Rangoli is a folk art from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. Here are Top 25+ New Kundan Floor Rangoli Design Images Collection. It’s usually made on festivals like Diwali, Onam, Pongal, Navratri and other Indian festivals also.

Rangoli is not only for the decorations of house but also its meant to make for the warm welcome of the guests and it is also thought for good luck. Design depictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area. It is traditionally done by women.Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, deity impressions, or flower and petal shapes. Nowdays Rangoli is also made with Kundan Stone. Kundan is not only beautiful as they are stitched on dress materials but also are ideal to make Beautiful Kundan Rangoli Design. Kundan Rangoli Designs can be made in any shape and size with the beautiful Kundan stones, pearls and some other decorative objects.

You can also hang this on wall or can be made on floor. It’s on your choice. Here we are sharing some Beautiful Kundan Rangoli Designs after watching these designs you can easily make them at home by yourself.


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Beautiful Kundan Rangoli Designs For Diwali

swastik shape kundan rangoli design

This beautiful Swastik Kundan Rangoli Design will surely catch your eyes. Complete Swastik is beautifully defined by an inner and outer lining of golden beads. Golden pearl boundaries are increasing the grace and beauty of this Kundan Rangoli for Diwali. Combination of Blue and Red kundan making this Kundan Rangoli more beautiful.

Golden Carry Shape Kundan Rangoli Design

traditional rangoli design

This Carry shape Kundan Rangoli is looking beautiful with the outer lining of golden beads. Center of this designs has quilled with golden flowers and its getting all the attraction of this Rangoli.

Bright Green Kundan With Pearl Rangoli Design

leaves shape kundan rangoli desigsn

Bright Circular Green Kundan Stone is used for this Rangoli which is looking very unique with the pearl outline. We love to use pearls with the kundan. In the middle circle five waterdrop shaped rhinestones in green colour are used to make a flower shape. The design is quite unique and will surely give your home a touch of colour.


Latest Pearl with Kundan Stone Rangoli Design

beautiful kundan rangoli design

Bright Green Kundan stone is covered with golden thin layers of beads and oulines are covered with white pearls.Center has making flowers with five angle golden ribbin boundary.

Special Kundan Rangoli Design For Diwali

beautiful kundan rangoli design

This Rangoli Design is special for Diwali. Center is quilled with a wax diya and outer shape is also very different. Combination of pink and blue kundan stones making this rangoli more beautiful.

New Kundan Rangoli Design

kundan rangoli design pictures

Kundan Rangoli generally made on Plastic sheets. Therefore, these can be also hanged on the walls also. This purple kundan rangoli has made with pearls of purple and white. In the center a leaves shape flower is made and outer make a different shape. In the side golden beads with blue kundan also adding the design of this Beautiful kundan Rangoli.

Gomukh Shape Kundan Rangoli Design


This Gomukh shape Kundan Rangoli design is looking very attractive. A bright blue Kundan rangoli with some hints of Pink.We love the use of small pearls to decorate the design as well as golden beads. This is one of my favorite Rangoli design, which one you like the most.

Peacock Shape Rangoli Design For Diwali

peacock kundan rangoli design

Off all the old and new kundan rangloi designs, this is my absolute favourite! This beautiful kundan rangoli design is very suitable for special occasions and will surely turn heads. We love the different types of techniques used in this Rangoli. Both the floating Kundan rangoli technique and the normal kundan technique have been used. The floating parts are used for the peacock’s feathers and multicoloured beads & an array of different hues make it a great choice for anyone.

Best Rangoli Designs

beautiful kundan rangoli designs

This kundan shaped rangoli is made in a very different shape with pink kundan and pearls giving a attractive looks. The design also has been decorated with blue pink and green beads in different shapes.Some pearl teardrop shapes are also used to decorate the whole Rangoli.


Beautiful Kundan Rangoli Design

moti beautiful rangoli design

Combination of purple kundan and white pearls looking very awesome. This Kundan Rangoli design is very easy and simple. Beginners who have not very much practice of this field, they easily can make this rangoli design.

Diya Rangoli Design
rangoli designs for diwali images

This is a unique design of the kundan rangoli collection with mainly gokmukh design and center diya is making a glow in the attractive kundan rangoli design. Adding pearl with the stones is the main thing in making rangoli to attract user.

Kundan Floating Rangoli Design

beautiful moti kundan rangoli design

This is very simple beautiful attractive easy kundan and pearl rangoli design. This rangoli design is so much easy that children can also make this Simple & Easy Rangoli Design. Center is filled with small teardrops making flowers and outline is done with golden beads.

Traditional Beautiful Rangoli design

kundan floating rangoli design

Beautiful color contrast of this rangoli design makes the simple rangoli pattern more attractive. Combination of pink, blue and green is giving traditional look to this beautiful kundan rangoli design.


Kundan Rangoli Design For Marriage

new acrylic rangoli design

Bright Blue color teardrops little kundun making flowers by joining them together.This is very simple and easy rangoli making design and also lucking a very pretty look.

Kundan Rangoli Design For Deepawali

special deepawali rangoli design

This Rangoli design is specially for Diwali. Colorful kundan with the outline of golden little beads and center space has also filled with a small glitter star shape.

Colorful Rangoli Design

diwali special kundan rangoli design

This colorful kundan rangoli design is looking very beautiful. Combination of green, blue, red and small silver kundan and golden beads are also looking very beautiful. This designs can be made on weddings or special occassions.

Floating Kundan Rangoli Design

moti kundan rangoli design

Combination of red and green is very common but gives very traditional look. Golden also giving a glittery look to the Traditional floating rangoli design. Pearls also increasing the grace of this beautiful rangoli.


Rangoli Design For Weddinggomukh_shape_kundan_rangoli_blue_stone_pics

Blue Color attracts everyone eyes. If your Rangoli theme color is blue then this Kundan Rangoli Design will be best for you.Almost all of its design has been beautifully designed with the blue shine stone and golden pearls are covering the inner lining. The bigger sized red rhinestones in the mid-circular section standout in remarkable contrast to the smaller blue stones while the red and green teardrops with a golden touch are a fine addition to this exquisite showpiece.

Rangoli Design For Tamil Wedding

kundan rangli design

Sea green color is looking very attractive and giving traditional look to this beautiful rangoli. As now there are very wide verity of prepared rangoli is available in the market. And if wedding is at your own home then there a lots of work for woman. Then you can purchase these prepared kundan rangoli from the market and it will give a beautiful and different look to your wedding home.

Silver Kundan Rangoli Design

wedding kundan rangoli design

As silver and golden are evergreen colors and also gives a very different and special look where used together.Here in this rangoli teardrops shape is making flowers. And in the center adding little teardrops kundan made a flower and outlined with silver kundan and golden beads.

Beautiful Flower Shape Kundan Rangoli Design

padma shape kundan rangoli design

Gomukh shape is made with the beautiful bright purple color tilak kundan stone.And small shape pearl is underlines with golden beads looking very beautiful.


Rangoli Design For Wedding

kalash rangoli design

This Kalash Rangoli design is for the Wedding purpose rangoli design.This design can be made on the entrance of the home or on the function place. All the colours used in this rangoli are bright and giving traditional look to this beautiful kundan rangoli.

Rangoli design Pictures Gallary

new kundan rangoli design

This beautiful Rangoli design has been made on wall as wall hanging. This design has been made with very little blue kundan and center circle flower outlined with pearls. This special Kundan rangoli design is for the wedding.

Acrylic Rangoli Design

latest rangoli design

Bright Blue kundan making mango shape with the golden outlines and center is filled with small flower shaped. Combinatio of blue, pink, sea green and golden is giving very traditional and occassional look to this kundan rangoli.

Special Diwali Rangoli Design

beautiful kundan rangoli design

This Rangoli Design is very unique and this is a very special for some occasion. Design has been made with a lots of designing materials. Silver diamond strips, blue kundan, golden beads and red green kundan also making this rangoli design beautiful.

Traditional Rangoli Design

kundan rangoli deisgn

This vibrant red kundan Rangoli looks very beautiful with its bright red shades.And Red and Green combination is evergreen designs for the traditional rangoli designs.

Beautiful Rangoli design Wallpaper

red kundan rangoli design for diwali

This is one of my favorites rangoli design. White pearl are looking fabulous with the golden beads outlining. Center quilled with small teardrops making a flowers and at the corner its making a half flower. Overall designs is looking very special for the occasions.

All the designs are very beautiful and specially for wedding and diwali. Hope you will like all of them and made theem on the special occassions. I here declared which one is my favourite..you can also share with us by writing comments below.