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Prepaway – Ace Your Cisco 300-135 Exam and Get CCNP R&S Certification

Passing any Cisco certification exam is not an easy task. It calls for thorough preparation and practice. The Cisco 300-135 exam is one among the three tests you should pass to get your CCNP Routing and Switching (R&S) certification. The rest exams include 300-101 and 300-115. This credential is of the professional level and is designed for those candidates that have set the goal to advance their skills in networking and be able to solve the tasks that include implementing complex network solutions. This certification is intended mostly for network engineers, systems engineers, and support technicians.

Still, this article is devoted to 300-135 test, so you’ll know how to pass it on your first try. This exam may not contain as many questions as the other two but it also requires special attention to enhance your chances of passing it successfully.This article provides you with the tips to ace your Cisco 300-135 exam and get the CCNP R&S certification for sure.


  • Understand Exam Requirement and Scope  


If you are going to ace your test at the first attempt, you need to know in good time what to expect so that you can prepare effectively. Basically, the main focus of Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam is troubleshooting and maintenance of Cisco routed and switched IP networks on an enterprise setup. Upon successful completion and passing this exam, one should be able to plan and perform maintenance procedures even on complex networks. They will also have the skills for applying network troubleshooting technology in accordance with ITIL standards.

Candidates are presented with 15 to 25 questions that they should answer within 120 minutes. The exam is available in English and Japanese. You can access the exam and Cisco’s Official Learning Lab on Pearson VUE at a price of $300. It is recommended that candidates interested in this certification should have networking skills equivalent to those attained in the CCNA or CCIE credential.


  • Prepare Adequately


Now that you know what to expect, it’s important to plan your time well so that you can cover the required topics. You could choose to take instructor-led online classes or register with a Cisco certified training center within your area for physical classroom lessons. Another study option is on-demand e-learning offered by Cisco and some training partners. This alternative is good for people who are interested in a self-paced study.


  • Leverage Available Preparation Materials


You may come across many resources when preparing for your exam. But you need to be keen on selecting reputable materials only. Cisco offers both free and paid study materials for the TSHOOT course. You might also consider books published by Cisco Press, the only body certified by Cisco to publish exam preparation materials for their certification programs.

Don’t forget practice tests and Cisco Learning Labs for your practical lessons. There is also Cisco’s Learning Community, which hosts students and professionals in the industry. They frequently share great insights about passing exams for different certifications, and the CCNP R&S is among them.

Cisco’s materials aren’t the only option for you. In fact, they could be costly and complementing them with cost-friendly options like those fromPrepAway, ExamCollection, ExamSnap, YouTube, and Amazon is helpful. For instance, on Amazon, you can find study guides and practice questions in the form of Ebooks and videos. On the other hand, PrepAway and ExamSnap offer study guides, exam dumps, and simulation tools that can be purchased separately or as an exam bundle. In addition, they provide useful articles on how to pass any certification exam successfully, so checking these resourceswill be helpful for you.


  • Join a Study Group


This is a golden tip that has worked even for candidates preparing for their primary level exams. Why not try it for your Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam? The good thing about discussions in study groups is that you get new insights on a concept. Insights that you would never fathom on your own. Also, discussions enable concepts to stick in your mind and make it easier to remember during exams.

In a study group, you can ask questions or divide topics so that members can do research and share the answers in your next meeting. This saves you time since you won’t have to do everything on your own. So, consider forming such a group and inviting your classmates. For those learning online, check Cisco Learning Center and choose a virtual study group that is relevant to your certification.


  • Be Thorough with Practice and Self-testing


Self-testing helps you to discover the areas that you still need to work at. Use the exam questions and Lab testing tools to assess your skills. Cisco provides practice questions that are based on the certification curriculum. Other resources such as PrepAway and ExamSnap compile test questions and answers picked from previous exams. This enhances your chances of finding questions that you may come across in the real exam.   

Networking is a very practical field and Cisco’s exam is not just theoretical but also designed to test practical skills. You will come across lab tests simulating real-life network issues or scenarios. These questions require you to troubleshoot and come up with the best possible solution.

To make sure you are ready, consider using Cisco Learning Labs for TSHOOTto prepare for your exam. This all-lab set goes for $100 and provides you with the iOS software developed for Cisco and Authorized Training Partner learning products, guided learning instructions, and practice lab questions.


Still wondering whether you really need the CCNP R&S Certification? If you are serious about your networking career and want to show it to your employers and peers, you should consider this certification. Furthermore, this credential can open better job opportunities with great companies such as AT&T Inc., Inc., World Wide Technology, Inc., and others. It will also boost your paycheck. The average annual pay for a CCNP certified professional is $93K. Use the above tricks to make sure you pass your Cisco 300-135 exam at the first attempt. Use the materials provided by Cisco and optional reliable platforms, such as PrepAway and ExamSnap, and may success attend you!

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