Karva Chauth 2015 Wishes SMS Messages Story Images Latest Photos Collection

Karva Chauth 201 Wishes SMS Messages Story Images Latest Photos Collection

Karva Chauth is an Indian festival widely celebrated by Hindu wives in India. This one-day festival is celebrated by a married woman by fasting from sunrise to moonrise for the long life, happiness, safety, and prosperity of their husbands. This is a very joyful occasion for the woman. And they share their happiness through sending Karva Chauth Images Pictures Quotes Messages Wishes to their friends, family and their beloved Husband or Wife. Therefore, for this special purpose here we have nicely collected a lot of Karva Chauth Messages.

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Karva Chauth Images Pictures Latest Photo Collection

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Happy Karva Chauth Wishes Images Photos

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Karva Chauth Wishes SMS Messages in Hindi

Jab Jab Aati He Karwa Chauth,
Tab Tab Hoti He Hame Khushi,
Har Din Manaye Khushiya,
Bas Ek Din Ka Rahe Upvaas… Happy Karwa Chauth…!!


Muhabbat aik aisi bhi,
Khuda ki banai moti si,
Bhook pyaas se aur chamke…
Aise fitrat karva chauth ki jyoti si….

Karwa Chauth Ka Yeh Tyohar,
Aaye Aur Laaye Khushiyan Hazaar,
Yehi Hai Dua Hamari Aap Har Baar Manayein Yeh Tyohar,
Salamat Rahey Aap Aur Aapka Pariwar…

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Happy Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Whatsapp Status in One Line

It’s Karva Chauth…As the only woman take fast on this day… but man can show their love through sharing messages and by changing Whats app Status and Facebook DP to show their Love to your wife.Here we are sharing some Best Karva Chauth Whatsapp Status In One Line.

  • The Moon is shining brightly the festival mood is all around but you are so far away Sweetheart I miss u much On this Karwa Chauth!
  • May The Moon Light, Flood Your Life With, Happiness & Joy, Peace & Harmony. Happy Karwa Chauth..!!
  • On this Karwa Chauth, sending my heartfelt wishes your way. May all your prayers for your husband’s well being, be answered today and always. Happy Karwa Chauth…

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Karva Chauth Messages Quotes Shayari For Wife

The moon is shining brightly…
The festive mood is all around…
But you are so far away…
Sweetheart, I miss you so much,
On this Karwa Chauth…

As you worship the Moon God…
and pray for the long life of your husband…
May you be blessed with…
All that your heart desires.
Happy Karwa Chauth…

Karva Chauth 2015 Wishes Messages Quotes SMS in Hindi

happy karva chauth sms

If I were a tear in your eye I would roll down into our lips, but if u were a tea in my eye, I would never cry as I would be afraid to lose you, thanks for being mine forever… ”
Happy Karva Chauth”…

जो हमे आपकी एक झलक मिल जाए तो ये व्रत सफल हो जाए। हम तो बैठे है आपके इंतजार में, आप आए और ये व्रत पूरा कर जाए। Happy karwa chauth.

मेहंदी का लाल रंग आप के प्यार की गहराई दिखता है,माथें पर लगाया हुआ सिन्दूर आपकी दुआएँ दिखता है,गले में पहना हुआ मंगलसूत्र हमारा मजबूत रिश्ता दिखता है।

दिल मेरा फिर से तेरा प्यार माँग े, प्यासे नयना फिर से तेरा दीदार माँग े, प्रेम,स्नेह से प्रकाशित हो दुनिया मेर ी, ऐसा साथी पूरा जग संसार माँगे।

Karva Chauth 2015 Wishes Messages For Husband

Get Me My Beautiful Wedding Dress,
I Want To Dress Up Like A Bride Today,
My Husband Is My Beauty’s Crown,
For His Life And Health, Today I Pray…
Happy Karvachauth To You..!!!
Let Us Come Together And Pray For Our Husbands…
Life And Health May Together…
We Always Stay With God’s Blessings Like Wealth…
Wishing You A Very Happy Karvachauth..!!!

Jo Hame Apki Ek Zalak Mil Jaye,
To Hamara Ye Vrat Safal Ho Jaye,
Ham To Baithe Hain Aapke Intezar Mein,
Aap Aaye Aur Hamare Vrat Ko Pura Karde…
Happy Karwa Chauth..!!

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Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi & Rituals

Karva Chauth is one such occasion when most married Hindu women in North India seek the blessings of God for their husband’s long life. Karva Chauth is observed on the fourth day of the dark fortnight of Ashwin, which is also called Kartik according to some calendars.

Though it is a day marked with neither food nor water, this festival is quite popular among the newlyweds. A few days before the festival, markets are full of items needed for the festival. The preparations for this festival start a week in advance. Appointments are made with beauty parlors, hands are decorated with intricate mehndi designs and jewelry and cloth merchants do a brisk business.

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Karva Chauth Wishes in Hindi Images

The Start Of The Day

On this day the women get up before sunrise. They worship Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Kartikeya and the moon. The blessings of the Gods are invoked for longevity and prosperity of their husbands and children. Mothers-in-law give their daughters-in-law sumptuous food called ‘Sargi’ to eat before sunrise, as the fast starts before sunrise and ends only after worshiping the moon at night. It is a tough fast, as the women do not take any food or water.

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Karva Chauth Sargi

Dressing Up

In the evening, the women to cherish the joy of adorning bridal finery. Many times, the newlywed wear their wedding dress on this auspicious occasion, usually the ghagra-choli or Banarsi saris, embellished with the old-new shimmer of gold, diamonds, and rubies. After dressing up, she receives gifts from the mother-in-law.

Evening Puja

Before evening, the married woman receives the baya or a basket full of goodies from her mother, which is meant for the mother-in-law. The basket contains sweets, mathadi, fruits and a sari. Before the sun sets, most of the women in a locality gather in one house and prepare a corner for the puja. This puja chowk is beautifully decorated and a small platform is prepared against a wall. On this, the image of Gauri Mata or Goddess Parvati is placed. In the olden days, this image was made of cow-dung.

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The Process Of Puja

The women sit around this image with their bayas. Each woman also places a karva or a pitcher full of water and seven pieces of pua in front of her. It is adorned with kharia, aipun and a little roli. A red thread is tied around the karva. At the beginning of the puja, women apply the roli teeka to Goddess Gauri and also to themselves. With the thumb and the third finger of the right hand, water is sprinkled on the image of the goddess. The same procedure is repeated with aipun and roli. Lastly, rice is showered on the image.

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The narration of Vrata Katha

An elderly woman of the family narrates the legend of Karva Chauth. Even a widow can narrate this story. The women then pray for the long life and welfare of their husbands. While chanting the prayers, they pass their bayas from one to another. The wait for the moonrise begins after sunset, and as soon as the moon is sighted, prayers are offered to the moon. The fasting women first observe the moon through a sieve and then break their fast. The first sip of water and the first morsel of food is offered by the husband. A sumptuous dinner follows.

Karva Chauth Story

karva chauth pooja

A long long time ago, there lived a beautiful princess by the name of Veeravati. When she was of the marriageable age, Veeravati was married to a king. On the occasion of the first Karva Chauth after her marriage, she went to her parents’ house.”

“After sunrise, she observed a strict fast. However, the queen was too delicate and couldn’t stand the rigors of fasting. By evening, Veeravati was too weak and fainted. Now, the queen had seven brothers who loved her dearly. They couldn’t stand the plight of their sister and decided to end her fast by deceiving her. They made a fire at the nearby hill and asked their sister to see the glow. They assured her that it was the moonlight and since the moon had risen, she could break her fast.”

“However, the moment the gullible queen ate her dinner, she received the news that her husband, the king, was dead. The queen was heartbroken and rushed to her husband’s palace. On the way, she met Lord Shiva and his consort, Goddess Parvati. Parvati informed her that the king had died because the queen had broken her fast by watching a false moon. However, when the queen asked her for forgiveness, the goddess granted her the boon that the king would be revived but would be ill.”

“When the queen reached the palace, she found the king lying unconscious with hundreds of needles inserted into his body. Each day, the queen managed to remove one needle from the king’s body. Next year, on the day of Karva Chauth, only one needle remained embedded in the body of the unconscious king.”

“The queen observed a strict fast that day and when she went to the market to buy the karva for the puja, her maid removed the remaining needle from the king’s body. The king regained consciousness and mistook the maid for his queen. When the real queen returned to the palace, she was made to serve as a maid.”

“However, Veeravati was true to her faith and religiously observed the Karva Chauth vrat. Once when the king was going to some other kingdom, he asked the real queen (now turned maid) if she wanted anything. The queen asked for a pair of identical dolls. The king obliged and the queen kept singing a song ” Roli ki Goli ho gayi… Goli ki Roli ho gayi ” (the queen has turned into a maid and the maid has turned into a queen).”

“On being asked by the king as to why did she keep repeating that song, Veeravati narrated the entire story. The king repented and restored the queen to her royal status. It was only the queen’s devotion and her faith that won her husband’s affection and the blessings of Goddess Parvati.”

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Karva Chauth Song

Veero Kudiye Karwada,
Sarv Suhagan Karwada,
Aye Katti Naa Teri Naa,
Kumbh Chrakhra Feri Naa,
Gwand Pair payeen Naa,
Sui Cha Dhaga Payi Naa,
Ruthda maniyen Naa,
Suthra Jagayeen Naa,
Bahaein Pyari Veera,
Chan Chadde te Pani Peena,
Lay Veero Kuriye Karwara,
Lay Sarv Suhagan Karwara.

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Karva Chauth Graphic Images

Happy Karva Chauth Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas

Thali Decoration With Colored Powders

  • Pick the best-looking thali from your kitchen cupboard and clean it with a clean cloth.
  • Take out some oil from the kitchen and dip an earbud in oil. Start drawing beautiful pictures on your thali.
  • Put powder of haldi, sindoor or rangoli color on the thali and shake it well so that colored powder is proportionally spread out.
  • Turn the plate upside down to shed off the surplus colored powder.
  • Now you can see a colorful design formed on your thali, ready to use for Karwa Chauth puja ceremony.
  • After the ceremony, wash the thali with warm water and wipe it.

Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali with Mirror Mosaic

  • Pick a steel plate or a ceramic/ melamine plate of your choice.
  • Take out small pieces of the mirror of different shapes. Draw concentric designs, diyas or swastikas on the thali using a marker.
  • Stick mirror pieces over the design by keeping a space of nearly 1 mm between each piece of mirror.
  • Leave the thali for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Make a paste with plaster of Paris and fill all the gaps.
  • Now your beautiful mirror mosaic thali is ready.

karva chauth pooja thali decration ideas

Thali Decoration with Laces

  • Pick a plain steel thali or melamine plate from your kitchen cabinet.
  • Spread out beautiful myriad colored papers and stick on the thali.
  • Now decorate your puja thali with golden laces and shimmering miniature mirror at the corner of your thali.
  • Your special lace-decorated puja thali is ready for use for the special occasion.

Thali Decoration with Velvet

  • Pick a plain steel thali from your kitchen closet.
  • Spread out a velvet cloth of any color on the thali.
  • You may add additional decors like mirrors, golden laces etc. to the velvet.
  • Now place all your puja items on it.
  • Adorn earthen lamp with gold color and neatly place it on your puja thali.
  • Now your special velvet decorated puja thali is ready for use for the ceremony.

karva chauth pooja thali

Happy Karva Chauth Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas

karva mata pics

Karva Chauth Poojan Images

May the Moonlight flood your life With, Happiness and Joy, Peace and Harmony. We also wish to all of you…Happy Karva Chauth…

Have a romantic Karva Chouth…:-)

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