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Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Achieve That Perfect Smile

You can break the ice and make new friends, stride through your tough times, and be a happy soul with a perfect smile. However, imperfect teeth and other dental problems can reduce your confidence to smile more often.

Here is how you can maintain good oral hygiene and perfect your smile.

Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year.

To begin with, always make time to visit your dentist at least twice a year. If you haven’t done so in a long time, make it your priority.

Regular dentist visits are vital for your oral hygiene and an attractive smile. They are the experts who can figure out a cavity or plaque build-up well in time and avoid more serious problems. If a cavity becomes too deep, it will not only trouble you more but also cost higher.

Moreover, dentists can clean your teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and other stains to give you a bright and white smile. It is advisable to ask for an X-ray during every visit to identify any underlying problems.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly.

Brushing is the most common way to maintain oral hygiene, but it is also a process that is not done properly. Hold your brush at a proper angle of 45 degrees and clean not just your teeth but also the gumline. While brushing, follow both up-and-down and back-to-front movements.

It is also advisable to use a good fluoride toothpaste to prevent the enamel decay. With these regular practices, you can flaunt your pearly white teeth without any worries.

Don’t Forget, Flossing.

While most people are particular about brushing their teeth twice a day, many others have still not taken to flossing. A brush cannot reach your mouth’s inner parts, between the teeth and under the gumlines. 

It can lead to issues like tooth decay and bad smell.

Flossing is the answer to the problems that may arise due to this. To floss correctly, wrap it tightly around your fingers and move it up and down between your teeth and under the gumlines.

Don’t worry if you notice blood in the initial days as it could be due to gingivitis. However, a minor case of gingivitis will go away after two to three weeks of flossing, and the bleeding will also stop.

Explore the Option of Invisible Braces

Are you conscious of smiling because of crooked or crowded teeth? Have you contemplated braces but gave up on the idea because of their unsightly appearance? Well, you are in good luck as now you have the option of invisible crowded teeth braces.

Yes, you read that right. These invisible braces have become the talk of the town and for a good reason. They are safe, affordable and the best part is that no-one can tell you are wearing braces.

With a renewed confidence that your crooked teeth are being treated, you can smile more often.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Did you know that your favorite cup of tea, coffee, or that regular glass of red wine could be responsible for the yellowing of your teeth? While your dentist can remove the light stains, these drinks can cause internal staining that is difficult to clean.

Similarly, smoking can also leave dark stains. Excessive smoking can damage your gumlines and expedite receding, making your teeth appear larger. The worse is when smoking creates dark spaces between your teeth.

Of course, you can occasionally enjoy these things, but frequent and regular use can cause permanent tooth damage.

Drink Water

Water is perhaps the best remedy for almost all of your problems. As you drink more water, it will wash away the acid clinging onto your teeth. Consequently, there will be fewer chances of decay and cavities.

While hydration with water is essential, it is equally important to stay away from sugary and carbonated drinks. They can have the reverse effect on your teeth. These drinks may have added color or excessive amounts of phosphorous that may harm your teeth.

Lastly, try to stay away from bottled water as it may not have enough minerals needed for the good health of your teeth. Dentists recommend regular tap water as it is loaded with these minerals.

Opt for Teeth Whitening

If your discolored teeth make you conscious, teeth whitening is an effective solution to relieve you of this problem. You can either buy whitening strips available in the market or visit your dentist for a professional solution.

Whitening strips are reasonable, but they may not be effective if the stains are deep or dark. Dentists are an expert with multiple tools at their disposal to give you the desired result.

Check Out Veneers

Dental science has advanced beyond imagination, and the treatments can solve any problem that could be stopping you from flashing your smile. Veneers are one such example that can solve the problem of a gap in teeth or a chipped tooth.

Veneers are as thin as a contact lens but come with an unbelievable strength of your normal teeth. These thin coverings can be placed on your tooth without any real dental procedure. You can get them in a single sitting and smile back.

Ask Your Dentist About Dental Bridges.

Did you lose a tooth in an accident? Does it make you uncomfortable in a social setting? If yes, you can ask your dentist about dental bridges.

These bridges are used to fill the gaps between teeth. A bridge is essentially a false tooth supported by the nearby teeth. There are different types of dental bridges available in the market, and you can check with your dentist about the best treatment for your needs.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Everything that you eat, and nourish your body with, is going to have an impact on your teeth. Eating a calcium-rich diet will ensure good oral health. It is advisable to include dairy items, fortified orange juice, and broccoli in your diet.

If your diet preferences do not ensure a good supply of calcium, you can take calcium supplements to make up for it.


With advanced dentistry solutions, there is a solution to all your oral problems. From dental invisible braces to veneers to bridges, there are multiple treatments to help you get the confidence and a perfect smile.

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