Top 10+ Best Honey Brands In India 2018

Top Brands Of Honey In India

Honey Quintessence of purity and sweetness wraps your taste and health with comfort. This organic ‘Sweet’ is thick in texture and golden in color composed of natural nutrients. Its called ‘Shahad’ in Hindi. The wonderful creation is very useful in curing sore throat, cough and cold problems, healing allergies and managing human body weight. It’s not a compulsion to intake this sweet medicine but on wholesome it is good for health if consumed in any form.

It’s always ravishing for me to dip my finger in the organic honey bottle and lick it. The good quality honey is enriched with the nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and is antiseptic with lesser calories. It can be used in place of sugar to enhance the taste of dish or milk. Natural honey has high moisturizing and nourishing properties to make skin shiny and beautiful.

Coming to pick the right organic brand of honey which maintains the naturality and taste of the product. There are numerous brands in India offering the honey products, in the market but we have to go ahead to discover the best brands and what effects their natural product has on our health.

1. Dabur HoneyDabur Honey

When counting the best honey brands in India you just can’t-miss ‘Dabur’ a world leader in Ayurveda. Dabur India Ltd was founded by SK Burman in 1884. The Dabur honey is one of the best selling product of the brand for its challenging purity. Most of the buyers love to purchase honey of Dabur brand for its affordable prices and high quality and purity. The product is useful in managing weight, getting relief from a cough and throat irritation. More on the product is included in the diet gives you strength, energy, and healthy life. This edible product when taken in warm water flaunts your skin glowing or when applied on the skin with lemon makes your skin shiny soft.

Price: Rs 189/500g

2. Patanjali HoneyPatanjali Honey

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd the fastest growing FMCG company of India was established by Baba Ramdev in 2006. The company headquarters are based near Haridwar, specialized in manufacturing herbal and mineral products in the footsteps of Ayurvedic principles. The company produces best organic and ayurvedic products setting an example of good coordination of ancient wisdom with modern technology. The pure honey from the farms of Patanjali has rich nutrients like fructose, vitamins, minerals and also the properties of mild laxative and antiseptic.

Price: Rs 133/500g

3. Baidyanath MadhuBaidyanath Honey

Sri Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan has made its strong identity for producing Ayurvedic medicines in India on large scale. From the best selling products of this oldest company honey is the one always loved by the purchasers. The Himalayas and the Sunderban forests are the main sources of honey production for the company. The pure and quality honey is produced and checked under supervisors. Without negotiating with the purity the product is packed under proper hygienic conditions.

Price: Rs 179/500g

4. Little Bee Honey

Little Bee Honey

Little Bee is a famous stakeholder in the FMCG market for producing a wide range of products. The specialty of this quality product is the honey extracted by hands in the organic farms which is the epitome of purity. Natural Honey, Premium Honey, Nuts in Honey, Bulk Honey and organic honey are some of the variations produced by the manufacturer.

Price: Rs 600/500g

5. Himflora Gold HoneyHimflora Gold Honey

The attractive and unique flavors of Of Himflora Gold Honey made him the winner of ” The Most Delicious Honey Award” in 1994. Specially sourced from the bee farms of the Himalayas the product is available with floral extracts in honey products such as litchi, tangy flowers, and white Kashmiri honey. The divine honey is loved by its users for its unique and fruity taste.

Price: Rs 195/500g

6. Himalaya Forest Honey

Himalaya Forest Honey

The Himalaya Forest Honey claims to be 100% pure without having added sugar and preservatives. This rich quality honey extracted from the forests of the Himalayas is preferred for healing allergies, curing cough and cold instantly. To bring strength and glowy health use this hygienic Himalayan Forest Honey with milk or lime juice on daily basis.

Price: Rs 85/250g

7. Organica Honey

Organica Organic Forest Honey

Organica is not an age-old brand, it came into existence in 2009. The company based in Delhi provides pure extracts of honey from the forests of Uttaranchal. The 100% pure Organica Organic Forest Honey is a healthy substitute for sugar. Organica Honey when mixed with Ayurvedic Medicines they are easily absorbed and work better and fast. To maintain potency level and get the glowy shiny skin to add the intake of honey to your daily diet.

Price: Rs 249/400g

8. Beez Honey

Beez Honey

Beez Honey is the biggest supplier of honey in India at very cheapest cost. The brand produces the best honey, of the world in a laboratory less with world-class equipment maintaining the nutritional values. Beez Honey is considered a land of honey and is one of the trusted brands for honey buyers. The loved brand of India for honey production provides premium quality honey worldwide infused with the richness of nutrients. The hygienic honey packagings are available in various sizes and packs.

Price: Rs 70/100g

9. Hitkari Honey

Hitkari Honey

The quality of products from Hitkari Pharmacy goes well with the name ‘Hitkari’ meaning beneficial. Yes, the quality honey processed by the pharmacy from the finest locations is very beneficial for health and in curing cough & cold. The biggest characteristics of their honey are its purity and add on it’s not containing antibiotics and other preservatives.

Price: Rs 252/500g

10. Al Shifa Honey

Al Shifa Honey

Al Shifa a brand from Arabs Sunbulha Group offers premium products of various food categories. The brand has been in existence for more than 30 years, they collect the finest honey from nature and bring to your doorstep in its pure original form. Al Shifa is standard certified by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO) and produces 100%, natural honey. From the best locations all around the world, the brand serves more than 35 nations including India. The quality enriched natural honey of the brand is a little expensive as compared to other Indian brands. Natural Al Shifa, Black Forest Honey, and Al Shifa Acacia Honey are some of the variants provided by the brand. You can purchase this exotic honey from, various online retailers.

Price: Rs 750/500g

11. Natural Mantra Honey

Natural Mantra Honey

Natural Mantra is one-stop shop famous for the production of various organic, ayurvedic, eco-friendly and natural products. The quality of the organic honey by Natural Mantra is its identity, people love the consumption of this organic product for their health betterment. Vedic Delite Organic Raw Honey from the brand has antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can feel the amazing effects of this organic honey on your body in just a few days when you start consuming it.

Price: Rs 300/500g

12. Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu is one of the leading brands in the province of ayurvedic medicines. Besides selling pure organic honey in several sizes the brand provides a full-fledged range of organic products. Zandu honey trusted by users for its naturality and purity. The product is easily available on almost all the leading e-commerce stores of India.

Price: Rs 100/100g


Health Benefits of Organic Pure Honey

  • Heals wounds and ulcers.
  • Honey taken with ginger juice mix soothes the sour throat and cures a cough.
  • Effectively replenish the skin texture and enhances skin quality.
  • Taken in daily routine with milk stimulates brain functioning.
  • 1-2 tsp of taken with lukewarm lemon water in the early morning helps to control obesity.
  • Provides protection against germs and bacteria.
  • Deals effectively with digestion problems and cure constipation.
  • A natural energy source with nutritional values of iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous and riboflavin and is safe for all age groups.Best Honey Brands In India

The list of best honey brands is formulated above on the basis of personal opinion and research, it may vary according to others perception.

Stay healthy, energized and toned balanced life with one tablespoon of honey in your daily diet routine!


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