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Top 10 Best Clip In Hair Extensions- Review(Complete Buyer’s Guide)

Hair extensions enhance the beauty of your hair and let you have the perfect updo you wish to have for yourself. Choosing the right kind of hair extension is essential because there are many high priced hair extensions that come with a lower quality. There are many factors you need to look into to get the right kind of hair extension.

Women who wish to have long hair and the hairdo that suits them on any occasion, faux hair is your best bet. You can choose from a few hair extension options that suit your hair. Best clip in hair extension 2017 is the option you can choose if you have strong hair and experience no hair fall. The hair extension you choose must suit your hair color, texture, and overall styling of the hair. Before buying one for yourself, looking into the factors mentioned here so you can buy the one that suits you.

Types of Hair Extensions

Type in hair extensions

  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Fusion hair extensions
  • Micro link hair extensions
  • Braided Weft hair extensions

Women who need to use hair extensions and have coarse and thick hair can go for Keratin or the hot fusion type of hair extension. They last for 6 months without sliding out. This is useful for those who use hair extensions daily. They have a stronger grip and you need the assistance of a professional to fuse the extensions to your hair. If you want to find out the best brands for hair extensions, you can check out a best clip in hair extension review. In a single session, it takes 7-8 hours to fuse the faux hair to the hairline.

Cold fusion is the hair extension method where heat is not used and the strands of hair are taken and locked in using beads. This is also suitable for hair that is thick and coarse and lasts for 6 months. The tape in hair extensions is the easiest and the most preferred methods of using hair extensions. It takes only 60 minutes to tape in the hair extensions to get long hair and does not cause any damage to the hair. The glue-in method is ideal for one-time use as the hair extension stays until the time you take a shower. Not suitable for long-term use.

Sew-in extensions are not recommended as headaches are experienced due to tight braiding and are not ideal for those who prefer different hairstyles.

Myths about Hair Extensions

One of the most common myths that are widely believed about hair extension is the cost. People think that hair extensions cost a million dollars, but they are available at knock-off prices as well. The price varies for different brands.

The best clip in hair extension brand is umpteen. The choice of brand is totally an individual call. Yet another myth about hair extensions is that they damage the hair. This is not true if as long as they are fused using the correct method and done by a professional. You can check online reviews to find out the best hair extension brand to buy.

Hair extensions look natural and it is a myth that onlookers will come to know that you are wearing faux hair. As long as you buy hair extension made from human hair, your hair is going to look natural. Hair extensions do not stop hair growth but promote it. You learn to take proper care and maintain them. You can also check out Sally beauty supply clip in hair extensions and many other products listed here to buy the best brand of hair extensions that suit you.

Best Clip In Hair Extension Brands

1. Babe Hair Extensions

This is one of the best brands from where you can buy hair extensions and toolkits and accessories for hair extensions. You get to choose from more than 30 shades of hair color. Every category of hair extension is listed on their website with description and procedure to use the selected hair extension. Shampoos and other hair extension care products are also available for purchase.

2. Balmain Hair Extensions

Those who use hair extensions of different colors and styles can check out this brand. Most of the hair extensions are made with human hair and are priced at an affordable cost starting from 30 Euros. They are available for a purchase online. Free shipping option is available for a purchase that is above 50 Euros. Hair extensions in various colors and hairstyles are available for hair of all sizes and textures.

3. Klix Hair Extensions

Klix is a hair extension brand that is 30 years old. They innovated the weft system of hair extensions that runs from temple-to-temple ensuring that the natural hairline stays intact and there is no hair loss caused by the natural system of hair. You can also check out my fantasy hair reviews to know about the best brand of hair extensions that suit you. All types of hair extensions are available with this brand. Those who want to opt for semi-permanent, as well as permanent hair extensions, can purchase from this brand.

4. Easihair Pro

This is a brand for hair extensions that are older than 2 decades. They sell all types of hair extensions in remy human hair, along with hair accessories and hair pieces. The hair extensions by this brand add to the volume of the hair. They also offer hair treatments that are volumizing and provide training to salon professionals. They also offer alcohol-free hair products that are effective to clean and maintain hair extensions.

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5. Cinderella Hair

Cinderella hair is a hair extension brand that sells hair extensions of short, medium, and long hair in organic and European textures. You can also find bonding extensions and stripes with this brand. Color tones and variant textures in maximum variety are available with this brand.

6. Donna Bella Hair

Those looking for a no glue extension and the one with flat tips and remy human hair can go for this brand. You can get hair extensions for hair of all lengths, colors, and textures. You can also find hair extensions for straight, curly, and wavy hair. You can check out the swatch card for colors available on their official website, before placing an order.

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Hair extension care tools and accessories are available for a purchase online.

Kera-link tools are also available that can save you a lot of money and help you get professional hair bonding in the comfort of your home. All the instructions to use the tools and kits and shipped along with the products.

7. Great Lengths

Colored hair extensions can be used by women who do not want to color their hair. Great lengths are one of the most popular brands for hair extensions that provide the wide range of hair strands and color, with different cuts and textures. Those looking to get a funky look can go for this brand. Hair strands of 20 to 100 sets are available for people to buy. They are available with standard thickness with length available from 40 cms to 45 cms.

8. Hotheads

You can get a pack of 12 or 20 pieces of hair extensions in various colors and textures. Those looking for a natural color and length for a hair extension can count on this brand. These are the array of colors that naturally blend with the hairline. Micro strands are also available for those who prefer the updo style. Fantasy hair extensions in rainbow colors are also available.

Color Melts are also available that beautifully blend two colors together. Pastels, fantasy colors, color melts, rooted colors, reds, blondes, silvers, and natural colors are available with this brand. Hairwear and patches are available to increase the volume and fill in the hair patches on the scalp.

9. Ultratress

With this brand, you can find hair wefts, hair links, and full-length hair extensions in various colors and textures. These are Remy human hair. 31 different shades of hair extensions are available with this hair. They come with hair extensions whose application and removal of hair extensions is quick and easy. You don’t have to worry about hair getting damaged the adhesive used is medically approved. These hair extensions are pre-bonded. They can be used for highlights, lowlights, and all kinds of versatile hair styling.

10. Halo Hair Extensions

This is the brand to go with if you need clip-in hair extensions in a variety of sizes and lengths. Available in most of the popular shades, these are the hair extensions that sold along with the hanger. You can find hair extensions that are blonde, copper, regular colors, and a blend of two colors available with this brand. Micro-loops, ponytails, tape-ins, and deluxe clip-ins are available with this brand.

11. Hersheson’s

From a maintenance standpoint, bangs are the one hairstyle we love to hate and hate to love. Whether you prefer a side-swept pair or a blunt cut, they look amazing, but the upkeep can be a royal pain. Adding a sharp dimension to hair gives super sexy look, rest assured the product is as easy to put in as it is to take out.

You don’t always need to be Cinderella to extend your natural length.For women with short to medium hair Euronext’s 14-inch extension is plenty.These extensions weigh just 70 grams without clips and are very thin, these are lightweight alternatives that feels and looks natural by adding just the right amount of volume to your hairstyle.

13. Bellami

Kylie Jenner held domineer alternating hairstyles, and fans took a liking to her impressive teal locks. Piling color and length,  Jenner teamed up with hair accessories brand Bellami to produce 20-inch, teal ombre clip-in extensions. The exclusive branded designs developed are 100% Remy human hair and 50% thinner than the average hair extension, and is available in every hair color, from beach blonde to jet black.

Most of the brands use Remy human hair to make hair extensions. While some combine synthetic fibers along with Remy human hair to create extensions. Clip-ins are one of the most popular and easiest ways to use hair extensions, for long-term as well as short-term use. Always dry the hair extension before using them. You can also cut them to any length that you want but, you must understand that the changes you make to the length of the hair extensions are permanent. They are not going to re-grow in their length like natural hair does.

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