Latest Mind Blowing Maggam Work Blouse Design Catalogue - Trends 2024

Latest Mind Blowing Maggam Work Blouse Design Catalogue

Latest Mind Blowing Maggam Work Blouse Design Catalogue

Fashion Changes quick as the wink but one piece costume is enduring and exquisite patterns blouses add icing on the cake. The most attractive and elegant work blouses make this costume ubiquitous for fashion lovers. In the present scenario, maggam work or Ari work blouses have opted for the elegant traditional look.

India has the richest heritage among the best textile traditions of the world. The art of making clothes beautiful and embroidery still evolves. Every region of India has its own unique style of textiles & embroidery; the most popular one is maggam work or Ari embroidery.

Maggam work is one of the most popular and preferred embroidery art forms in the contemporary fashion ethnicity. Maggam work is the jargon used for different types of embroidery works used on fabrics and clothes since preferred embroidery style of mighty rulers of Mughal line. Zari/Thread, Needles, Maggam/Frame, Embellishments like sequins, pearls,& beads, scissors are the essentials required for maggam embroidery. The cloth is tightly held in maggam/frame & embellishments are carved in cloth with the help of Zari& needle. In South India, peacock maggam work blouses are quite popular. For the latest designs, you can look into maggam work blouse designs catalog available with most of the boutiques that design maggam work blouses.

There is more bling in Maggam work is Zardosi

Zardosi work is what royalty used to wear in the period of Mughals. This is the Persian style of embroidery that is prevalent in South India. Customers can find umpteen maggam work blouse designs with a price when they visit any boutique in South India. The motifs used for embroidery are kitschy, and this is a heavy work where the elements of minimalism are not used.

Blouse work design for pattu sarees is widely worn a traditional piece of clothing in this part of India. No auspicious ceremony or festival is adorned with women wearing blouses that are heavily embroidered in a variety of traditional motifs. Pattu sarees are the specialty of South India because these are the special type of sarees that are woven in golden threads.

Traditional motifs are used in maggam work

Silk and zari threads in a variety of colors are used to create motifs and fill the designs with embellishments and thread designs. Swirls and traditional motifs are used for most of the blouses and saree work. For those who want to make customized designs of their own choice can choose from maggam work blouse design books.

Most of the designs are handmade, and they are made by craftsmen with needle and thread technique. Applique and cutwork are also used in addition to threaded work when creating embroidery motifs. The designs created have no standard format or pattern and is entirely the skill and creativity of the designer.

Stones and metallic embellishments

Stone and metallic embellishments are the works done on traditional clothing along with applique cutwork techniques in maggam work. You can also opt for simple maggam work blouse design. When you visit the boutiques of South India, you are likely to find clothes made in traditional embroidery and maggam work design on pattu blouses.

Animal Motif Maggam Work Design

Deer grazing or walking elephant captured with Zardosi work or Maggam work are part of traditional weaving. The sequin work finally engraved with zari & the ideas of bird or animal motifs are latest though they make the design quite different than usual. These decorous designs are loved with South Indian maggam work pattu sarees.

Pretty small elephant motif looks absolutely lovely as it is subtle enough & totally in trends, an elephant with doli or walking elephant seems quite cute & beautiful.

Convoluted God Motif Maggam Work

A simple saree, when paired with work maggam work blouse, gets a lot of glamour moreover if these blouses have some maggam work or thread work depicting god motifs makes the outfit most suitable for religious gatherings, or poojas.

A simple cotton, silk or ikat sarees can be turned into perfect outfit for festivals or rituals when teamed up with beautiful God or Goddess motif maggam work. The combination of Zardosi and thread work subtitles the whole look stay calm.

Floral Design Maggam Work

Unlike Lucknowi designs, in maggam work, floral motifs are mostly used with a variety of colorful threads and embellishments like kundans, beads, stones, and metal elements. This slim strap blouse with 3/4th sleeves has intricate golden zari work with red beads & red kundans covering the deep neck outline. The golden work with red kundans on green base blouse makes the design really gorgeous.

Latest maggam work blouse designs include honeycomb motifs; large floral motifs cut work embellished with zari threads and kundans, paisleys and swirls. This design has single layer florals lining at the back & the sleeves bordersThis black colored short sleeve pattu blouse has been done with golden zari and small beads of golden & pink color.

Maggam Cut-Work Blouse Design

Cutwork blouses are so intricate & beautiful; it takes much effort & craftsmanship to make a single cutwork blouse. The floral pattern and beads work adds oomph to this blouse. It is elegant, trendy blouse in beige color from the from the dernier’s cri.

This blouse has sophisticated mesh cutwork & this cutwork in the floral cut pattern makes the blouse unique. Threadwork with embellished stones makes this red blouse alluring with green Silk Pattu Saree.

Jewellery Design Maggam Work

Get gorgeous, and don a sultry Indian traditional look with this spectacular pink silk saree with green leaf color blouse embellished with traditional jewelry pattern stone and mirror work.

Go for a futuristic and distinctive style to rock your risqué fashion trend and set ablaze. Drape a breath-taking heavy, rich banarsi silk saree to do justice with this dark blue colored silk blouse drafted with the jewelry design using golden beads, mirror, and kundans.

Maggam Work On Net Fabric

The border design in maggam work on soft pink net blouse includes heavy use of pearls and pink thread embroidery. The same pink thread floral embroidery as seen on neckline has been done on the ends of the sleeves, and pearl work pops the look further.

Multicolored beads and sequins are used with zari work on beige colored net blouse making the blouse eclectic & decorous. Wear this blouse with the dazzling drape of net stuff with light work to give an alluring & stunning look.

Borderline designed with pearls, stones & zari turn up the look of blouse debonair. These kind of blouses are evergreen & are staple in your closet as they can be paired up with any Net or Chiffon saree either of the same color or any elegant contrariety.

Peacock Maggam Work Blouse

In South India, peacock maggam work blouses are quite popular. Peacock and paisley motifs for maggam or embroidery works have been used for ages. These are the most popular motifs that are widely used in the college of embroidery designs. These handworks are made in a variety of threads, stones, kundans, beads, and other royal looking embellishments. Maggam work is what royalty looks in clothes designed with this kind of traditional embroidery.

Spectacular pink heritage maggam blouse designed to your style quotient with peacock maggam work gives gorgeous and don a sultry Indian traditional look.

Mirror Work Exaggeration

Mirror work on attires has been a part of Indian dressing style for centuries. Electic mirror work blouses can be paired up with mirror work sarees or even plain sarees.Modish pink colored sleeveless blouse with Prince Cut neckline designed to embellished with mirror work and golden beads embroidery adds up to your style quotient. This enticing blouse groove in your enchanting auras as you drape an equally dazzling saree.

Blouse Work Designed For Pattu Sarees

Beautiful and trendy pattu sarees require equally beautiful blouse designs for silk sarees, the teal green colored blouse with stunning Kanchipuram silk saree makes a perfect hookup. The half sleeved blouse having a broad golden strip same as the border of pattu silk saree with detailed Zardosi work & stylish embroidery make this two-tone blouse grabbing attention.

This multifarious rich leaf green color Banaras pattu blouse is featured in design with heavy embellishments on the sleeves. The gotta Patti work and floral mirror work exaggerated on sleeves & neck is highly intricate & trendy. Pair this Uppada pattu blouse with gorgeous peach saree for an incredible look.

Thread Work Design Patterns

The bateau shaped tulle shear deep green blouse looks elegant in traditional saree or even with the gaudy outfit. The Zari and the threads used in this work have a matte finish, red threads & sequins used adds a complimentary charm. The subtle embroidery makes the blouse felicitous for a wholly invigorating getup fit.

Designs on sleeves

Heavy design motifs with a combination of ethnic work done in a thread, stones, kundans, and zardosi work on neckline and on sleeves cut in unique design. The traditional signature bridal attire red blouse with maggam design weaves all-over ooze a royal ancestral look with a finesse. We’re drooling over this ecstatic gold and red classic combination maggam blouse which is worth a spectacular sight. This kind of combination is band way in South Indian conventional accouterment.

Maggam work is, on a funny note, to ensure that no part of the blouse or traditional clothing must be left unattended without the use of embroidery. You will find heavy embroidery motifs that complement the rest of the design on the blouse, on the sleeves as well. Thread work blouses are less expensive compared to the ones who have stone and zardosi work. You will also find heavy embroidered sarees in maggam work. The designs are elaborate and kitschy in their appearance. Latest motifs and designs in maggam work blouse design for silk sarees are available in catalogs. This is a niche category of design that is only used in South India and not finds in any other stores across the world.

Choose only a patch of maggam work if you are a minimalist

Not everyone like heavy embroidery maggam work. Though it takes experienced craftsmanship to create intricate designs and motifs, it is not something the younger generation likes. You can choose to use abstract motifs or assorted elements in motifs for hand embroidered clothes or garments. Patchwork seems to be an eclectic blouse design that is best suitable for cotton & silk sarees.

Necklines and empire lines

Those who are looking for heavy & trendy embroidery works can go for designs on the sleeves, necklines, and empire lines instead of the bodice part of the dress. This creates an elegant appearance for any traditional clothing regardless of what fabric is used. Be the dreamy damsel you sport this royal blue heavy embroidery maggam designer blouse to steal the spotlight. Let the gobs envious bees drone about the charismatic woman that you’re.

Maggam work can appeal to your taste if you like ethnic clothing. You can choose from an array of motifs and designs for any occasion. Made in zari and zardosi, clothes made from this type of embroidery require special maintenance.

If any swatch set one’s heart on you can beyond any doubt go for order. HOPE YOU CAN’T STOP ADMIRING THESE MOTIF’S!! and will surely go for one.

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