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VRAD Portal Login Process and Steps

VR is basically VRC which is Virtual Radiologic Corporation, which is a private company that offers great services to the world.  So, if you are looking for necessary information related to the VRAD portal, then you need to check out this whole article. 

As we have added all the things that you might want to know about. 

So, stay till the end to know about all of it. Now, let’s quickly take a look – 

VRAD Portal Log in Process: 

We saw you searching for this login process. 

Therefore, we have listed a few steps below that you need to follow in order to login into your account. 

VRAD Portal

So, check these out and follow accordingly – 

  1. First of all, you need to visit this website link.
  2. After that, you just need to fill in your username as this is a client access portal. 
  3. So, once done with this, then click on “next”.
  4. And from the next page, you might be asked for the password, so give them that. 
  5. Rest, follow the process like you are being given and being asked to do so, and soon you would be done with the process. 

In case you don’t remember or have the details with you which is username and password, then go to this link for help – https://access.vrad.com/PasswordReset 

VRAD Portal Contact Details: 

Here are some details for you that you can look at in order to contact them under any problematic circumstances. 

VRAD Portal

So, take a look – 

  • Go for a call at – 866.941.5695 
  • 952.595.1100 
  • 800.737.0610 
  • 011.1.952.595.1111
  • Or go to this link for full details, more information and to fill out the form – https://www.vrad.com/contact/ 
  • After you visit this site, fill in your name, email ID, phone number, the healthcare role, company name, state, country, etc details. 
  • Once done with all of these details required, then click on “submit”.
  • And you are done. 

Mostly Asked Questions for you : 

1- What is the address where one could pay a patient’s bills? 

If you are looking for this, then here’s the information that you need –

Virtual Radiologic

Department 4246

Carol Stream, IL, 60122-4246 

2- What is the main address of the corporate sector? 

This is what you asked for – 11995 Singletree Lane,

Suite 500

Eden Prairie, MN 55344 


So, we are finally at the end of this article and we genuinely hope that you liked this article and found it helpful as well as per your needs. 

We also hope that everything is clear to you and you have no doubts left now. 

As we have added all the information that you needed to know about along with necessary attachments as well. 

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