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15 Photos of Nicki Minaj Without Makeup Which Will Surprise You !!

Onika Tanya Maraj, professionally known as Nicki Minaj is an American Rapper, Singer, and songwriter who got famous after releasing three mixtapes between 2007-09.She was born in Trinidad and Tobago later came to New York during her teenage.She was signed to  Young Money Entertainment and still continues to be a part of it.

Pink Friday (2010) and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012) was her first two albums, and both of them were at the top of the Billboards 200 list of US. She became the first Female Singer to register her seven songs to list on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Her another song “Anaconda” stood at the 2nd rank in the top 100 billboards list and is her highest-charting single in the US to date.Adding more to it, Minaj was among the Top 100 Influential people in the world.


Nicki Minaj has always been in news because of her makeup. She comes on screen with a lot of heavy makeup where it is very tough to recognize her. But in our today’s article, we have come up with some really amazing Photos of Nicki Minaj Without Makeup which you might love.


Nicki Minaj Airport Look without Make up Photos

This Image of Nicki Minaj was taken at the airport where she was heading to perform a live show.She has not done anything and is without makeup and still manages to look so beautiful. This Image of Nicki Minaj With No Makeup clearly defines that her natural beauty is far above the artificial beauty.


Nicki Minaj HD Wallpapers Without Makeup Images

We are well aware of the beauty of Nicki Minaj, but looking so so beautiful without any makeup is just beyond my understanding. The image above was taken when she was getting ready for the shoot and her looks are really killing even when she is not wearing any makeup.


Nicki Minaj Home Look Without Makeup Selfie Queen

Looking at these pictures of Nicki Minaj, it is evident that she is a selfie lover. The way she behaves in front of the camera is just so cute. Though Nicki Minaj Is Without Makeup, she is looking damn beautiful and gorgeous.As you know she is half Indian, so it is natural to be Beautiful. Right?


Nicki Minaj Images Without Makeup

Remaining fit is a must for all the celebrities.Almost all the celebs can be found quite crazy for their fitness and so as Nicki Minaj. The Image above was clicked when she was found jogging on the roadside and people gathered around her just to have the glimpse of her. Getting Clicked without Makeup can be awkward at times, but look at her confidence, did she look worried being caught on the camera without makeup? Comment.


Nicki Minaj Natural Photos Without Makeup

Car selfies are so common these days that everyone including celebs is fond of doing this.When everyone is doing that, how can Nicki Minaj be behind, the picture above is a perfect example of How Nicki Minaj Looks Without Makeup.Isn’t she looking stunning the way she is clicking herself with wet hairs and only Lip Gloss?


Nicki Minaj Photos With No Makeup Wallpapers

She is a selfie lover and I can bet on that. Every time she clicks a selfie and uploads on the social media, I get goosebumps seeing her beautiful Indian Face. Her confidence in clicking a Selfie without Makeup is really gorgeous.



Sometimes it’s okay to click a Picture With Makeup, Colored hairs and glossy lips are enough to make Nicki Minaj Look Beautiful Without Much Makeup. The way she clicks her photos is just amazing, I am really looking forward to clicking a selfie which would match the perfection which she has in clicking herself.LOL


Nicki Minaj Without Makeup Pictures

Exposing a bit is mandatory to look hot these days. And Nicki Minaj looks sexy even without exposing anything. Being Sexy is the new cool as we know. A bit of a makeup will do it for Nicki Minaj, she looks really gorgeous and beautiful.


Nicki Minaj With No Make up Photos & images

“Click a Selfie When You Are Sitting Idle” – Though it is not said by anyone, it has been proven for some time now. People, girls, esp girls, when sitting idle, do click selfies. Nicki Minaj is a girl, why she won’t. The Image of Nicki Minaj Looks like she had nothing to do, so click a selfie.


Nicki Minaj Without & With Makeup Comparison


The above Image of Nicki Minaj shows the difference of her looks while she is without makeup and while she has. I don’t know, but don’t you feel she looks more cute and beautiful while Nicki Minaj is With No Makeup. Comment if you feel the same.


Nicki Minaj With Makeup HD Pictures

Some people are born with very precious smiles which anyone would be happy to see. Nicki Minaj is one of those people who has a really beautiful smile. This is one of those Pictures of Nicki Minaj in which she is wearing very less makeup but still manages to look stunning.


Nicki Minaj Unseen Photos Without Makeup

Some Pictures might look naughty yet beautiful, the above Image of Nicki Minaj is quite a bit naughty but she is looking cute. The Dimples on her face are quite beautiful. Nicki Minaj With No Makeup also looks quite beautiful and cute.


Nicki Minaj Selfie Queen Beautiful Singer Photos

The love for a selfie is not getting over. The way she clicks her images is really awesome. She looks no less than she does while wearing makeup. Natural Beauty wins over artificial one.Her hairs are an asset to her beauty.She looks much more beautiful with losing hairs.


Nicki Minaj Photoshoot Images Natural Hairs No wig

Nicky Minaj is hot and we know it very well. The way she looks in this transparent dress is just out of the world.The hotness level is par excellence.The way she is looking at the camera is making me fall for her.Her eyes add so much beauty to her face, such perfect eyes.


Nicki Minaj Photos Without Makeup

Maybe Nicki Minaj looks more beautiful without makeup, but this picture of her with a bit of makeup is killing with her looks. The lipstick she is wearing is like cheese topping on a pizza, Ask a Pizza Lover. The above Picture of Nicki Minaj was taken during a photoshoot when she was shooting for her music video.

We Hope You all Liked our article on Photos of Nicki Minaj Without Makeup and I hope you would have believed that she looks more beautiful with no makeup at all rather than with makeup. Do not forget to share with your friends!

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