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5 Natural Ways To Achieve Soft, Glowy Skin

The skin and beauty industry has so much promise that purchasing their products can help your skin regain and maintain a soft, radiant glow. 

That said, you can have all the trendiest beauty products in the world, but they won’t solve all your skin woes, much less worsen some conditions. Instead of relying solely on store-bought beauty products, consider trying these natural ways to help you achieve the soft, glowing skin you deserve. 

  1. Use Natural Moisturizing Ingredients

Moisturizing ingredients hydrate and refreshes your skin to help you achieve soft, supple skin. While you can buy them in the form of lotions and moisturizing creams, you can use them in their natural form. Here are some of the best moisturizing ingredients you should get:

  • Shea Butter

Extracted from shea tree nuts, which are native to West Africa, shea butter is a powerful moisturizer with a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. This makes it an excellent ingredient for soothing, smoothing, and conditioning all skin types. 

Shea butter is often used as a cosmetic ingredient, but you can also get it in its raw extracted form. You can buy shea butter online or in your local beauty shops. 

  • Avocado

Peeled and mashed avocado isn’t only yummy but an effective natural moisturizer too. This bright green fruit is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, making it particularly useful for dull and sensitive skin types. 

  • Papaya

One of the best hydrating ingredients, papaya has exfoliating properties that can reduce blemishes. Plus, papaya has powerful brightening properties that can transform dull, lifeless skin and make it feel softer and look younger. 

  • Aloe Vera

A low-maintenance houseplant, aloe vera comes with numerous skin benefits, including treating skin irritations caused by dryness. The gel of the aloe vera plant is rich in antioxidants and vitamins as well. 

Further, aloe vera is effective in relieving itchiness and painful sunburn. It can help tighten and soften wrinkles and fine lines. 

  • Coconut Oil

This popular hair ingredient can also moisturize the skin and help it retain moisture for longer. Coconut oil helps exfoliate your skin, making your skin smoother and softer. 

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water

One of the easiest ways to achieve a soft and brighter skin complexion is to drink enough water. And while drinking water doesn’t directly hydrate your skin, it helps the body’s overall functioning.

Generally, drinking water helps the liver eliminate toxins and waste substances from the body. This, in turn, reduces puffiness and helps lighten the skin. The skin is made up of cells that need water to function properly and flush out toxins quickly. And it helps reduce skin conditions that cause extreme dryness, such as psoriasis and eczema. 

So, consider drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. If plain water bores you, you can also add fruits to add some flavor and health benefits. 

  1. Eat More Skin-Healthy Food

Beauty products help keep your skin looking great, but only at the surface. Skin aging develops at a cellular level. That said, what you eat is as crucial as the skincare products you use. A healthy diet consisting of skin-friendly foods can help transform your skin from the inside out.

Plus, most skincare products use ingredients from consumable plants, so why not eat them instead? To get you started, here are some of the best foods to eat for skin health:

  • Tomatoes;
  • Green Tea;
  • Kale;
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids;
  • Mangoes;
  • Papaya;
  • Avocado;
  • Olive Oil; and the like.
  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking not only increases your risk of respiratory disease, yet it contributes to uglier skin too. Tobacco smoking can cause your blood vessels to narrow down. This reduces blood flow, making your skin look paler. Poor blood flow in your skin reduces essential nutrients and oxygen needed to repair and create new skin cells. 

In addition, smoking damages collagen and elastin, essential fibers that give your skin strength and elasticity. As such, it results in sagging skin over time. Smoking dries out the skin, causing a dull appearance. Worse, smoking increases the risk of developing skin cancer too. 

If you want soft skin, stop smoking immediately. 

  1. Sleep

The last and best way to maintain healthy skin is to get enough rest. It’s called beauty rest for a reason. 

Getting enough sleep allows your body to heal and regenerate your skin cells. It helps reduce cortisol or stress hormones while producing high amounts of antioxidants to fight wrinkles and fine lines. During sleep, the body produces growth hormones and new collagen to repair skin damage and keep your skin looking fresh and plump.


A good skincare routine and healthy lifestyle choices can naturally help delay aging while preventing various skin issues. Following the abovementioned tips can give your skin the attention and TLC it deserves and ultimately achieve that beautiful and youthful glow. 

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