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Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals and Ceremonies of Hindu Marriage

Pre Wedding Gujarati Customs and Traditions

Indian weddings are full of fun and ceremonies, traditions and rituals.Gujarati weddings are also one of them.Gujarati’s are famous for their rich style, vibrant and colorful cultural weddings.The wedding is very beautiful and special moment in every one’s life, where two bodies, souls, and hearts becomes one with the mutual trust, relationships and some commitments during the rituals.As times changes, the young generation is getting away from the wedding rituals. Therefore, here we are sharing some Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals, Hindu Gujarati Pre Wedding Ceremonies, and customs.

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Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals and ceremony

Marriage is a divine lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. It is considered to be the strongest of all social bonds and is the initiation into a lifetime of togetherness.The rituals and process in a Hindu wedding vary by region, preferences or the resources of the groom, bride and their families.There are few wedding rituals that are common in Indian’s weddings.Therefore, here we are sharing Gujarati Pre Wedding Ceremonies for Hindu Marriage.

Indian Pre Wedding Marriage Rituals

Gujarati Pre-Wedding Rituals has the main importance for both the bride and groom gives the festive mood to both the families, as many rituals placed at groom’s and bride’s own place. Time of pre-wedding is full of fun, zeal, enthusiasm and vibrant colors cultures. Today, here we are sharing Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals and Ceremony which are most awaited for both the families.

  1. Chandler Maatli – Acceptance of the marriage

This ceremony is the first formal announcement of the marriage between both the families. In Gujarati, this ceremony is known as Chandler Mali. In this ceremony bride’s father along with four male relatives visit the groom’s place with mantle (a steel container full of sweets and gifts) for the groom and his family and applies chandlo,is a red circle made at the center of the forehead and gives him a ‘shagoon’ as blessings token sum of money. The marriage date also usually fix at that time.

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2. Gol Dhana – Sagaai (Engagement)

The engagement ceremony of the Gujarati couple is known as ‘Gol Dhana’, which means coriander seeds and jaggery. Both these are distributed at the engagement program. The engagement function generally helds at the groom’s place. Bride’s family and relatives arrive at groom’s place with gifts and sweets, then exchange rings and accept each other as the future partner. And takes the promise to be always together. Couple gets blessings from both the families and groom’s family also gives dresses, gold, gifts, and sweets to the would be a bride.

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3. Ganesh Mali/ Ganesha Sthapan – Lord Ganesha Pooja

Ganesha Sthapan also was known as Ganesha Mali, this is the beginning of the wedding ceremonies and rituals. Hindu’s pray to God Ganesha before starting any important task. As the lord, Ganesha is considered as the God of Luck, Wisdom, and Peace. Both the families conduct Ganesh Pooja at their home few days before the wedding. The couple and their families pray for their happy and successful married life.

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4. Mehndi Ceremony

In all Indian weddings, Mehndi plays a very major role. This is the most awaited ritual for the bride. Generally, this ceremony fixed before the two days of wedding. All the friends and relatives are to be invited to the bride’s place to apply mehndi on bride’s hands and legs. Females of the bride family also sung folk songs and friends enjoys a little bit of dance and music.

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5. Mandap Mahurat

This ceremony has a religious significance in depth because the parents of the couple seek the blessings of the Mother Earth and also seeks permission to start the digging of the soil to erect the mandva or mandap.

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6. Griha Shanti

This is also a pooja ceremony arranged at groom’s place as well as bride’s place. This ceremony is also conducted to seek the blessings of all the nine planets, are also sought in the Griha Shanti ceremony. This ceremony is compulsory to do at the respective homes immediately after the Mandap Mahurat.

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7. Pithi – Sandalwood Paste

“Pitthi” is a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, saffron, rosewater, and perfume. Friends, family members and relatives apply this paste on the groom and bride faces and body at their respective homes. As it’s considered that turmeric brings the healthy glow on the faces of bride and groom.

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8. Garba – Sanji or Sangeet Sandhya

This is the most awaiting traditional ceremony for all the person’s attending wedding. This ceremony is full of fun, dance, music, masti and all.Generally, this ceremony held on the evening of Mehndi ceremony. All the family members, relatives gathered together and performs the traditional Garba dance of Gujarat. This ceremony is a great way for both the families to meet each other well known.

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9. Mamoru

This ceremony is also called ‘Mosaalu’ and take place before one or two days the wedding day. On this ceremony maternal uncle of bride goes her home and gives sweets, gifts which consist of saree, jewelry, clothes to the bride. Gifts also include traditional planetary like silk saree and choose(bangles).

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10. Jaan or Ponkvu

This ceremony is really very sweet, funny and entertaining holds on the wedding day. After the groom arrives at the marriage venue, gets off his horse takes the blessings of his soon to be the mother in law by touching her feet and she tries to touches his nose and groom tries to avoid her clutch. This playful ritual mainly to remind the groom that they are giving their precious daughter to him and also shows the groom’s humble and grateful nature.

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Hope you will enjoy these Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals. These rituals and ceremony make a wedding memorable. Hope was also missing some wedding of your dear ones while reading about these ceremonies. We wish the wedding couple for a great happy married life. Don’t miss to like our post.