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Top 15 Best Shounen Anime comics for preteen boys, usually named as Shounen Manga or Shounen Anime, are addictive because of the heavy dosage of Action, Adventure, and Epic Battles.

This is not all. People love shounen animes because of their persistent traits such as Courageous and pure heart protagonist, black and white morales of characters, murder aims, crossing orders and rules to save their friends, acting dumb, people turning from enemy into friend and vice-versa, self-improvements of protagonist shows it’s fine if you are not smart or strong but must give tries for better. The big difference can be seen between first and the last page of the chapter in terms of main character’s knowledge, power and strength.

These all are big attractions and makes shounen anime everyone’s favorite and contains our childhood as well.

Best rated shounen anime from the web are mentioned below.

1. Hunter x Hunter

A boy named Gon Freecss discovers that his father who was declared dead is alive and is a legendary proven elite member of humanity called “Hunter”. Gon also wants to be a “Hunter” and leaves his house for adventures and hunting of Pokemon mas.

We love this series because of its unpredictability and hunting adventures.

2. One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy wants to be a legendary pirate. He sails with his misfit crew of pirates across the seven seas in search of treasure. With just one bite of the gum-gum fruit he’s able to stretch his limbs, but now he’ll sink like a stone if he ever falls into the water.

With adventures of pirates and lots of characters, this 600 episodes long series wins our heart each time we watch it.


3. Full Metal Alchemist

Two Brothers wants to rejuvenate their deceased mother. But failed. As a punishment for violating one of the most sacred laws of alchemy, their body gets dysfunctional. With a metal robot body, both brothers roam a quasi-European steampunk world in search of legendary Philosopher’s Stone and turning all correcting all wrongs.

One of the most popular anime definitely deserves to be on the list.

4. Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who is a misfit have magical powers with him. No one respects him in his class and taken as a joke often. Naruto meets new people and makes them his friends to become better and better and later becomes the best in the town ninja ever.

It’s actually very inspirational and hunger for self-improvement and to be best definitely wins our heart.

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5. Dragon Ball

This series contains our childhood, adventure, comedy, martial arts and wishes to be get stronger and stronger.

Story of a naive boy named Goku, set out to gather seven dragon balls which fulfills his wishes. On completion of his martial arts training he fights with most powerful fighters of the world with his fellow student Kuririn in big tournaments. When Kuririn murdered Goku seek revenge with Kuririn’s murderer in another series named Dragon ball Z as adult Goku.

We love this series for fights and comedy serving since a very long time.

6. Bleach

A regular boy, Ichigo, doesn’t have a regular life: His father is a child in old man’s body, house runs by younger sisters and he sees ghosts. One day Ichigo meets a “soul reaper,” a metaphysical warrior who fights with demons. Ichigo acquires his powers and responsibilities accidentally and now he has to fight with undead “Hollows” and face Soul Reapers who don’t like him for his new found powers.

Of course we also love to see ghosts, fights with undead and then why not bleach.

7. Death Note

Light Yagami with Good grades, good looks and a great family is got bored. He stumbles across a notebook can kill anyone just by writing their name in it, With big powers come big responsibility. His good intentions to kill every evil individual out of this planet is not as easy as it seems. Here comes his toughest exam in life. With such a fantasy comes great episodes which use to glue us with it. My Hero Academia

Ever Since childhood young Midoriya Izuku dreamt of called a hero. He always viewed ‘All Might’ as his one and only idol. He is in school, dreaming his dream. But without super powers no one ever called hero. He meets All Might one day and inherits all his powers. He go respect for the same in school and here start a new adventure. Adventure of a zero turned hero. An incredible story of zero-to-hero. Story of a hero who, made impossible possible. This emotional story will motivate you. This action packed series will encourage you with its heroic morals and excellent overall narration.


9. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Let’s go on a magical journey with Aladdin and his magical flute that is a house of djinn named Ugo. He wanders around the globe for beautiful views of earth. He meets Alibaba who wants to enter Dungeons – a mysterious maze where he will get a chance to prove himself.

Aladdin joins him without anyone’s knowledge that this maze can change not only the fate of them but also of this world. Such a magical journey needs to be watched once. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a story of Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard, whose looking for an association of the wizards that makes Fairy Tail. As a member of that guild Lucy completes tasks for the sake of living and to grow as a celestial magician. With Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer, and a flying cat, they all chases adventures to be better and better as wizards. Their spells may tickle you. With such a combo of action, magic and comedy this show will also spell bound you heart. These wizards aim is to grow in magic, beat opponents and bring to you an action packed fairy tale.
11. One Punch Man

Saitama takes himself as a hero for fun. With three years of non-stop training of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10-km run every single day, he can smash down any opponent with the power of one punch! But he don’t have a license by the Hero Association to be called hero. Now Saitama wants to be a legitimate hero with his Genos. Defeating baddies in fights and facing up all the silly problems concerning his bizzare and bald head.

google 12. Gintama

In this aliens attacked Japan and takes its power in own hands. They have banned it’s people to use any sword to defend themselves from samurais in fighting back. Sounds dangerous. Well that’s not the matter even. Here, the talented swordsman Gintoki has no source of a living. Instead of concerning that he do odd jobs for his Shounen Jump and candy craze. He also have one more thing to do in his life and that is to make you laugh in each and every scene of this show.

13. Black Clover

Released in 2017, Black Clover is a new show. Story of two brothers who wants be the next wizard king and their efforts of improvisation in their magical might.

According to fans, Black Clover have a taste of fun in it which was found in older anime shows. This show is one of the best examples of what a shounen anime is in the present times and that’s what makes it one of our hand picked.


14. Soul Eaters

It’s a high school action series but still covers horror touch. Maka and Soul pair up to become fighting duo to battle witches, demons and everything in between. Because of this theme the show named as Soul Eaters but not only here you can get fighting, you will also get bellyaches due to lots of laughter. But with those laughters just don’t forget it’s real theme – Horror!!

15. Seven Deadly Sins

There is a sin for not watching this show. Instead of characters hungry for strength and wisdom here they are already established as powerful heroes to defeat any villian and have respect in town too. That’s why it’s a upside down story and a sin if you don’t watch. But the issue here is, their team is scattered and their weapons not with them. Even their kingdom is destroyed. Get ready for many flashbacks to know more about each character’s motivation. fabulous job at tying them all in with present day scene.


Hope you like our list and go for a binge of 600 episodes straight.

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