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Top Best 10 Korean Movies(K-Movies) Of All Times

Korean Movies or popularly known as K-Movies are well known for their romance and comedy categories but the way they tell and explain the story of their movies is just amazing. Last few years have been crucial for the Korean Cinema for their rise and popularity in the world cinema. If you’re really interested in watching some Asian movies then you should pick out some Korean Movies to watch and I’m sure they won’t let you down. The emotions and the expressions showed in these movies are worth seeing and giving an applause for. The Korean Cinema has followings within the country as well as worldwide.


The Acting Skills, the script writing, the cinematography, the direction etc, everything has been improving with every film featured.

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The songs of the films have also gained a lot of popularity since last decades. There was a time when no one knew much about the Korean Cinema and now people go crazy about the movies.

Hence, looking at the aura of Korean Cinema, we have picked out a list of some beautiful movies from Korea which are worth watching and you would also love watching those movies. So here we take a look at the worth watching movies of Korean Cinema. We have also given the links of some movies so that it becomes quite easy for you to watch.


1. OLD BOY(2003)

Old Boy has been a landmark in the history of Korean Cinema. The west started to take more interest in the movie after Old Boy became a blockbuster and the followers of Korean Cinema steadily increased after that.

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The whole Asian Cinema got a hike after its success. Choi Min-Sik played the lead role in the movie where he was imprisoned for almost 10 years in an apartment without knowing anything about why he was imprisoned. The main plot starts after he is set free and investigates on who imprisoned him and why.

2. Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)

Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)was a huge success for the directors of the new century. The movie went out to become the 4th highest grosser of the South Korean Cinema. The movie plots around the war of 1950 which happened in Korea, which was once united(South Korea and North Korea). One American pilot and soldiers of North and South Korea were stuck in an isolated village which was engaged in their activities only not caring about what is all happening in the outer world. They find a girl and gets to learn about how senseless the wars are. The Story revolves around the same.

3. Miracle In Cell No. 7 (2013)

Miracle in Cell no.7 talks about the beautiful relation between a father and daughter. The director Lee Hwan-Kyung has shown the beauty of this relation. The plot revolves around a father who has been given capital punishment by the court and after getting in he misses his daughter and suddenly he gets her daughter delivered in a parcel and the actual story starts now. How he manages to keep her in the jail. The story script keeps you connected throughout. A must watch if you love beautiful stories.

4. A Man Who Was Superman (2008)

The imagination power of Korean writers are fresh and innovative and that is implied by they write and direct the script. The script mostly depends on the characters involved in the story and the characters involved in this movie can be related. The story rotates around a producer and a guy who thinks he is a superman. There are some unintentional incidences in the boy’s life which made him think he is a superman and a bit different from others.

5. Peppermint Candy (1999)

The movie opens with the suicide of the Protagonist. The director of the movie Yoon Sung-Hyun narrates the story so beautifully that one watching the movie sticks to it completely throughout the movie. The story follows reverse chronology to find out the important life events in the Protagonists life which actually led him to commit suicide. The film was so liked by the critics that Pusan International Film Festival chose Peppermint Candy as their opening film in 1999.

6. The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014)

One of the masterclass of Korean Cinema. The story narrates the Japanese invasion of Korea before the partition of United Korea. The movie actually talks about the 1597 Battle of Myeongnyang circa where the legendary Joseon admiral fought with only 12 fleets against the mighty Japanese with 330 fleets and turned out to be victorious. The movie was a huge success and turned out to be one of the most watched movies of the Korean Cinema. The appreciation it got from all over the world was remarkable. People who love movies talking about glory and history should watch this movie for sure.

7. Tidal Wave(2009)

The movie stands important as it is based on a very disastrous event of the Korean History. The movie was directed by Yoon Je-kyoon. The story revolves around the two characters who were left alive during the disaster, the Tsunami which hit the Japan Sea like the one hitting Indian Ocean. The chaos created during these kind of situations has been shown beautifully and someone who has gone through these situations can easily relate.

8. The Thieves (2012)

Choi Dong-hoon was the director of the movie which was released in 2012. Lee Jung-Jae, Kim Yoon-Seok, Jeon Ji-Hyun and Kim Hye-soo are in the main lead for this film. The story revolves around a diamond necklace. A South Korean gang joins a Hong Kong team to steal that necklace from a Casino which has a strong security system. The comic timings of the dialogues are so amazing that at some points you’ll laugh your lungs out. This is also the 3rd highest grosser of the Korean Cinema. People who love drama and comedy can watch this movie with more interest.

9. More Than Blue (2009)

More Than Blue is a romantic movie which is said to be the Korean remake of Kal Ho Na Ho. This is the first movie by the Director Won Tae-yeon. The story revolves around a guy and a girl who are both orphans. They met in high school and since then the boy was in love with the girl but he had cancer and was to die in a short time. The guy already know that Cream’s(the Girl)biggest fear in life was to be left alone. So he urges the girl to marry a man who is kind and healthy. Soon she announces her love for a doctor and dies happily. The movie stands good for people who love Love Stories.

10. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)

The story revolves around a worker who cannot hear and her sister needs a kidney transplant. As the boy is not able to find the kidney through his contacts he finds some people who arrange kidney through illegal means. The people ask him to give one of his kidney and 10 Million Won in exchange for the kidney for his sister. He agrees to pay that he does not have money to pay for the surgery. Different people suggest him to take different ways in order to arrange the kidney. The screenplay and the direction of the movie do not let you take your eyes off the screen.

We have been noticing the love people giving to the Korean Cinema. There are very fewer sources available to get to know about the upcoming Korean movies. This was a small research on the best movies of Korean Cinema which are worth watching. And people who love international cinema would always be keen to know about the latest trends of the Korean Cinema. Do tell us about how did you all like these movies and do share the feedback of our writing so that we can improve ourselves and give our viewers, better understanding and better things to read and see.

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