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Some Expert Tips To Increase Height Naturally At Home !

“Height” is considered to be one of the most important factors in a Human personality. “Tall, Dark & Handsome, ” they say because tall guys are considered more attractive than the short ones. Being tall gives a sense of confidence to your personality and also prevents you from pretending that you are tall by wearing heels. It’s just a matter of fact that tall people are more likely to steal the attention of the gathering than short boys although being short does not affect the capabilities of the individual but there may be some disadvantages of short height depending on the situation.

There are many natural factors which may result in shorter heights for eg. genetic factors like shorter heights of parents etc. So people who are constantly finding ways to increase their kid’s or teen’s height to increase should have a read to what we are ready for today. Let us have a read of it.

tips to increase height naturally

Tips On How To Increase Height Naturally

1. Proper Diet Is Necessary

Since it is very important to consume all the nutrients for proper growth and development of the body. Avoiding junk food helps in stepping towards a healthier and balanced diet. Some of the intakes which help in increasing the height are as follows:

(a) Eating Vitamin D rich food helps in the development of the bones.

(b) Calcium helps in strengthening of the bones.

(c) Zinc helps in proper overall growth of the body.

2. Daily Exercise

Regular exercise or playing sports helps in increasing your height. Kids and teens are encouraged a lot to increase fitness and growth. This also helps in increasing the height even after you cross 18. The logic behind the physical exercise is that when we exercise, our body raises the requirement of nutrients and hence the nutrients are consumed.

Man and woman doing stretching exercises

The Daily exercise or Sports may include swimming which helps in stretching the body. Hanging Exercise is considered best to increase the height because in this the body is stretched upwards and hence increases the height of the body. Hence, all the exercises which include stretching of the body help in increasing the height naturally. This is one of the answers to the question “How to increase height naturally”.

3. Strong Immune System


The immune system plays an important role in increasing the height of the body. If the immune system of the body is strong enough to fight the diseases affecting the growth of the body, overall growth of the body would be healthy and height wouldn’t be affected. The immune system can be strengthened by eating the healthy diet including low-fat dairy products, protein, fruits, and greens. The foods containing citric acid are rich in anti-oxidants and helps the body in fighting against the diseases causing the slower growth of the body.

4. Proper Sleep

sleep sound healthy life height increase

We know that the tissues of the body grows and regenerates while we take rest or sleep. That is why sleeping is essential for proper growth of the body and teens and kids are advised to sleep at least 8-10 hours of sleep to attain good height. Taking sound and calm sleep helps in growth effectively.

5. Drinking More Water

drink water be healthy increase height

Drinking lots of water help in flushing out the toxins from the body help in the oxygen flow of the body and improve the metabolism rate of the body which ultimately has a positive impact on the height. It is suggested to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day for good health. You may also eat watery fruits like watermelon and vegetables like cucumber to keep your body hydrated.

6. Practice Yoga Regularly

practice yoga stretching body muscles increase height

Yoga is considered to be the secret of every healthy man since ages. The postures and exercises in yoga help in growing the growth rate of the body. The stretching and air intake exercises in yoga help in improving the strength of muscles and ultimately helps in improving the height of the body. This is one of the best and natural ways to increase height.

7. Perfect Posture Is Necessary


Strong back and healthy straight spine are important factors in increasing height. Having a right set of pillow and mattress is very important to keep the spine straight. Getting a mattress bed bug protector is important to keep your mattress clean for years to come. One thing should be followed that always keep your shoulders straight while walking. A few practices should be followed in order to keep the postures straight: sitting straight on a chair, sitting and walking with chin high.

I am sure you will follow what we have researched for you all. I am quite confident that whenever we meet, we would like to see you with increased height..( Just Kidding ). We have seen a lot of people gaining heights just by following these tips and exercising a bit. If you love what we write, do not forget to share this with your friends so that we get maximum feedback and we improvise according to you!

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