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Top 15 Best Affordable Sun Tan Removal Cream In India

In India, tanning is the most common issue in summer and after the beach vacation is over. Instead of that, in the foreign countries, this doesn’t consider as the big issue. You can generally see that when people visit some beach places in India, you will find them taking sunbathing.

Here, If one skin gets tanned, either they hide this by wearing something like that or just search for the ways how to remove the suntan. Generally, skin got tanned due to the direct exposure of sun rays without using any sun protection products. You can’t say this carelessness, sometimes it depends on the situations. So, next move to the point, how to cure the suntanned skin.

As there are a lot of home remedies to remove sun tan according to the body part. But using the home remedies is not always possible on daily basis or while travelling. And luckily, we have a wide range of Sun Tan Removal Creams Available In India. So, let’s check out them without wasting any time.

15 Best Tan Removal Creams Available In India

best tan removal creams in India

Due to suntan, skin loses its natural glow and looks darker and rigid. There are lots of Top 10 Best Sunscreen Lotions For Oily Skin available in the market.  All of us knew this factor but some of us only use the sunscreen before stepping out to the home. This is the cause of sun tanning. Now, if you are suffering from suntan only the solution to remove this is using the sun tan removal creams. The market is full of suntan removal creams available for both men and women but few of them actually works. Therefore, to help you we are here providing the list of best sun removal creams available in India.

If you do not come in the persons who believe in fashion but still sun tanning is not good for health too.

Best Sun Tan Removal Cream For Both Men and Women 

15. Nature’s Essence Caressence Lacto Bleach Tan Removal Cream

No one like tanned skin, face and hands look darker and dull. So, this sun tan removal cream is the best to remove tanning. This is basically a bleaching cream that is rich in milk and honey, geranium oil.

This is one of the most effective products available on the market. Use this cream at night and you will see the natural glow on your face without pigmentation. It helps in removing epidermal sun tan while restoring the natural fairness of the skin.

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14. ForeverTeen D-Tan Tan Removal Cream

best night tan removal cream

This Forever Teen Tan Removal Cream is the ultimate solution for tan removal. It’s an instant brightening and fairness cream that will give you the perfect younger look. The solution of this cream is very unique that is made from extracted actives of Kojic acids, fruits, milk, and honey. All the ingredients present in the cream helps us best to remove the tan due to the sun exposure. Due to the milk and honey presents in this cream, this provides moisture and helps to keep hydrated our skin.  It is no ammonia product that is ideal for the persons who are allergic to ammonia. Along with tan removal, this cream also helps to make the nice good texture of skin, it also works best as the anti-ageing cream and anti-acne cream.

Apply a thin layer of this cream on your face and leave this for 5-7 minutes and then wash your face with normal water. This is the best tan removal cream that suits every type of skin.

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13. VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kite

best night whitening cream

This VLCC anti tan facial kit is a good treatment for tan removal. This fades tan and makes your sun-exposed skin softens. This kit contains 5 products oatmeal scrub, melawhite gel, melawhite powder, pista massage cream, melawhite pack.

The oatmeal scrub in this kit removes dead cells to reveal the natural glow in your face. Mix the oatmeal scrub with water and apply it evenly on the face and neck. Let it sit for 5 minutes and massage in gentle circular and upward motion. Follow the facial with Melawhite gel. Gently massage the gel in upward and circular motion for around 10 minutes and clean your face. Then cover your face with the Melawhite powder paste that is infused with the goodness of pomegranate and almond cake powder for gentle care to your skin.

The pista massage cream has a unique formulation that protects and moisturizes your skin. Apply this massage cream generously on the skin after removing the Melawhite powder. The final sachet in this facial treatment is the Melawhite detain pack that is enriched with winter cherry and aloe vera extract, and the skin benefits of turmeric and pineapple to repair dull, patchy skin and heal the damages caused by harmful sun rays.

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12. Lakme Perfect Radiance Whitening Cream for Intense Night Repair

This Lakme Perfect Radiance night cream is really the perfect solution to nourish and repair your skin for a flawless perfection. This cream contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and glycerin for stunning results just apply it to your face and neck after cleansing just before you go to bed. Then, let the cream work its magic on your skin. You will see the difference in your skin after using this cream for a few days, the glow will keep you secretly smiling every day.

Regular use of this cream will give you a smooth toned glowing skin that will make you look younger.

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11. Olay Natural White Fairness Cream

olay sun tan cream in India

Olay natural white fairness cream is available for both day and night. And both are the good one, you can use the one that is suitable for you. This cream add more nutrients to your skin to make this fairer. This contains niacinamide that makes you look fairer each day.

This is moisturizer and sun protection cream that has been combined with the effects of fairness cream. It also contains bleaching agents that change skin colour.

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10. Raaga Professional De-Tan Cream

tan removal cream available in India

Raaga Professional De- Tan unique formulation contains scientifically extracted actives of fruits and Kojic acid, Milk & Honey that helps in decreasing the tanning and lighting the skin natural complexion.  The Kojic acid present in the products helps to inhibit the melanin formation and lightens the skin tone on regular usage. Pure Milk & Honey help moisturizes and hydrates your skin.

This is an ammonia free product that is best for whom they have sensitive skin. It Has Natural Ingredients Lactic Acids(Milk Protein) Has Skin Lightening As Well As Anti-Aging And Anti Acne Properties The Mildest Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, Mild On Skin Keeps Skin Soft And Moist Kojic Acid Lightens Dark Spots And Overall Complexion Reduce The Production Of Melanin, Giving Your Skin An Overall Lighter Appearance Lemon Loaded With Healthy Vitamins Lightens Skin Tone Natural Exfoliant Helps In Smooth Complexion Also Moisturizing And Toning Oily Skin Fighting Wrinkles Chamomile Soothes Skin Promote Cell Regeneration Very Gentle And Prevents Eruptions

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9. Makari Anti-UV Whitening Cream

sun removal cream in India

Makari is the effective and expensive sun tan removal cream available in India. This is the most effective sun tan removal cream, especially for those parts that are burnt due to the excessive sun exposure. This cream has been made with the powerful formulations that help effectively on skin lightening, renewing epidermal cells, scars, and stretch marks.

This cream contains Gold and Omega that boost the flow of the area being treated and contains the fatty acid that are highly concentrated emollients and natural plus oil that prevents dry skin problem. Makari 24K Gold Night Treatment Cream It’s high whitening agent content ensures this moisturizing cream’s swift and durable effect. This product was developed using state-of-the-art technology to lighten dark patches and lighten the complexion with no irritant effects. The Makari night treatment cream stimulates the formation of new epidermal cells with low pigment content.

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8. Sun Ban-Tan Removal Cream with whitening effects

tan removal cream in India

This cream comes in the list of best natural tan removal cream available in India. This cream is 100% organic and vegetarian product by Satvik. After using this cream for some months you can see the visible difference in your complexion. This cream restores the natural fairness and glow, also helps to prevent skin damage and gives a youthful, radiant and non-oily look. This also protects skin from pigmentation, sunburn, and blemishes. Use it regularly for best results.

7. Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear

sun tan removal cream

This suntan removal cream has been enriched with honey, Coconut oil, milk, vitamin E acetate, geranium oil and milk proteins. This cream works best to prevents sunburn and removes pigmentation due to the harmful sunburn. It gives an instant glow and reduces dark spots and blemishes. It’s a herbal product that gives brighter and clear skin.

This is the ideal product for hot climates and best to use for instant glowing skin. For best results use this cream in the night.

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6. Auravedic Pure Brightening Whitening Radiance Sunblock SPF 30

sun tan removal cream in India

This lotion keeps your skin hydrated, healthy and glowing. This cream comes in a combo of skin polish cream, oil, and lotion. For immediate results use all of them together. This is an ayurvedic cream so this doesn’t have any side effects and suitable for all kinds of skin.

This anti-tan combo protects the skin from the UV rays and gently removes the tanning. This product contains Amla, Kokum Butter, Mulberry Extract, Tamarind. This is a lightweight sunblock cream that absorbs fast on the skin. And also works as a good moisturizer too.

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5. Clarins White Plus Whitening Repairing Cream

best sun tan removal cream in India

Unlike the other cream, this is also an anti-tan cream that cures the dull, patchy skin due to the sun exposure. Raspberry and extracts of Alchemilla with an addition of vitamin C brings a cure for the freckles and dark marks on your face.

This absorbs easily on skin, it’s very light and suitable for all kind of skin type. It’s having a very pleasant fragrance. Also, the small quantity is required to remove and prevent the suntan. This also improves the skin texture without making them oily.

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4. Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Creme

top 10 tan removal cream This is the 3 in 1 product that offers not only the tan removal but also skin whitening and brightening. This helps best to repair the dark skin and skin damage and gives you soft glowing skin without any imperfections.

Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents A revolutionary formula that blends the benefits of a gel and a crème It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin.

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3. Olay Natural White Fairness Cream

skin fairness cream

This cream is powered by a Tri-Vitamin boost of B3, pro-B5, and E and SPF 24/PA++ that effectively removes the dead skin and suntan and gives you a natural glowing fairness.

This Olay natural white cream nourishes and helps to protect your skin with 7 fairness benefits, just in 1 pack. These 7 fairness benefits are:

1. Lightens skin tone 2. Brightens dull skin 3. Reduces the appearance of dark spots 4. Evens skin tone 5. Moisturizes 6. Smooths skin 7. Sun protection Improves your skin’s natural glowing fairness and helps protect it from the sun.

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2. Fair & Flawless Suntan Removal Cream

best detan cream

This unique & super effective sun damage & sunspot reversal cream will give you the fair, luminous skin-tone. This Improves skin texture, lighten sun damaged skin, whiten unwanted hyperpigmentation and gives the skin a uniform healthy glow. It harnesses the rich rejuvenating bounty of nature.

This is enriched with Aloe Vera Gel, Aqua’s Extract of Chamomile, Ginseng, Sweet Almond Oil, L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C 20%, Ginkgo Biloba, Citrus extract, Aspartic Acid, Sepiwhite MSH, Black Rice Extract, Oligopeptide Vitamin E, Retinyl Palmitate (Vit A), Natural Essential Oil, Kojic Acid, Tetrapeptide-7 and Carrot extract.

For best results apply this cream after thoroughly with the face wash.

1. Auravedic Pure Lightening Whipped Body Butter with Mango Peach
best anti tan cream available in India By reading the name, don’t think that it is a food product. You can slurp it, while will apply. Just kidding. This is the pure organic body cream with the mango extracts. Mango butter, oil wax, kokum butter all are together in one product to hydrate, moisturize and especially to lighten the skin.

You will see the changes from the very first use of this cream. The dark patches will fade away slowly. This is best suitable for all kinds of skin.

I hope you will like this article and hopefully, this will be helpful to you. Share your opinion with us. If you are also using any other product which has good results keep share with us. Stay connected..stay tuned!

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