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Latest 400+This or That Questions + Game Rules

“This or That Questions Game” is really very interesting and funny game. Rather it depends on the questions you are asking to make fun. This is also the best game to know someone whom you are dating or if you think that you already have shared all the things with your special one, still just once played this game. You will find that you have left many things that you still don’t know about your partner.

You can also play this game when you are in a group of friends. This is one of the best ways to spend time together even without spending any cost. Also, you will know how much you know about your friends.

As in this game, there are a lot of questions to ask so we have arranged them into the categories to facilitate you. As here we have written all kind of questions for all ages of person. So, don’t ask the question just watching the list. You can select them according to your choice with whom you are playing this game and which type of questions you want.

This or that game rule

This or That Questions Game Rule

“This or That Questions Game” is the great way to spend time in a good way. This game is best suitable for every age group. As this game does not require any pieces of equipment so you can play this game anywhere either in the car, in school camps or also on the bed. This can also be the best game for parties.

In “This or That Questions Game” player choose an option either This or That. Either you don’t like both but still, you have to select one of them. As there are many different ways to play this game. Here we are presenting you some of the ways on how to play this or that questions game.

Taking Turns

If the couple is playing the game then this is the best way to know someone in a good way. You can play this game over a coffee. If you are a couple or group of 4 to 5 person then sit together and play this turn by turn by asking questions or you can also make slips by writing questions on paper. Either you don’t like both options still you have to answer that.

this or that tag questions

Playing in Team

If you are playing “This or That Questions Game” in a big group then really this is gonna to be very funny. Make two or more teams according to the no.of participants. Each team having four to five members. All members of the group must agree on the option they choose within ten seconds. If the team cannot agree, they lose a turn. Award one point for each answer. After a set number of questions, the team with the most points wins. If there is a tie, continue until the tie is broken.

Series of Questions

This is another way to play this simple game. In this firstly, you decide how many questions you want to ask the players in each turn. Either it would be 3-5. For this pattern, it will be best to make a list of questions that you have to ask.

Latest 400+ This or That Questions

  1. Food and Drinks This or That Questions

this or that questions

  1. Tea or coffee?
  2. Coke or Pepsi?
  3. lentil or vegetable?
  4. curd or buttermilk?
  5. Wine or beer?
  6. Pizza or burger?
  7. Sandwich or french fries?
  8. Grill or bar-be-que?
  9. white bread or brown bread?
  10. Manchurian or honey chili potato?
  11. Fried Chicken or Grilled Chicken?
  12. Chocolate or vanilla?
  13. Apple or banana?
  14. Juice or Shake?
  15. Milkshake or smoothie?
  16. Hot or cold?
  17. Baked or fried?
  18. Pancakes or waffles?
  19. Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate?
  20. Noodles or Spaghetti?
  21. White sauce pasta or red sauce pasta?
  22. Ketchup or mustard?
  23. Burger King or McDonald’s?
  24. Mexican Food or Italian Food?
  25. Cookies or cake?
  26. Nachos or chips?
  27. Spicy or mild?
  28. Raisins or nuts?
  29. a nice restaurant or street food?
  30. Green salad or mayo salad?
  31. Sweet or Sour?
  32. Black coffee or cream/ sugar coffee?
  33. Indian or Chinese?
  34. Dal Fry or Dal Makhni?
  35. Shahi Paneer or Kadai Paneer?
  36. Pork Bacon or Turkey Bacon?
  37. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
  38. Sushi or smoked fish?
  39. Breakfast or dinner?
  40. Ice cream or Shake?
  41. Pastries or cookies?
  42. Orange or papaya?
  43. Cherry or strawberry?
  44. Cupcake or muffins?
  45. Ice tea or hot tea?
  46. Bread or biscuits?
  47. Pizza or tacos?
  48. Chicken or beef?
  49. Hot or Cold?
  50. Meat or fish?
  51. Latte or Expresso?
  52. Oreo’s or Chocolate Chip Cookies?
  53. Milk or Juices?
  54. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

2. Funny This or That Questions

funny questions

  1. True Love or 10 million dollars?
  2. Comedy or thriller?
  3. Fat or thin?
  4. Doctor or patient?
  5. Free Wifi or Free Coffee?
  6. Lost or found?
  7. Big ears or a big nose?
  8. Fast or slow?
  9. Teacher or student?
  10. Underwater or up-in-the-air?
  11. Noise or silence?
  12. Trees or Flowers?
  13. Love or Friendship?
  14. Crossword puzzles or sudokus?
  15. Smile or game face?
  16. Numbers or letters?
  17. Small eyes or smallmouth?
  18. Cold or flu?
  19. Jokes or sentiments?
  20. Find or lose?

3. This or That Questions For Kids

questions for kids

  1. Disney World or Universal?
  2. Barbie or teddy bear?
  3. indoor games or outdoor games?
  4. Theme park or water park?
  5. Carnivals or circus?
  6. Zoo or Aquarium?
  7. Board game or video game?
  8. Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer?
  9. Happy or sad?
  10. Sweet or cute?
  11. mom or dad?
  12. Sister or brother?
  13. Jam or jelly?
  14. Clean or dirty?
  15. Maths or English?
  16. Sit or stand?
  17. Music or songs?
  18. Fast food or homemade food?
  19. walk or skip?
  20. Rain or snowfall?
  21. Guitar or Piano?
  22. Chips or candy?
  23. Toys or video games?
  24. Morning or evening?
  25. Yellow or purple?
  26. Blue or green?
  27. School or college?
  28. Teacher or student?
  29. Morning bath or evening bath?
  30. School work or homework?
  31. Painting or Drawing.
  32.  Superman or Batman?
  33. Lions or Bears?

4. This or That Questions For Adult or Couples

this or that questions for couples

  1. Hugs or kisses?
  2. Wet or dry?
  3. On or off?
  4. Boobs or butts?
  5. Funny or romantic?
  6. Shower or bath?
  7. Hands or feet?
  8. Introvert or extrovert?
  9. He or she?
  10. Blondes or brunettes?
  11. Merry or Live-in-relationship?
  12. Lust or love?
  13. Wired or normal?
  14. cry or scream?
  15. Abs or chest?
  16. Hairy or clean shaven?
  17. Hang out with friends or stay at home?
  18. morning sex or night sex?
  19. Cook at home or take out?
  20. Twins or triplets?
  21. Real or fake?
  22. Drunk or sober?
  23. Bikini or one piece?
  24. Swimming pool or lake?
  25. Washing dishes or doing laundry?
  26. Naked or overdressed?
  27. Male or female?
  28. sex or foreplay?
  29. old or new?
  30. Baby or twins?

5 This or That Questions For Students.

great this or that questions

  1. Facebook or Twitter?
  2. Motorcycle or bicycle?
  3. Youtube or Netflix?
  4. Xbox or PlayStation?
  5. a phone call or text?
  6. ios or Android?
  7. Art festival or musical night?
  8. Button shirt or T-shirt?
  9. Loyal friend or rich friend?
  10. Hi-tech or low-tech?
  11. Jacket or pullover?
  12. Drawings or paintings?
  13. Books or novels?
  14. Early bird or night owl?
  15. Singing or Dancing?
  16. Action movies or dramas?
  17. Pen or pencil?
  18. Morning walk or Gym?
  19. Best friend or girlfriend?
  20. Multiple questions or essay questions?

6. Personal Appearance This or That Questions / Fashion and style

this or that questions for personal appearance

  1. Blue eyes or green eyes?
  2. Tattoo or piercing?
  3. Straight hair or curly hair?
  4. Skirt or jeans?
  5. Colored hair or natural hair?
  6. Flip-flops or sneakers?
  7. Red or white?
  8. Rose or Sunflower?
  9. Bright or neutral colors?
  10. Boxers or briefs?
  11. Antique or brand new?
  12. Leather or denim?
  13. Shoes or slippers?
  14. Hairdo or Loose Hair?
  15. Short or long nails?
  16. Heels or flats?
  17. Facial or Body Massage?
  18. Manicure or Pedicure?
  19. Nightgowns or pajamas?
  20. Straight or curly?
  21. Pink or Blue?
  22. Sweatshirt or sweater?
  23. Tan or pale?
  24. Checks or strips?
  25. Plaid or polka dots?
  26. Sunglasses or spectacles?
  27. Glasses or contact lenses?
  28. Ethnic or casual wear?
  29. Brown hair or black hair?

7. Entertainment and leisure Either/ or Questions

this or that questions for entertainment

  1. Sunset or sunrise?
  2. Dine-in or dine-out?
  3. Romantic novels or spy novels?
  4. Theme party or pool party?
  5. Surprise party or planned party?
  6. Badminton or Table-tennis?
  7. Skiing or sledding?
  8. Thunderstorms or sunshine?
  9. Jazz or Rock?
  10. Rock or Pop music?
  11. TV shows or Movies?
  12. Boats or Plans?
  13. Football or Soccer?
  14. Quotev or Facebook?
  15. Tinder or Trulymadly?
  16. Reading or writing?
  17. Singing or Dancing?
  18. 50’s or 80’s music?

8. Home and Family This or That Questions

250+ this or that questions

  1. Money or fame?
  2. Truth or dare?
  3. Dogs or cats?
  4. e-bay or Amazon?
  5. Atm or credit card?
  6. Facts or fiction?
  7. Lover or fighter?
  8. The 1800’s or the 1900’s.
  9. Cowboys or Indians.
  10. Boy or Girl?
  11. Under 18 or over 18.
  12. Phone or Computer?

9. Challenging This or That Questions

this or that questions to ask a guy

  1. Hunting or fishing?
  2. Book or Kindle?
  3. Life or death?
  4. Evil or God?
  5. Maximum or minimum?
  6. Truth or lie?
  7. Yes or no?
  8. Heart or Brain?
  9. Younger or older?
  10. Right or Wrong?
  11. Truth or dare?
  12. Murder or suicide?
  13. Friends or enemies?
  14. This or that?
  15. Alone or in the crowd?
  16. Smart or beautiful?
  17. With or without?
  18. Young or old?
  19. Up or down?

10. Random This or That Questions

random this or that questions

In this category, we have summed up the questions related to Sports and Fitness, Work, Travel, Personal choices categories.

  1. Winter or summer?
  2. Spring or fall?
  3. Day or night?
  4. Sun or the moon?
  5. Silver or gold?
  6. Baseball or basketball?
  7. Beard or Moustache?
  8. Smoking or drinking?
  9. Aerobic exercise or yoga?
  10. Inside or Outside?
  11. Dogs or cats?
  12. Train or bus?
  13. Car or jeep?
  14. On road or fly-in-air?
  15. Running or walking?
  16. Homeowner or renter?
  17. Asking questions or answering questions?
  18. The Avengers or The X-Men?
  19. Stingrays or Sharks?
  20. California or Florida?

Now you have a long list of questions to ask. Hope you like this. So, let’s get started and enjoy the game to know someone battery. Don’t forget to answer this or that questions honestly. As some things generally, don’t come in the way when you meet someone. These questions are the best in that case.

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