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How E-Cigarettes Increase Your Chances to Quit Smoking

There is a major concern about whether vaping is a solution to quit smoking. Experts and researchers have not been able to give a definite answer on this. However, this conclusion has been drawn from the known facts that vaping can help people to quit smoking. Many people from all over the world are turning to this when they are desperate to quit smoking.

One study by a British firm suggests that vaping is a better solution to quit smoking than other solutions like nicotine replacement therapy. So, if you are planning to dump tobacco cigarettes, here are the reasons why you should use vaping to do this. You have a 60% higher chance to succeed when compared to people who use other means to try to quit.

Nicotine Control

According to experts, you can control the amount of nicotine to use when vaping. This is not the case with cigarette smoking. So, what happens? Upon switching to vaping, you can start by using the maximum nicotine amount in your e-liquids. Many are sold at this status anyway and this will resonate well with your body.

But after a few weeks, you should aim at reducing this amount gradually. Try the medium level nicotine e-juices that are available everywhere. If you visit the ePuffer website, you will get all these options and expert advice on top of that.

After another few weeks, go a step lower by trying the minimum nicotine level e-juices. If they are not available, buy nicotine-free e-juice and the nicotine shots on the side to mix for yourself. If you are still determined to quit smoking, you can now try nicotine-free e-juices and eventually dump them.

Vaping Makes You Forget Cigarettes

According to experts, the craving for nicotine or to smoke comes when you have nothing else to do. Vaping provides an excellent alternative. If you stay away from triggers like people who smoke, you will fight the craving easily.

With vaping, now you can make new friends who vape like you.

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This way, you stand a higher chance of forgetting more about smoking. However, your decision and determination to stop smoking plays a significant role.

Vaping Can Be Used with Other Solutions

You can vape and still attend behavioral therapy to quit smoking. Research shows that vaping and anti-nicotine therapy like gums and patches work very well. However, this works well if you are vaping e-juice with minimal nicotine, or better still, one without any.

Doctors have endorsed vaping as an excellent solution. With the regulations from bodies like FDA, abuse of these e-cigarettes is now minimal. It is anticipated that future regulations will make vaping a safe and better alternative to harmful smoking. So, this is a solution you should to try today if you are determined to ditch nicotine-based tobacco.


As you can see, vaping is better when compared to smoking. It is not the best since it has some negative health effects, but you can rely on it to quit the more harmful habit. You need to research well before indulging in this to avoid any other challenges that may come along like allergic reactions.

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