lot while thinking to take a bob hairstyles. Here are also some ideas of short haircuts according to face type that will change your look. Here we are also sharing some cutest celebrities images having short bob-haircuts. If you will once inspired by them will make a hurry to rush for the saloon. 

best bob hair cut

Top 30 Most Inspiring Short Bob Hairstyle Celebrities

  1. Sleek Short Bob Haircuts

short bob cut hair style

This kind of sleek straight hair looks nice. If you have curly hair then there are lots of different king of strainers and irons are used to straight hairs. This type of haircut will rock on every type of face shape, depends upon the volume of hair as they are thick or thin.

2. Wavy Short Bob Haircuts

wavy short bo haircut

This is trendy and easy haircuts for thin hairIf you have short hair and searching the most inspiring celebrity hair style then you are at the right point. With wavy bob’ haircut you can also follow messy bob haircut.

3. Asymmetric Short Bob Haircut

short bob hair cut

This short bob haircut looks classy. This gives standard look who get in touch with fashion. You can further extend your short bob-cut beauty by hair curls and color.

4. Long Bob Hairstyle

bob haircut new

Bob Hairstyle is again back in the trend and if you wants to rock with this hairstyle then have a look here. If you don’t very short length hair then long bob haircut will also suits best.

5. Messy Bob Hairstyle

messy short length hairstyle

When it comes to simple but stylish then this will be the best option. This works best with any face shape or any hair texture.

6. Blunt Bob Haircuts

blunt short bob haircut

This angular dramatic hair style best suits who have wide shape face cut. This short hairstyle were in trends before some decades but now it’s again come in fashion with short bob haircut style.

7. Inverted Bob Hairstyle

inverted bob haircut

Inverted bob haircut is best suitable for the women with fine hair. In this layers are short in the front side and long in the back side.

8. Layered Long Bangs Haircut

layered long hair with bangs

You can take inspiration from this famous celebrity for long bob haircut. As haircut should be according to face shape. If you are thinking for layered long bangs, this will add favor in your look.

9. Taylor Swift Short Bob Haircuts

short bob hairstyle

Bob Haircut really looks very hot. After watching this Taylor swift short bob haircut you can’t control to follow this. She look chick and stylish in this short bob haircut.

10. Angled Bob Haircuts

short bob hairstyle

This is a perfect summer haircut for ladies aged 20 to 40. Inverted bob haircuts are in the trends from many ages but this one has been launched with some new style and innovation.

11. Blonde Fluffy Inverted Bob Haircut

chick bob hairstyle

This one is looking most stunning bob haircut. This hairstyle is best suitable for the ladies who have round face. If you don’t have a narrow forehead then this will give a more grace to your face.

12. Chic Bob Haircut

short blonde bob haircut

This chic short bob hairstyle is the very popular choice of western ladies. This is very easy to wear hairstyle. Working women who gets crazy for fashion hairstyle and also wants comfort zone then this will be the best idea for them.

13. Choppy Inverted Bob Haircut


This is the best suitable haircut for every age and all type of face shape ladies aged 20-40. This haircut matches with the modern criteria of the fashion and give a new flavor.

14. Blonde Short Bob Haircut

red blone bob hairstyle

This red short bob blonde haircut looks very hot and sexy. Bangs in the front side also enhancing its gorgeousness. This is in the latest trend of most of the celebrities.

15. Black Blonde Short Bob Haircut

black blone short bob haircut

Dark black short bob with bangs looks amazing. This is the most inspiring celebrity hairstyle. If you are one of them who follows celebrities then this one will be the best suitable haircut.

16. Very short Bob Haircuts

cute short bob hairstyle If you want very small hair then this one is the perfect. Sometimes due to the busy schedule, you don’t have time to take care of your long hair then you can also look beautiful with this short bob haircut.

17. Short Bob Hairstyle For Thick Hair

short bob hairstyle

If you have a thick volume hair then this will be the best suitable haircut for you.

18. Short Hairstyle For Long Face

unique hairstyle

You can make your look chic and classic with your unique beautiful hairstyle that is according to your face shape. Therefore here we have shown you short bob hairstyle for long shape face.

19. Medium Bob Haircut Messy Style

bob hairstyle for mediam hair

Sometimes being messy give pretty look. If you have rough hair or you don’t want to spend a lot of time with your hair then this will be the best suitable idea.

20. Elegant Short Bob Haircut

best short bob hairstyle

If you want a classy elegant,t look then this will be the perfect hairstyle for you. Surely there will be e no one who can control to attract near you after this elegant hairstyle.

21. Blonde Short Color Haircut

blonde short hair style

If you are a lover of blonde hair then this will be the most attractive hair colour look. Surely you will like this.

22. Short Wedding Bob Hairstyle

short bob haircut

If you have short hair and planning for a wedding then you can give them more attractive look by using hair accessories. This will give your hair more pretty look.

23. Adorable Short Bob Haircut

short bob hairstyle

Short bob hairstyle always looks adorable when making it loose. This is the perfect haircut for young girls. Suited best on every face shape.

24. Highlighted Color Bangs

blonde short bob haircut

Those who spend a lot of time outside the house and also wants glamours look then this you can adopt this one.

25. Short Bob hairstyle Back View

trendy short layered bob hairstyle

This short bob haircut is really fa-bolus and mind-blowing. You will look smarter and more stylish with this latest bob haircut.

26. Trendy Short Bob Haircut

trendy bob haircuts for women

This short bob haircut is on the list of trendy one. You can rock with these trendy hairstyles.

27. Trendy Inverted Bob With Ombre Highlights

short bob haircut for black women

This is another one that is in the latest trends. This one will be best for those who have long face. This is the most eye-catching hairstyle. Keep your hair ironed and always kept them straight.

28. Stacked Bob Haircut

stacked bob hairstyle

This is also in the latest trend of haircut for modern stylists. In this while you will see from the front this will appear like long bob cur and from the side, this will look short of medium bob haircut.

29. Straight Bob Haircut Style

short straight bob hairstyle 2016

As the wavy messy short bob haircut is in the latest demand of today’s generation but this one also looks pretty. This looks amazing in both parties and office.

30. Spirals Inverted Bob Haircut

latest bob hairstyle

This is the most seductive haircut with short hair. This is not easy to maintain but if you manage this properly this will be the most attention gaining. You have to take care with the spirals and will become the style icon.

Hopefully, you will like these hairstyles and if you are one of them who makes her hairstyle by most inspiring celebrities hairstyle then you are at the right place.

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