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Beautiful Temple -Mandir Designs For Indian Homes

Mandir Design For flats/ Office

According to Hindu Mythology, the time we spend in the meditation and offering prayers is the most precious time of our life. Mandirs and prayer rooms are integral parts of Indian homes but when comes to designing interiors they are mostly neglected either due to less space or simply forgotten. Today’s modern society of nuclear families living in small apartments with a limited carpet area fails to install a traditional mandir.

“Good things come in small packages”, the saying goes well with the smooth transition of traditional mandir designs to something more modern and sleek. Rather you are owning a matchbox home with limited area, but with careful proper planning, you can turn an unassuming corner of your house into a divine place of worship.

Our contemporary appealing collection of mandir designs brimming with freshness can be of great inspiration in designing mandir for your flat.

1. Mandir Designs For Flats

An elevated pooja platform should be designed such to distinguish the zone of worship from the rest of the living room. Be creative while designing the features of the shrine, place marble mandap in the cabin and seat the idols, use recessed lightening pair with the sequence of petite bronze bells and divine glass paintings door. The divine platform is an emblem of modern blend with the ethnic twist.

2. Wooden Mandir Design For Home

Wooden mandaps for mandir installation at home are intricately designed as wall hangings, but you need a certain corner of a house to be designed in wooden craftings for offering prayers that is also a good idea. Decorate the mandir with small golden bells diyas and idols. An artistic rendition of traditional setting and modern edgy decor is the best mandir design for your home.

3. Marble Pooja Mandir Design For Home

Pooja area is normally designed in the secluded part of flat or apartment for devoting peaceful prayers. Latticed mandap made of marble crafted by the skilled artisans can be fixed in walls or just simply fixed on the floor with help of white cement. Designer marble mandaps are available both offline and online. Place the idols and provide proper lightening. The area in front of mandap should be spacious so that the complete family can sit and offer prayers.

4. Mandir Design For Small Rooms

In the corner of the small room or study, the part of the wall can be devoted, for meditation and prayer. The wall can be designed with a number of small shelves and a big one in the center bottom. Place a big idol of your loving god in the center and small other idols of god goddess on the other shelves. Provide proper lightening at the back or top for elegance.

5. Mandir Designs For Office

Sleek pooja console in the office corner exudes a soothing ambiance in the office environment. Place a beautiful idol the token of worship at the end of room seating on the small cupboard platform. Seek divine spotlight to focus on pooja platform. The drawers below can be used for keeping pooja essentials and the cupboards can be utilized for keeping office belongings. If you don’t have a spare corner in your office create a small bespoke pooja space with retractable screen.

6. Big Mandir Design

Slide open the doors of the big closet for serene prayers and enter an oasis of calmness and peace. Big Mandir designed in secluded areas of big bungalows whispers serenity from the moment you step in. Behind the sliding doors, a featured white marble mandap is set with an idol seated in the center and ornamented with various elements for worship and meditation. Complementing the worship space with a recessed light bathes the light in the golden glow. The big Jhoomar or chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling adds to the lime light. A wide space in front of the mandap provides the complete family a space of calmness for meditation.

7. Glass Mandir Designs For Home

Contemporary worship alcove designed in glass niche works into a well-planned pooja corner. The earthy palette of this alcove marked up with an idol in center and pooja essentials, diyas on either side and enhanced by recessed lightenings at the top creates a halo effect. The designer glass panel at the back and white geometric panel below the idol accentuates the embossed designing of walls of glass pooja cabin. The exquisite metallic finish of idols can really be a game changer of the divine place.

8. Simple Temple Design For Home

This kind of pooja cabin done in a contemporary design is beautiful and yet elegant guide for someone who is looking for simple yet modern pooja room decor. A narrow space with modern art decorations has been best converted to ideal corner for placing the idols. White and dark brown compliments give a neat look to the mandir designed. Drawers made in the cabin below can be used as storage space for pooja essentials.

9. Hindu Temple Design For Home

Another take on a worship alcove, big Hindu temple designed in the interiors of home for devoting sacred prayers. Behind the sliding glass doors clad of wood-paneled at the ceilings and floor is a simple set up. Wooden pedestal for placing idol and pooja essentials along with a designer glass on the back wall illuminating light magnificently creates a divine atmosphere for serene offerings.

10. Modern Mandir Designs For Home

Modern yet elegant mandir design for the home designed with a single idol can be noticed how a single magnificent idol makes for a compelling focal point. Low modern shrine with the dignity of a single idol with flower pots on either side focused by lightning at the top transform this low ledge into a vision of sanctity.

11. Corner Mandir Design For Home

It’s amazing to see modest pooja Ghar in a tiny corner of the home turned the space into brimming piousness. The corner decorated with hand-crafted hangings and an idol placed in the center accessorized with the belongings of pooja like bells, diyas & incense sticks. The light focusing on the idol creates a virtual halo of the God pictures.

I think now you have numerous ideas to customize and choose from the best mandir design for your home, pick the theme that blends best with the interior decor of your flat to offer prayers and contemplations in a quiet spot!

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