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5 Reasons To Try Scalp Tattoo As A Permanent Hair Loss Solution

Scalp micro pigmentation, also called scalp tattoo, is a cosmetic treatment for concealing hair loss and scalp scars caused by various health conditions. The techniques used to fill in blank spaces on the scalp are similar to regular skin tattooing. During the procedure, natural pigments are implanted on the scalp by piercing the surface with a needle creating tiny dots in different hues of black. These dots will darken the area in a way similar to how hair provides coverage to the scalp. After the scars made by the piercings have healed, the skin on the scalp will look like it’s covered by hair follicles after the hair is closely shaved. 

This hair restoration treatment is suited to many kinds of health conditions that cause hair to thin or fall out completely. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of scalp tattoo as a hair loss solution, here are some points you can consider: 

Provides Semi-Permanent Coverage 

Just like other skin tattoos, scalp micropigmentation is meant to provide semi-permanent coverage to the bald parts of the head. After the treatment, the patient is left with a shaved look on their head that usually lasts from three to eight years. However, as time passes, the tattoo color may fade due to natural skin exfoliation so touch-ups may be required. Despite being semi-permanent, it’s still a convenient treatment option since there are no risks of losing the coverage easily and it’s not as difficult to maintain compared to other concealing solutions.  

Good For Any Hair Loss Conditions 

Scalp tattoos can be done for patients who suffer from the following conditions: 

  • Alopecia 
  • Male And Female Pattern Baldness 
  • Cancer 
  • Hair Thinning Due To Age Or Genetic Conditions 

Doctors advise patients who have scalp acne or other skin conditions which cause sensitivities or irritations to avoid getting a scalp tattoo if there’s any inflammation. Also, scalp tattoos may not be the ideal solution for people who are prone to developing keloids. For safety precautions, always ask for your doctor’s advice before receiving this treatment.  

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Safe And Non-Invasive Treatment 

Scalp micropigmentation treatment is not considered a real tattoo because actual tattoos penetrate deeper into the skin. As such, it can be considered a non-invasive treatment. Also, even though it usually takes a week or two to completely heal the scalp area treated, most patients can continue with their daily routine a few days post-treatment. 

Moreover, scalp tattooing is considered to be a safe treatment as the pigments used during treatment are mostly made up of natural ingredients and are commonly derived from plants. However, there are some cases where a patient may have an allergic reaction to the substances in the pigment so it’s best to consult with a physician before treatment. 


The price of scalp tattooing depends on how much of your scalp needs coverage. Usually, each treatment costs between USD$400 and $1,000 and takes between four to five hours to complete. Covering a small area on the scalp commonly requires three to four treatments for longer color retention, and treatments are scheduled a few weeks apart.  

Compared to other hair loss solutions, scalp tattooing can be considered affordable given the results it produces and how long the results last. Also, it offers a convenient and safe solution to conceal hair thinning without the risk of damage which makes it worth the price. 

Guaranteed Results 

Unlike hair loss and thinning solutions that promise hair regrowth, scalp micropigmentation offers instant, guaranteed results that would last for a long time given proper care. While other   solutions aim to counter the hair loss process and promote hair growth, many fail to deliver as promised. As such, scalp tattooing makes a great solution as the treatment is certain to work regardless of the extent of hair loss.

For the concealing effects to last, doctors advise patients to follow common post-treatment care such as avoiding too much sun exposure, avoiding using saunas, steam baths, and swimming pools for a brief period, and regularly moisturizing the area.  


As with most medical procedures, there are risks involved with having scalp tattoo treatment. For instance, a patient may have an allergic reaction to the pigments used for concealing the bald scalp. Also, having formal training is usually not required for scalp tattooing artists, so it may not be easy to find reliable practitioners. This is why it’s important to look at the credentials of the practitioner as well as the facilities in the treatment center to ensure that they’re following the health regulations in your area. 

On the other hand, it may also be helpful to ask for references from people who have received the same treatment so you can ask for tips and suggestions as needed.  

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