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The beauty of woman must be seen from in her eyes,because that is the doorway of our heart, the place where love reside. By- Audrey Hepburn. Girls generally spends hours in the eye makeup to look beautiful and long thicker eye lashes are the dream of every girl. Therefore here we are providing you the Natural Way To Grow Eye Lashes Longer & Thicker At Home.

Our face is like a mirror and eyes speaks the secrets of heart. Therefore, eyes plays an important feature. Eyes gain the attention of someone at first sight and sometimes you have also listen about some person that they fall in love at first sight.

Now you will be thinking that why Today i am focusing on the eyes. Because today here we come up with the Home Remedies & Tips For Thicker & Longer Eyelashes, how to get longer eyelashes and much more.

how to grow eye lashes Easy Home Remedies & Tips For Longer And Thicker Eyelashes At Home Quickly

Many of us have short and thin eye lashes that don’t give attractive look to eyes. Eye lashes are the main part that protect our eyes. This is the one that not only protect our eyes but also increase the beauty of eyes. There is no one who doesn’t want long and thicker eye lashes. Ladies do many things make up for the thicker eye lashes also use the home remedies for eyelash growth. There are some reason behind the eye lashes falling out. Regular makeup, lack of nutrients in diet or frequent rubbing make eye sparse.

natural way to get thicker eye lashes

Top 20+ Secret Natural Remedies To Grow Thicker & Longer Beautiful Eyelashes

We have seen the trend of eye makeup products and to apply the fake eye lashes are increasing and there are also some products for the growth of eye lashes are available in the market but we need some best way to get them naturally long and thicker. Here are some easy tips and home remedies for longer eyelashes. Surely these remedies will work but this will take time until the next cycle. So, you have to take patient for two months.

  1. Castor Oil

    If you want longer and thicker eye lashes then castor oil is the best product to use. Castor oil is a powerful follicle stimulating oil that can be used for thicker eye lashes. This will not only give the thickness to eye lashes but also grow the eye lashes faster. You can apply castor oil before going to bed for overnight or in the whole day but in night it will be best. Keep safe your eyes when applying. Use a clean eye brush or cotton ball to apply castor oil on eye lashes. In the next morning rinse with the lukewarm water.

castor oil benefits for eye lashes


2. Olive Oil

Oil gives the best nourishment to eyes. Olive is the best natural product for the fast eye lashes growth. Olive oil has follicles that will nourish and moisturized the eyes. You can use a clean mascara brush to apply olive oil on eye lashes before going on bed. If you don’t have this you can use cotton balls or direction through finger tips. Wash with the normal water in the morning to get rid of stickiness on eyes.

olive oil for thicker eye lashes

3. Mixture Of Olive Oil & Castor Oil

If you are getting confused that which oil will give the better result for the growth of eye lashes then need not to have any confusion. You can apply mixture of both olive oil and castor oil for the thick eyelashes. Both are the best organic oils for the nourishment of eyes.

oil nourishes eye lashes

4. Remove Eye Makeup At The End Of The Day

Longer and thicker eye lashes gives a beautiful look to your eyes. But generally women’s neglect to take care of the eye lashes and eye brows in their busy schedule or sometimes the also don’t know how to get thicker eyelashes. And they start to use makeup products or fake eye lashes. Due to these products eye lashes becomes hard and falling out. If you are going for a party then never forget to remove eye makeup before going to the bed. Remove mascara gently, otherwise it will sparse eye lashes.

how to get thicker eye lashes

5. Brush Eye Lashes Carefully

Growth of eye’s hair takes longer time instead of any other body part hair. So, take care of them. Brushes eye lashes as well as brushes hair keeps them healthy and tangle-free. It will remove dirt particles and dust and encourage the blood circulation. Start brushes from the root of eye lashes till the tip of eyes. Brush twice daily.

how to grow eye lashes

6. Moisturize Eye Lashes With Petroleum Jelly

This is the old home remedy to grow eye lashes but this really works. Regular use of petroleum jelly at night will give the best result to get longer and thicker eye lashes. You can apply Vaseline with the help of finger tips or with brush before sleeping. Petroleum jelly will increase the moisturizer and remove dryness of eyes.

how to grow eye lashes fast

7. Don’t Use Fake Eye Lashes

As the trend of using fake eye lashes is increasing nowadays. But try not to use them until it’s necessary. These harm the growth of natural once’s.


8. Green Tea

This will promote the growth of eye lashes and you will get thicker, stronger and longer eye lashes. This also works as a perfect conditioner for eyes. This is one of the simplest way to grow eye lashes long and thicker naturally. Add a pinch or two of green tea in warm water and after boil it and strain it. Apply it with the help of cotton balls twice regularly on eyes.

green tea benefits

9. Lemon Peels

Lemon peels are a good source of vitamin B, C, folic acid and other nutrients that helps for the growth of longer and thicker eye lashes. You can also add them with olive oil or castor oil to enhance the stimulation capacity of the oil. This will increase the volume and growth of eye lashes.

Take one tablespoon of moderately dried lemon peels into a container and add adequate amount of olive oil and castor oil into them. So that peels get soaked. Leave it for a couple of weeks. So that qualities of oil and lemon peels get infused together. To apply this you can use old clean mascara wand. Apply it for overnight and let them dry. Next morning wash it with lukewarm water.


home remedies to get longer eye lashes

10. Aloe Vera As Best Home Remedies

Aloe Vera has many vitamins and nutrients that can enhance the growth of eye lashes. Aloe Vera is a wonderful home remedies. To get the longer and thicker eye lashes, apply some aloe vera gel on eye lashes with clean mascara wand and leave it overnight. Wash with the normal water in the next morning. You can also add jojoba oil for the better result. Apply them for two months regularly for the best results.

how to grow eye lashes

11.Shoe Flowers For Eye Lashes

Shoe flower is easily available in the home garden. You can pluck them from your garden and rub them on your eyes. This will give beautiful and attractive look to your eye lashes.

shoe flower for the growth of eye lashes

12. Egg

If you want thicker and healthier eye lashes then this home remedy will work best. Eggs are full of proteins which are good for the health of your lashes. Mix egg white with castor oil. Mix two drops of both and apply this mixture with the help of brush on eye lashes. Leave it for the night and rinse off in the morning.

Apart from the egg white you can also use egg yolk for the growth of eye lashes. Beat the egg yolk with olive oil and can apply with the same process. You can also use egg mixture with the glycerine. After a months, you will see the changes in your eye lashes growth.

egg for the growth of eye lashes

13. Coconut Milk For Eyelashes Growth

Coconut milk is a rich source of fat and proteins that will help to enhance the growth of eye lashes and also will add shine into them. For this dip 2 cotton balls into the coconut milk and kept them on eyelids and sit for 15-20 mins. with the close eyes. Simply, rinse and wash the eyes with cold water.

how to get long eye lashes 14. Almond Oil To Nourish Eye Lashes

Natural oils are the most common home remedies to get longer, stronger and thicker eye lashes. Take almond oil and apply with the same method as castor oil and olive oil. If you have dark circle around eyes then this will also suit perfectly.

almond oil for growth of eye lashes

15. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the another one source of how to get thicker longer eye lashes. If you need faster growth of eye lashes then just try vitamin E supplements. You can directly take one vitamin E capsule on daily basis or you can apply that by breaking them and apply with the help of brush. For the more faster results you can also add aloe vera gel into the vitamin E capsule gel.

vitamin e for growth of eye lashes

16. Proper Healthy Diet

Not only home remedies for growth of eye lashes will work but also you have to take proper balanced diet. Diet plays an important role, what you eat effects on your body. A good amount of vitamin, minerals, proteins will be the great source of long eyelashes. Always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to get rid of toxins.

proper diet

17. Monitor Eye Dandruff

Firstly make sure there is not any dandruff problem in your eye lashes. Dandruff makes eye lashes week and can be the reason of eye lashes fall.

grow long eye lashes

18. Effects Of Lip Balm On Eye Lashes

If you are searching for the home remedies for how to get long eyelashes. Then you will find this the easiest one. Choose your favorite lip balm and apply them on eye lashes before going to sleep. Wash it in the morning and see the changes. You will get curly long eye lashes.

thicker eye lashes

19. Trim Eyelashes On Time

Just like after the another body part hair like shaving, waxing, hair trimming enhance after trim same followed on the eye lashes hair. Just trim a little eyelashes with care. This will help in stimulating follicle and growth of eye lashes will start.

trim the eye lashes

20. Keep Your Hands Away

This is really very simple tip but all should have keep in mind. When you rub your eye lashes this can be the reason of weaken lashes and can breakage of eye lashes. You can see some eye lashes on your hands while rubbing eyes. If there is some itching in eyes then simply massage on the needed area.

how to get thicker lashes

21. Need Good Sleep

If you also have a dream of thicker eyelashes, longer eyelashes. Then you need a good sleep my friends. As your body need a break after tough works, same with the eyes. They also need a break. Just lie down on a coach or bed and close your eyes and stop blinking them. By doing this you will get good chances for the growth of eye lashes. You should clean your eyes properly with lukewarm or normal water for the good health of eyes.

give rest to eyes

22. Use Of Eye lashes Curler

You can use eyelashes curler to give them proper shape and appear longer and lovely. This will give the stunning look to eye lashes but you need to have some precautions while using this. Avoid applying excess pressure while using this to stop falling out the lashes.

how to grow eye lashes at home


Hopefully you will get the best easy home remedies to grow eye lashes naturally. Eye lashes gives an attractive look. With following these remedies you have to care properly to your eyes. These remedies will help you to repair damaged eye lashes and growth of eye lashes. We ensure you this methods to get long eye lashes will surely work with the continuous use of few months. Experience these remedies and give your views which you one like the most.

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