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Read Up On The Many Forms Of Marijuana And How They Are Consumed

Marijuana has been in circulation for thousands of years, with its consumption rapidly rising over time. The public has been familiarized with the drug due to a legalization effort. 

More and more states in the US are legalizing its growth and use. Hence, people are seeking interest in cannabis, and thus intend to know how to consume its different forms.

Forms of Marijuana and Their Consumption

1. Traditional leaves 

This form of marijuana is for those who intend to stick with the typical, traditional marijuana experience. People can consume dull marijuana leaves, stems, and buds. 

These parts of marijuana contain active chemicals that interact with the brain receptors and cause a potent high. There are many ways to use marijuana leaves. 

Marijuana bits are to be rolled into cigarettes to be smoked. The bits can also be smoked via a specially designed water pipe, and the vapors can then be inhaled. Marijuana bits can also be placed into empty cigarettes and cigars, and smoked.

This method, however, has a downside. It comes with a distinctive scent that disperses rapidly. Smokers can get caught as the smell is very profound and pungent.

2. Powdered leaves 

Smokers intend to keep bits intact when smoking marijuana through a cigarette or pipe. 

When the fragments are tiny, they often scatter, and that wastes the drug. However, some people want marijuana drug to be smaller. They then put marijuana through a grinding process. 

That powder is used in edible marijuana products, including ice creams, cookies, and candies. This powder then delivers the marijuana punch, but still retains the silky feel in the mouth.

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3. Hashish 

People who don’t want to deal with the mess of a traditional leaf-based marijuana product stick with hashish. 

This product contains a sticky resin of the marijuana plant. That resin is then sold in chunks or dried and pressed into balls or cakes. 

That glob of hashish can be shoved into a pipe or bong and eventually smoked. Since hashish lacks inactive organic ingredients, including leaf cellulose, it is regarded as a more robust version of marijuana and produces an intense smell.

4. Tea or juice 

Marijuana works excellent after coming in contact with the lungs but is also beneficial for the digestive system, including the stomach. 

Teas and juices help push the active ingredient in marijuana in the body, without the involvement of smoke. Teas and juices also don’t involve much odor, hence can be easily masked.

However, this method is not very efficient. The drug can take an hour-long to manifest and last for 8 hours. That could lead to incapacitation in people, disrupting their daily tasks like driving, working, or taking care of the children. 

5. Tincture 

This is yet another excellent form of marijuana and is growing in popularity among people with medical conditions. 

People might be convinced with its medicinal benefits but might not wanna smoke it. A tincture still helps to deliver the same power of the drug, without any lung irritation.

A typical tincture can be prepared by pure glycerin and marijuana leaves and can be consumed as a drink. The taste might be off and not very tempting; however, the power of the drug stays in the drink.

This form of consumption is like tea and juice, where the process can be difficult to speed up or put to a halt. A tincture affects the person for an extended period.

6. Honey butane oil 

This marijuana does not contain any honey but is yellowish and glossy, like honey. This drug is prepared by evaporating Butane using a screen of marijuana. 

The remnant residue comprises of Butane and honey that can be smoked using a pipe or a vaporizer.

According to Get Smart About Drugs, honey butane oil contains 40-80 percent THC (a highly potent ingredient in marijuana) where standard marijuana cigarettes have only 15-20 percent THC . 

Due to the high levels of intoxication, this version of marijuana is hazardous. The drug is immensely powerful, with there being no antidote or serum to stop the high when it hits. 

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7. Shatter 

This form of marijuana is created through extraction. Producers run a solvent, namely, Butane or propane, through the buds of marijuana.

After the successful completion, a substance is left behind, which is then spread on a sheet and left there to cool and dry up.

The sheet is then broken into shards to be sold separately. The shattered pieces are believed to contain about 80 percent THC .

 People who are involved with this form of marijuana need a specialized bong with a bowl or nail on one end. That piece is then ignited and heated with a butane torch to vaporize the glass. 

The high induced is immensely overwhelming, but can also be lethal and dangerous if not controlled.

8. Wax 

Marijuana extractions can be tweaked and made into anything you want, like something firmer and somewhat like wax. 

These products are meant to be smoked. It has been shown that wax can be 20-30 times more high inducing compared to the standard marijuana formulations. 

This form of marijuana can thus be addictive and extremely dangerous. Wax products contain byproducts of their constituent solvents. 

Butane present in marijuana extracts is significantly damaging to the brain. Not just Butane, but any of the other solvents implemented in the production of marijuana’s versions can be toxic.

Final Words

Marijuana legalization has been a topic of national debate as people often demand more proof of the health benefits. People want to know more about their consumption and use.

All the research conducted on the aftermath of smoking weed, marijuana does way more good than harm.

It has also been linked with the better functioning of the body, both physiologically and psychologically. It alleviates trauma, appeases anger, and induces happiness.

While the legalization of marijuana is still not approved throughout the US, numerous scientific explanations have proven its benefits to the people.

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