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Munshi Premchand Short Stories in Hindi – Download PDF and Doc. File

Munshi Premchand was an honoured Indian Writer who is world famous for his Excellence in Hindustani Literature. Born in 1880 as Dhanpat Rai, later known as Premchand, has been referred to as “upanyas Samrat” by his fellow writers. Here are Munshi Premchand Stories In Hindi.

He has written more than 10 novels, around 250 short stories and innumerable essays because of which he is among the most known Writers in the Indian History. Munshi Premchand Short Stories has always been a treat to read for the kids and even for the adults who actually loves short stories. Today we have come up with Munshi Premchand Short Stories in Hindi and their pdf files so that you can download them now and read later whenever you have time.

Here are the most popular and most read stories of Munshi Premchand And Short Stories By Munshi Premchand because it is not possible to bring all the stories in one post, but we assure to bring all in the upcoming posts.

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मुंशी प्रेमचंद की कहानियाँ

You can download and read Munshi Premchand Short Stories In Hindi here :

  1. Eidgaah – ईदगाह
  2. Kafan – कफ़न
  3. Gurumantra – गुर मंत्र
  4. Ghar Jamai – घर जमाई
  5. Chamatkar – चमत्कार
  6. Jhanki – झांकी
  7. Daroga Ji – दारोगा जी
  8. Doodh Ka Daam – दूध का दाम
  9. Naya Vivah – नया विवाह
  10. Bade Bhai Sahab – बड़े भाई साहब
  11. Balak – बालक
  12. Bhoot – भूत
  13. Maa – माँ
  14. Mata Ka Hriday – माता का ह्रदय
  15. Lottery – लाटरी

Here are some very famous and most read Munshi Premchand Stories in Hindi which You can download and read whenever possible.Munshi Premchand Stories are so moralistic and interesting to read that when you read you automatically get involved in this and a picturization is made of these stories.So, go ahead and Download Munshi Premchand Stories or Munshi Premchand Ki Kahaniyan right here.

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