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How to Choose Your Perfect Fit Jeans

Denim jeans for women come in all shapes and sizes. The problem is that it’s very easy to get the wrong size and cut, and you end up with an ill-fitting pair of jeans.

What you need is a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, and here are some guidelines for you to find it. The first thing you need to determine what is your body shape. The basic types of figure are rectangle, round, inverted triangle, hourglass, and triangle.


Each silhouette style comes with its own sets of pros and cons.

  • Skinny. This is great for the rectangle, hourglass, and triangle body shapes, but not for the inverted triangle and round. It accents your hips and makes your legs look longer, but it will emphasize all the flaws in your body.

  • Straight leg. It’s good for all body shapes with the sole exception of the rectangular shape. It hides your excess weight from sight, and it draws attention away from your belly, waist, and hips. These are the areas where most women carry their excess pounds. However, since this style emphasizes slimness it’s not the best cut for women who are already slim.

  • Loose. This is also known as the “boyfriend” style, and it’s good for rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass figures. It hides your narrow hips and emphasizes your waistline so it’s good for those with slim stomachs. It also hides away any flaws in the shape of your legs. On the downside, it makes you look short and your booty seem flat.

Jean Rise

How high should your jeans go on your tummy?

  • High-waisted. It’s good for those whose body shape is a rectangle, hourglass, or round. It makes your legs seem longer, narrows down your waistline, and hides your belly folds. But the drawback is that it makes you look shorter as your torso is reduced.

  • Medium rise. Try this if you have a triangle, round, or hourglass figure. It hides your belly folds too, although it does make your waistline seem plain.

  • Low rise. This is best for the inverted triangle, rectangle, and hourglass body figures. Your nice abs are emphasized and your waistline is accented. Your torso also looks longer. On the other hand, your legs look shorter and your waistline issues will become more noticeable.

Leg Cut

Your choice of leg cut will also affect its fit.

  • Skinny. You can get away with skinny leg cut jeans if your body shape is an inverted triangle, rectangle, or hourglass. This focuses other people’s attention to your slim waistline and legs, and your hips look well-rounded. However, this is definitely not for curvy women at all.

  • Straight leg. This is good for every body shape except for the triangle. It hides any flaws in your leg shape and it also hides your full calves. But it’s not really a good look for very skinny women.

  • Flare. Try this retro cut if your body shape is an inverted triangle, round, or hourglass. It makes your chest and shoulders look smaller so it can correct your body proportions. But it’s not good for short women.

  • Wide leg. Try this if you have a round, inverted triangle, hourglass shape. Full hips look thinner in these jeans, the flaws of your legs are hidden away, and curvy girls look much better. It does make your legs seem shorter though.


So how long should your jeans go down?

  • Cropped 7/8. This is for the rectangle and hourglass body shape, but it’s not really good for the triangle and round. It makes your ankles look better, though it doesn’t work with shoes with ankle straps.

  • Classic. Try this if you have a triangle or inverted triangle figure. Your body will look more proportional, but you need to make sure that the jeans don’t wrinkle around your ankles.

Boot cut. It’s good for everyone except those with a rectangle body shape. Your hips look narrower and your legs seem longer with these jeans. But you should really make sure you only have jeans this long when you have flared jeans.

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