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Interesting Facts About India That You Have No Idea About It

Amazing Facts About India That You Didn’t Know

Hello to all, have you any idea how many facts in India which are actually most popular. Probably you didn’t know yet. India is very famous country in the world. There are a lot of amazing facts which are not popular yet. India is also famous for traditions and many cultural things. The most mind-blowing facts about India is food, different kinds of varieties from different -different states feel attractive to people. In terms of populations, India is the largest company so it’s not possible to discover every fact for every person.Here we are presenting Various Amazing Interesting Famous Facts About India.

It’s important for us where we are living what’s the interesting facts are there. What kinds of different style of different people.

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India’s Interesting Facts That You Had No Idea

  1. India’s First Rocket Transported On Cycle

In India, the first rocket was transported on a cycle. This is the first rocket, which was launched on 21 November 1963 in India. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) used this transportation medium to make their mission successful.

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Incredible India Amazing Facts

  1. A Muslim Girl Wins Bhagwad Gita Competition

There is no any discrimination between religions.It’s human being mental thinking. The biggest example we can see, A Muslim Girl Asif Siddiqui wins the holy book ” Bhagwat Gita” Champions league organized by ISKON.

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Interesting Facts About India

  1. India’s First Floating Post Office On Dal Lake

This is the first in India country where the floating post office inaugurated in Dal Lake, Srinagar. This was initiated in August 2011. Tourist has been made an attractive focus on it.

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Unique Things About India

  1. Kumbh Mela Gathering Visible From Space

Maha Kumbh Mela is the largest religious gathering which is held every 6 years at Allahabad and Haridwar. It holds a lot of importance for the Hindus. This is the most famous fact about India where millions of tourist, the devotee to be the part of this fame of history.

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Cultural Facts About India

  1. The World’s Biggest Family

Have you ever seen in India, there is world’s biggest family living. The largest family where a man lives with 39 wives, 94 Children, and 33 grandchildren.

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Hidden Facts About India

  1. The Value Of “PI” Was First Calculated In India

The value of “pi” was first invented by the great Indian Mathematician “BUDHAYANA”. He also gives the concept of the Pythagorean Theorem in the 6th century.He discovered it earlier from the European Mathematician.

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Important Facts About Indian History

  1. India Is Most Vegetarian-Friendly Country In The World

India as being a great country for vegetarian. It’s true that huge percentage of vegetarian people are from India. 30 % of its total population is vegetarian. Some Indians are hardcore vegetarian even they not eat eggs. Nearly 9% or less then people eat eggs in daily life. Estimated 80% if India’s population identifies as Hindu and mostly the traditional diet is vegetarian.

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Interesting Facts About Indian Food

  1. The Human’s Calculator Shakuntala Devi

India has great power of the woman. Indian woman Shakuntala Devi was a great human’s mental calculator. She was placed her name in “The Guinness Book of World Records. She had great achievements in mastermind calculation and puzzles. She had super memory power so she solved mathematics questions within few seconds. She was also honored by Google Doodle as Humans calculator.

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Important Facts About India

  1. No Doors In All House Of The Village

It’s said that there are two most famous places of god. One is in Mathura, and second is in Shingnapur in Aurangabad of Maharashtra. The people of Shingnapur believe in God Shani and there is a tradition that all house is without any door. Yes, a family gathers outside their houses. Not any house is there which has doors. There is a myth followed by people of Shingnapur that god Shani protects them, legend says if you steel, you will never be able to leave the village. People do not hide anything from anyone. In this village around 5000 people are living.

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Unknown Facts About India

  1. The Bally Bridge Is The Highest Bridge In The World

The world-famous bridge in India. This bally bridge spanning the river Hooghly in Kolkata. This bridge also called Vivekananda Setu. This Vivekananda Setu takes 6 years for completion. Its construction was started in 1926 and completed in 1936. It connects Howrah and Dakshineshwar. The length of this bridge is 880 meters and it can holds weights nearly about 13,200 tonnes. The construction of this bridge was done by famous contractor Raj Bahadur Jagmal Raja Chauhan.

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Facts About Famous Landmarks In India

I hope this post gives you more information and some amazing facts of India. It gives u knowledge of some interesting and most shocking facts of India. As you are Indian citizen so you should know about these Interesting Facts About India.

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