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How to Reduce Body Heat: Top 10 Super Effective Ways

Hello, friends. How are you all doing? Today I would like to present before you the top 10 super effective ways on how to reduce body heat. The temperature has literally soared heights since the beginning of the summer season. In such a condition, it is quite likely for the body heat to rise.

From the long vacations to new trendy fashions, Summer is the favourite season of quite a many people. However, everything comes with a downside. The downside of summer is the excessive heat. With a rise in the mercury levels, the body heat also increases linearly. This leads to not only a decrease in the stamina in the body but also renders you irritated.

With an increase in the body heat, the people become victim to many health problems. It often leads to an acute headache which does not go easily. Pimples and acne have become quite a regular visitor. In such a condition it quite necessary to hunt for ways by which the body heat can be reduced.

Here, I present to you the top 10 Super Effective Ways to Reduce Body Heat.

Body Heat- All you need to know about it

Exposure to the outside high temperatures +leads to an increase in the body heat. To put it in the scientific format, the temperature of the human body tends to be lower than the outside temperature by a few degrees. With the rise in the temperature of the human body, the body heat affects the humans adversely. Generally, the temperature of the body is regulated by sweating but considering the hike in the temperature in the last few years, sweating is of little to no help. Instead, excessive sweating leads to a decrease in the functionality of the body as it lowers the stamina of the body. The inability to maintain the normal body temperature is generally termed as body heat. Body heat is nothing but the abnormally high body temperature. It is very important to identify the various Body heat symptoms. Sleeplessness, having digestion problems, mouth ulcers are one of the many symptoms. Body heat is also linked with a burning sensation in the eyes and stomach related problems like acidity and gas.

Here are the 10 super effective ways to reduce body heat

  1. Wearing Light Clothes:

If you are looking for ways on how to reduce body heat in the best way, let me tell you that the easiest way to keep the body heat in check is by wearing light clothes. White is such a color which unlike black, doesn’t absorb heat instead reflects it back. It helps greatly to lower the body heat. Wearing a scarf in the summer season helps greatly to protect the head, which is the main centre of heat absorption by the body.

2. Drinking Water and other liquid foods:

how to reduce body heat

Summers and dehydration are connected to each other. Thus it is recommended to drink loads of water and other such liquids in order to keep the water levels of the body in check. You must be quite aware of the various body heat problems but as so know water is the best remedy for every such issue. The liquid foods help to deal with the increased body heat symptoms like heat rash and heat exhaustion.

3. Using Sandalwood:

Using sandalwood is considered to be one of best Home remedies to reduce body heat. You can either apply the sandalwood powder alone or can mix it up with a few teaspoons and honey and apply it on your head and chest. It is sure to leave a cooling sensation and would help greatly to deal with a headache and other such related problems. You can even prepare a face pack containing a mixture of fuller’s earth and sandalwood. This face pack will help you to get rid of the various pimples and other such marks which appear on the face as a side effect of increased body heat.

4. Coconut Milk:

The coconut milk added to the bath water has proven to immensely beneficial for the people suffering from a high body heat. It not only decreases the body heat but also decreases rashes. It will provide the much-needed nourishment to the body and will also help to protect the skin from sunburns. Coconut water is equally beneficial. It leaves a cooling effect and helps the best to treat a parched throat in the summer days as it leaves behind a freshening feeling.

5. Say No to Spicy Foods:

how to reduce body heat in men

If you hunting for a way on how to reduce body heat naturally, then let me tell you nothing can help you reduce the body heat the way refraining from spicy food would. Instead, try to introduce a bit of leafy green vegetables in your plate. It has been well proven that the vegetables help to naturally reduce the body heat greatly.

6. Castor Oil

benefits of castor oil to reduce body heat

If you are worried about how to reduce body heat for kids, then let me tell you that the application of the castor oil on the head scalp at least twice a day, does wonders in reducing the body heat of the children. You can even rub it on their soles just before going to bed. Moreover, Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which a very rare fatty acid. Ricinoleic acid when enters the body through the skin helps to detoxify the body and kill all the germs. This way it not only keeps the child’s body free from the atmospheric germs which enter the body on exposure to the sun but also helps to bring down their body temperature.

7. Abstaining From Alcohol:

say no to alcohal

It has been scientifically proven that the percentage consumption of alcohol is greater in males than in females. So, if you are concerned about how to reduce body heat for men the best way would be to stop consuming alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration and in the elimination of essential electrolytes from the male body. Hence abstaining from alcohol consumption helps greatly to keep the body heat in check.

8. Prayanama:


It is the best technique which provides a remedy to the question of how to reduce body heat through Yoga. It is a simple process of inhaling through the mouth and exhaling via the nose. It has been proven to reduce the body heat incredibly. It also helps to reduce stress and acts as a way of leading the tiredness and pressure away from our body. It leaves a relaxed feeling and thereby helps to reduce the body heat.

9. Having Bath Twice a Day:

It is the best way which demonstrates How to reduce body heat immediately. When water falls on your body, it will wash away the heat with it and will help to lower the body heat. Water reduces heat like no other substance present on earth. This is no mystery. However, having a cold water bath is not recommended. The normal temperature water will work effectively.

10. Vitamin C Rich Foods:

The Foods those are rich in vitamin c prove to be a great solution to the question of how to cool down internal body heat. Not only the external heat but the citrus fruits and the Foods those are rich in vitamin c help to reduce the internal heat as well. Oranges, watermelon, and other such fruits should be consumed daily to keep the body heat in check. Drinking the juice of the vitamin-c rich fruits helps greatly as they do not let the sweat glands to get easily tired.

11. Consuming Cardamom:

benefits of cardamom to reduce body heat

There are various Foods to reduce body heat but nothing works as great as the foods containing cardamom. Cardamom is the best spice to deal with the adverse effects of body heat. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven to be the best spice which has amazing cooling properties.

12. Try Mint:

The fresh mint leaves have a refreshing effect which helps greatly to rejuvenate the coolness of the body. The pudina leaves leave a great cooling effect which reduces the body heat by large. It can be consumed alone or can be mixed up with a cold drink to give the desired effect. Even its aroma leaves behind a cooling and refreshing effect.

Apart from the above-mentioned step, you should also refrain yourself from the consumption of alcohols and caffeine-related foods. Moreover, you should also get yourself thoroughly checked if you are facing some outraged symptoms. Illness or certain drugs can be responsible for the increase of body heat as well. Following the above tips, you can surely get relief from the body heat.

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