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Mangalsutra designs in gold and diamond are not only the garland of black and golden beats but also it’s a symbol of love and commitment. Here check beautiful mangalsutra design for Indian wedding.

Indian weddings are full of rituals and cultures. Jewelry is also one of the major part of the wedding rituals and Mangalsutra is not only the essential part of jewelry but also it has it’s own significance. Mangal means auspicious and sutra means the holy scared. It’s the symbol of promises that husband and wife both had made for the next seven lives.

It is usually made up with the gold chain or another Metallic chain that has black beads in it and a pendant hanged with this. Now days it is not only for tradition but has become a fashion & style for married women. Mangalsutras are now available in different shapes and sizes and in gold or diamond. Here are Indian Gold Mangalsutra Designs With Price.

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Latest Designer Wedding Jewelry MangalSutra Designs

These unique designs of mangalsutra has been specially designed for married women to enhance their glamorous look. If you are fashion stylist adorn yourself with the diamond mangal sutra. Every Indian married women wear it for her whole life as the symbol of love for her husband. Here we are also sharing Gold small mangalsutra designs with price.

mangal sutra design with price list Top Mangalsutra Designs In Gold And Diamond Images Photos Pictures Latest Collection 

  1. Mangalsutra Design Gold Images 

indian magalsutra design wih price

As mangalsutra is the essential jewelry in any Indian wedding so mostly people first preference  is to take gold mangalsutra. Nowadays silver gold or many different shades of polished gold are also in trends.


2. American Diamond Mangalsutra Design 

mangalsutra design with cost

Nowadays diamond are in the latest trend but as this is not affordable for everyone. So you can take american diamond mangal sutra jewelry in place of that. It seems like diamond but not expensive. It’s considered in the artificial jewelry for women.

3. Simple Gold Mangalsutra Design 

simple light mangalsitra deign

Every time you can’t wear heavy mangalsutra patterns. Therefore here we have shown the simple mangalsutra design in gold. These are very light weight and having a simple black beads chain. So, this will be the best mangalsutra design for daily wear.

4. Indian Wedding Jewellery Mangalsutra Design 

diamond mangalsutra design

Mangalsutra is a symbol of marital status of women. As now it’s not only the tradition but also it has become style statement. That’s why artificial mangalsutra designs are also in trends. Gold polished, diamond and american diamond jewellery are in the trends of artificial jewellery.

5. Artificial Mangalsutra Designs Photos 

white stone studded mangalsutra design

Mangalsutra is the symbol of matrimony, this is one of the best jewellery for bride. As gold and diamond is not in the reach of everyone and you can’t take more patterns as style statement therefore these artificial mangalsutra looks beautiful and trendy.

6. Every day Wear Mangal Sutra Designs 

simple mangalsutra design

No one can wear heavy jewelry in daily wear. These plain chain pattern mangal sutra is the perfect one for every day. And if you are a working women and don’t like to wear jewelries at the work place but wearing mangalsutra is compulsory so this is the best suited design for you.

7. Heavy Gold MangalSutra Design 

heavy gold mangalstra design


In south India gold is not the fashion, it’s tradition there. Heavy jewelry is the preference of every lady. This pattern will be the perfect suited for them. Chain is covered with black beads and gold beads and pendent is also having the heavy pattern.

8. Short Mangalsutra Pattern Designs & Images 

indian wedding gold jewellery design

Nowadays short length chain mangalsutra designs are in the latest trends. This also looks beautiful. It looks chic and stylish and also looks like pendent set at workplace.

9. South Indian Mangalsutra Designs Pictures 

maharashtrian gold mangalsutra design

In south India tradition follows more than fashion. This is the simplest pattern of mangalsutra that is running from years there. As this is very light weight and simple mangalsutra also looks stylish and easy to wear in daily routine.

10. Stylish Bollywood Mangalsutra Designs 

mangalsutra photos designs

Shilpa Shetty Wearing Mangalsutra In Hand

mangal sutra pictures

Bollywood Stylish Mangasutra Designs Images

magalsutra design images

Our Bollywood celebrities also not behind to follow the tradition. You can also seen many of the bollywood actress and TV stars wearing mangalsutra.

11. Hanging Pandent Mangalsutra Design 


simple gold mangalsutra design

Long Mangalsutra Design

plain mangalsutra design

Mangalsutra with hanging pendent looks beautiful, stylish and also traditional. You can make them either in heavy chain or light weight. These pattern looks pretty.

12. Mangalsutra Design With Matching Earrings 

diamond mangalsutra images

Mangalsutra Design with matching earrings looks more pretty. It completes the set design. Modern style of jewelry will reflect in these designs. Here you will find the perfect designs of mangalsutra for your special day.

13. Mangalsutra Designs In Malabar Gold 

gold mangalsutera design

Generally mangalsutra designs are prefer in gold but during the wedding time budget is the main step. If you have high range budget for mangalsutra then malabar gold mangalsutra designs are the best.

14. Tanishq Gold Mangalsutra With Price Designs 

diamond mangalsutra design

Tanishq is widely known brand for gold jewelry. It is highly secured and trustworthy jeweler. Tanishq has a very wide range of jewelry. This mangalsutra design price is 58428Rs only.

15.PC Jewellers Mangalsutra Design With Price

latest mangalsutra design

PC Jeweller is well known for their exclusive jewelry designs collection. They also have designer diamond jewellery for the working women’s also. They complete a women and embellished her from inside.

16. 22Kt Gold Mangalsutra Online

If you don’t have time during your busy schedule then now you can purchase mangalsutra online also. They are made of pure 22 Kt gold.


new gold mangalsutra design

Here we have tried our best to share different unique mangalsutra designs with you to make your dream day more special. Hope you will like these Gold Mangalsutra Designs. If you are getting married soon and getting confused how to choose mangalsutra designs perfectly then surely this will be the perfect guide for you.


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