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5 Health Benefits of Being in a Relationship

There is so much more to being in a happy relationship than being romantically involved with someone who always puts a smile on your face (although having a partner is certainly likely to keep you in a good mood for most of the time.) There are many complex reasons why being in a successful relationship is actually very good for your health. Although listing the diverse range of the benefits would take some time, here are five of the most obvious.

Mental wellbeing

Statistics consistently reveal the extent of one of the most difficult health issues to diagnose – mental health problems. In fact, around one in four adults will be affected by any one of a number of these conditions at some point. All sorts of factors can cause someone to fall ill in this way, with stress being a common trigger.

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The good news for anyone in a stable relationship is they are less likely to face these traumas because partners are excellent for combatting stress.

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People living on their own will dwell on situations, whereas co-habiting couples will be far more aware of someone succumbing to negative thoughts and behaviour and can step in to pre-empt this escalating.

A good heart

 Stress is one condition that will always have a detrimental affect on so many different aspects of your health, physical and mental. It will cause high blood pressure which will have a negative impact on your cardiovascular system. The good news for you if you are in a relationship is that you are less likely to be afflicted with these issues. Partners tend to be more relaxed, whereas singles who are undergoing separation often turn to alcohol or cigarettes to ease their worries: two habits which are proven to be very bad for your heart.

Mutual encouragement

Partners who have developed a strong bond with one another will often share activities. When it comes to keeping in shape there will be a lot of mutual encouragement going on. Rather than one individual going out for a cycle or a jog, there will be a strong incentive to go out and do these activities as a couple. Singles are far likelier to renege on their health centre memberships after the initial enthusiasm of signing up. Couples will inspire one another to keep participating in programs that are beneficial to both their physiques.


People who count themselves as being ‘an item’ will definitely have less self-esteem issues. Singles commonly fret about their personal appearance and will find fault with themselves every time they are confronted with their reflection in a mirror. For couples the need to impress a wide range of potential suitors has gone, replaced by a sense of contentment typified by liking their partner for who they are. When body image sinks way down the list of priorities, health and general wellbeing are boosted no end.

Future goals

The trajectory of any relationship that has progressed from the find a date stage to pleasure in each other’s company will eventually arrive at this point: the respective partners are totally supportive of one another. When it comes to career aspirations and collaborating on future plans there will be total

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