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10 Latest Mangalsutra Designs in Gold

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra is a proud fashion statement for every married Hindu woman which has been evolved from a tradition and is a mandatory ornament. Going with the name mangalsutra itself reveals the divine meaning ” pious connection ” that is a pure love connection between husband and wife.

The auspicious thread is tied around the neck of the bride on the wedding day which she carries throughout her life.

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Tying mangalsutra is the sacred custom of Hindu wedding without which the pious ritual is considered incomplete. There are wide varieties of the pious mangalsutra designs available according to the tradition and custom. The symbol of marital dignity and chastity embossed with diamond, black beads, pearls and floral motifs gives a royal pretty look to Indian brides. Indian marriage is associated with carrying traditional rituals, jewelry, and clothes, and woman epitomizes this age-old Indian culture carrying whole her life as a mangalsutra.

The auspicious thread over the years has seen many evolutions in designs. Here I am sharing some latest heart stealing designs of mangalsutra have a look which you will like to wear on as a newly wedded bride or on upcoming rituals.

1. Pearl Mangalsutra

Latest Stunning Mangalsutra Designs For Woman/ Pearl Mangalsutra

Pearls are the main compliments in making fashion jewelry. The antique mangalsutras embodied with pearls are always delicate in designs. Pearl is highly loved by women as it suits all kinds of Indian and Western attire. The stones or beads studded around the pearls gives the mangalsutra an amazing appearance. The pearl embossed pendant hanging in the single string of gold and black beads give a modern fashionable look enhancing the beauty of the mangalsutra.

2. Coral Mangalsutra

Latest Stunning Mangalsutra Designs For Woman/ Coral Mangalsutra

The exquisite mangalsutra design is highly inspired by coral beads. The married women of coastal region love to wear coral mangalsutra, especially the newlyweds of Konkan region. The strand of the mangalsutra is commonly made of gold and black beads but the pendant pattern is different from other mangalsutra designs. The elegant pendant comprises of red coral beads and pearls, these red flora beads are widely used by brides of coastal region to welcome their luck after marriage. The lightweight beautiful mangalsutra bond can be carried with any kind of dress.

3. Thali Mangalsutra

Latest Stunning Mangalsutra Designs For Woman/Thali Mngalsutra

Simple yet elegant design of thali mangalsutra come from South Indian tradition. The pious mangalsutra is made out of a simple yellow string having three knots and a gold pendant. The gold pendant crafted with auspicious designs and religious symbols is assumed to be lucky for a newly wedded bride. For any Hindu ritual, haldi or turmeric is regarded very auspicious, so a small piece of haldi is added to the yellow string. The pure bibelot strengthens a bond of love, trust, and respect between the couple.

4. Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

Maharashtrain Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is a mandatory jewelry for every bride, and a wedding is incomplete without mangalsutra tying ritual. The vintage style Maharashtrian mangalsutra is also famous as ‘vati’. A Maharashtrian bride loves the auspicious ornament composed of a double gold chain, one simple and the other beaded with two small gold pendants in the middle traditionally. The two pendants or gold beads in the middle symbolizes the bride’s maternal and in-laws home, it also represents a strong bond between both the families.

5. Queen Pendant Mangalsutra

Queen Pendant Mangalsutra

The Queen pendant mangalsutra design is inspired by the royal motif crafted exclusively as a large pendant for queens. For Maharani outlook brides opt for the pattern in the latest designs and styles.

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The mangalsutra has a big circular or oval pendant crafted with floral and beads motif hanging in a three or four string black beaded gold chain. The exclusive mangalsutra exudes royalty from every angle. This heavy design mangalsutra is the best gift for the newly wedded bride from the groom side to give her a feel of princes.

6. Royal Mangalsutra

Royal Mangalsutra

Going with the name royal Mangalsutra have a royal design and heavyweight gold pattern. The sophisticated mangalsutras are designed and decorated with chains of gold and auspicious black beads alternatively. In the middle of the chain, the gold pendant embossed with beads, meenakari, and stones, is placed. The symbol of love, purity, and trust among couples is cherished by brides and woman to wear.

7. Ruby Mangalsutra

Ruby Mangalsutra

The shine and glamour of ruby attract the pretty dames. Mangalsutra designed in modern patterns are inspired by special stones like ruby, getting such precious stone in your Mangalsutra is like an icing on the cake. Ruby in the charming pendant surrounded with sparkling diamonds looks very attractive. So either you wear western dresses or traditional sarees this Mangalsutra goes well with every outfit.

8. Emerald Mangalsutra

Emrald Mangalsutra

Emerald the favorite gemstone of every being gives stunning look even when worn on a simple outfit. Emerald embossed designs generally have a single or double string with a beautiful pendant in the middle. Emerald in the cute pendant of wavy string gives a distinctive glamorous look. The green color of the stone looks fab on westerns or ethnics whatever the outfit you are wearing.

9. Sunflower Mangalsutra

Sunflower Mangalsutra

For conventional occasions sometimes you need to wear something graceful yet ethnic. The sunflower design made out of pure gold sculptured with meenakari or embossed with gold or white pearls or stones looks royal. The enthralling pendant is carried in a string which is a combination of black beads intertwined in the gold chain at a gap with the cold plain chain. The royal and classy Mangalsutra is the nice pick with patola sarees for pooja or upcoming rituals.

10. Rajasthani Mangalsutra

Rajasthani Mangalsutra

Married women of Rajasthan usually wear an ethnic designed Mangalsutra. Rajasthani traditional design of Mangalsutra is a bit different from others. Basically, the string of Mangalsutra is designed with black beads, normally the ornament composes of more than one string. A gold choker in the center with the small pendants on both the sides studded with emeralds or ruby gives a charming look.

Mangalsutra a traditional epic of love bond between a couple is worn by married women on regular basis. Generally, lightweight diamond, pearl or ruby studded mangalsutra is preferred by women to wear day and night but the heavy royal designs are secured for sacred occasions. From the epics, it is assumed that mangalsutra provides positive energy to the woman to fight against evils.

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