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How To Shape Smaller Nose Without Surgery

It is unbelievable that most of the women who are conscious about their looks and what to be beautiful, they are mostly focusing on their shapes of nose, lips, eyes and entire body. They follow their models and film stars who have curved body, beautiful nose, and large lips. Here are some Tricks How To make Smaller Nose With Exercise

Nose being the focal point of the face and most important because it will enhance your beauty or decreases your looks. There are many ways to attain a sharp and in shape nose like surgery, but now there are simple exercises which can help in giving shape to your nose and to attain perfect sharp and shaped nose according to your face. This will add to your beauty also.

Here in this article, you will know about the exercises which are useful in giving smaller nose to you and also read on How to make the thinner nose with exercises.

how to make smaller nose

How To Reshape Your Nose Through Exercise

Noses can be of different shapes and sizes, few of you are unhappy due to nose shape and few of you are happy. There is a type of the surgery called rhinoplasty that can help in changing the look of your nose, but the easiest way is to use a simple exercise which can be performed by you at any time and at anywhere and you can attain your goal.

how to reshape your nose

1. Give Shape To Your Nose

If you find that your nose is not in shape as you want then this exercise is for you. This simple exercise will give shape to your nose as you want. This exercise will also help in preventing and reducing sagging of your nose but you have to perform it regularly.

give shape to your nose

How To Perform It

  • Press your sides of your nose with the index finger and try to breathe out.
  • Apply pressure on the bottom of the sides of your nostrils but make sure do not breathe out with force.
  • Try to repeat this exercise at least 10 times in a day to get the better result.

In this way, you can shape your nose in few months naturally.

2. Try To Shorten Your Nose

This is also simple exercise for shortening your nose and help in shaping to your nose. As the age causes many changes it will deterioration of the cartilage but with this exercise, you will be able to prevent the deterioration of the cartilage. From this exercise, you can lift the droopy nose in shape.

try to shorten your nose

How To Perform It

  • Firstly put your index finger on the tip of your nose and press it.
  • Now By the use of the index finger and thumb of other hand pick the nose and exert downward pressure on the finger.
  • You can repeat the exercise as many times a so you can perform it and you will notice the change in the nose.

3. Try To Straightening Your Nose

This is the best exercise for your nose it will provide straighten to your nose. Simultaneously it will also provide shape to your nose. As you all know that smile is the best exercise so this exercise will depend on it only.

Try To Straightening Your Nose

How To Perform It

  • Just smile and then use your fingers to push your nose in an upward direction.
  • In this way, you can build up the muscles on the sides of your nose and it will also help in shortening the nose size too.
  • You can repeat the exercises as many time as you want.

4. Calmly Breathe

Breathing exercise has its own importance in yoga and workouts. Inhaling and exhaling air has lots of the benefits as well as it also helps in shaping your nose.

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Calmly Breathe

How To Perform It

  • Sit straight, now block the one nostril and inhale from other nostril and hold it.
  • After few seconds release the nostril as free and block other nostril and exhale air.
  • Repeat the procedure as many as you can.

5. Wiggling To Your Nose

This exercise will help in the strength the muscles than reshaping the nose. Stronger muscles of the nose will make nose sharper.

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Wiggling To Your Nose

How To Perform It

  • Sit comfortably on a chair and start wiggle your nose in and out, up and down but make sure your face is still.
  • Now repeat this exercise in a day for few times to get the better result.

6. Massage your Nose

Massaging is another method through which you can cure your headaches and has a lot of the benefits too.

Massage On your Nose

How To Perform It

  • Start Massaging your nose from bridge then to tip and finally the sides.
  • Messaging must be in a circular direction and perform this task regularly for about 5 minutes in a day to get the better result.

7. Removes The Smile Line

As you get older your smile lines get deeper and prominent with this simple exercise you can rid of the fine lines of the smile.

how to shape nose

How To Perform It

  • In this exercise, you need to fill your mouth with air and then shift this air in each direction but before shifting air hold it for 5 seconds in each direction.
  • If air touched each part then release the air and you can try this exercise every day.

In this article, you have read about the exercises which will help you in shaping and decreases the size of your nose. You need not spend much money and no extra efforts to exert though it is a very difficult task to do and require a lot of the patience till you achieve your target. So have patience and try these exercise at your home and notice the changes in your nose.