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150+Questions To Ask A Guy{Best, Funny, Interesting, Flirty, Good, Dirty, Awkward, Random}

Break the Ice! If you want to know someone these questions will really help you. Boys are generally introvert. So, if you want to just have a good conversation or wants to know him then surely these questions will be helpful for you.

The best things about this article are I have shared all kind of categories either they are best, funny, interesting, good, awkward and some random questions also. These questions can be just fun for you and will unlock some of your hidden secrets.

Get ready to know what your man thinks about you in a really very funny and interesting way!

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150+ Questions To Ask A Guy

A good communication is the first step to making any relationship stronger. For a happy and successful relationship, communication plays a major role. Communication includes a better way to ask questions to each other. The more you know about each other, the more relationship bond will be stronger. Many of the time it happens when you meet someone for the first time after one or two questions you become blank that what to ask. And when you come back, you realize that you want to ask many things but you forgot. So, these question will help you to solve this problem. Have a look at these questions before going to meet someone.

Let’s Start! Questions To Ask A Boy

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As we will divide this section wise. So, first, we will start with Best Questions To Ask A Boy.

  1. Which one is your favourite movie?
  2. What are your favourite sports to watch or play?
  3. If you had a time machine, would you go back in the past future? If yes, then what thing you wants to change of that time?
  4. What are your hobbies or interest?
  5. Who is your role model?
  6. Do you like reading? Which book do you like the most?
  7. Who is your favourite author?
  8. What is your favourite gaming platform?
  9. Which type of food do you like the most?
  10. Which type of music do you like the most?
  11. Are you a night person or a day person?
  12. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  13. Do you like to play chess?
  14. Which do you like the most Tea or Coffee?
  15. Can you cook?
  16. Which is your favourite holiday spot?
  17. What does your family think about you?
  18. Which is your favourite car?
  19. Do you have any pet peeves?
  20. Which animal do you find the most beautiful?
  21. How is your relationship with your family?
  22. What are your biggest turn-offs?
  23. How do you feel about women’s rights?
  24. If you came to know that you would die in a week then what all would you do?
  25. The best gift you have ever received yet?

Funny Questions To Ask A Guy

funny questions

  1. Which make you smile?
  2. What kind of things really make you laugh?
  3. What is your’s funniest childhood memory?
  4. What childish thing do you still like?
  5. If you were a DJ, what would it be named?
  6. What is the most fun thing that you can do in your backyard?
  7. Which TV reality show do you like the most to see?
  8. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done in your life?
  9. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  10. Which emoji is more crucial to your life?

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy


  1. Would you like to talk me at night if you are like feeling dead sleepy?
  2. Did you ever crush on any of your teacher or any other woman?
  3. Have you ever dated two or more girls at the same time?
  4. What would you like to plan on Valentines Day for your girlfriend?
  5.  If I ask to dedicate a song to me, which will you like to?
  6. Do you like using props in the bedroom?
  7. What you think are you a good kisser?
  8. How do you like a body massage from a girl?
  9. According to you, which body part of girl you like the most?
  10. How old were you, when you lost your virginity?
  11. If we were dating how would you celebrate our first anniversary?
  12. Have you ever been attracted to another man?
  13. Do you like being tied up?
  14. Have you ever sex at the office after everyone had gone home?
  15. What physical feature of a girl do you like?

Interesting Questions To Ask A Boy

  1. Do you believe love at first site?
  2. Which one is your favourite honeymoon destination?
  3. Describe yourself in just 3 words.
  4. What is the craziest thing that you have done in your life?
  5. Who is your favourite crush?
  6. What is your favourite place in the entire world?
  7. What is your favourite movie of all time and why?
  8. What is your biggest goal in life?
  9. What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?
  10. If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it and why?
  11. Which movie can you watch over and over and never get tired of?
  12. Where do your thoughts go when you are alone with nothing to do for a long time?
  13. If you could only drink one alcoholic beverage for the rest of your life what would it be?
  14. When do you tell a girl you love her?
  15. What do you notice first when you meet a girl?

Awkward Questions To Ask A Guy

  1. What should I know about you that I’d never think to ask about?
  2. If you could live anywhere, where it would be?
  3. While in school, do you ever cheat on a test?
  4. What’s the worst and the best thing about being male?
  5. Do you judge girls by their looks?
  6. How hard do you stalk girls on social media pages?
  7. What’re your thoughts on the padded bra?
  8. Where do guys go for relationship advice?
  9. How long should you date before doing sex?
  10. Do you sing while taking a bath?
  11. Is there someone with your past to whom you missed a lot?
  12. Have you ever sexting?
  13. What do you think which idea can make a good foreplay?
  14. According to you, what define sexy women?
  15. What is your favourite romantic activity?

Random Questions To Ask A Boy

questions to ask a guy

  1. What about you makes to proud to be you?
  2. How many phones have you broken or lost?
  3. What are you tired of hearing about?
  4. Do believe there is life on other planets?
  5. Who has completely lost your respect?
  6. Do you feel it comfortable?Can I check your web history?
  7. How would your friends describe you?
  8. What do you think of selfies girls post on social media?
  9. Can a guy and girl be just friends?
  10. What do you do with your friends?
  11. Why do guys just disappear or ghost instead of talking to a girl when they are not interested anymore?
  12. Do you have any tattoo?
  13. Do you have any piercings?
  14. Do you believe in horoscope?
  15. Do you like summer or winters?
  16. What makes you relax?
  17. Have you ever been in jail?
  18. How often do you drink alcohol?
  19. Have you ever tried drugs?
  20. So you smoke?
  21. What animal best represents your personality?
  22. For what you think you are good at but you are actually not?
  23. Have you ever cried in a movie?
  24. Do you snore while sleeping?
  25. Do you like to go to spas and salons?

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

dirty questions to ask a guy

  1. Have you ever been caught naked by someone?
  2. With whom you have done your first kiss?
  3. Why are guys obsessed with boobs?
  4. What do you really want to do on a date?
  5. What makes a girl dateable versus a fling?
  6. Does sex on a first date means she is not girlfriend material?
  7. What celebrity do you think are hot and why?
  8. What is the sexiest thing a girl has ever done for you?
  9. When did you get your first kiss?
  10. What was your best kiss?
  11. What was your worst kiss?
  12. Do you enjoy food with sex?
  13. Would you ever visit a nude beach?
  14. Do you ever have a threesome?
  15. Do you like to play with sex toys?
  16. What is your favourite sex position?
  17. What is your favourite place for sex?
  18. What was worst place you ever had sex?
  19. Do you prefer a woman in lingerie?
  20. Where do you like to kiss a woman?
  21. Do you like morning sex?
  22. What is your darkest fantasy?
  23. do you think you know how to pleasure a girl?
  24. Which part of girl’s body do you think best for the tattoo?
  25. Have you ever suffered an injury due to sex?

Hope you will gonna love this article. And I will update this article regularly. So, whenever you will open this, you will get a new collection of questions. so keep checking these regular gals!


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