Beautiful Indian Bridal Jewellery Latest Catalogue 2018 - Trends 2024

Beautiful Indian Bridal Jewellery Latest Catalogue 2018

Bridal Jwellery

Jewelry is the first and foremost thing in the appearance of Indian bride to grab everyone’s attention. Jewelry is the major part of every bride’s fantasy and the look is incomplete without these conventional pieces. Every Indian bride on the D-day carves to wear traditional Indian jewelry to look the most beautiful bride of the planet.

On could see the variation in bridal jewelry depending on the region to region. Jewelry, garments, beauty has much deeper value for the bride and is considered a blend of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life. Due to distinct designs, lavishing look and traditional values Indian bridal jewelry is highly popular.

Its very confusing task for the women to get a perfect mix for the wedding day and adding on it is a nervous job to dress up for the same day. Huge variety of jewelry is available in the market it difficult to choose from. First, decide your lehenga design than go for jewelry patch up. And furthermore, to make your task easy we have ensembled all the bridal jewelry’s kinds and their latest patterns which are in trend nowadays.

Go and have a look on our collection of traditional jewelry essentials before muddling in the nearby market to add a perfect amount of glamour and nostalgia to the bride look.

1. Necklace

Bridal Necklace

The necklace may be an independent piece of jewelry or maybe from matching set with earrings and hath-phool. These beautiful pieces are sometimes heirlooms passed on from one generation to another. Normally heavy necklace with a pendant or long chain known as colloquially is worn by the bride.

2. Wedding Finger Ring

Bridal Ring

The wedding ring or the engagement ring is the first love sign given by the groom to his bride. This engagement piece is worn by the bride in the ring finger of the left hand. The fabulous ring may be embossed with stones, gems, meenakari or may be of pure gold designed intricately.

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3. Hath-Phool

Bridal Hath-Phool

Hath-phool is an elegant piece of jewelry made of plated metal, sometimes using artificial stones. It comprises a bracelet attached to rings with one or more strings, the pattern adorns the wrist as well as fingers of the bride.

4. Earrings

Bridal Earrings

Traditional Chand Bali chandelier earrings or Jhumkas studded in stones and pearls are the newest in trends. The intricate designs and patterns of earrings are made of precious metals typically for the bridal piece. Versatile heavy earrings transform the look to bride instantly from casual to formal. The long or broad patterns seams gracefull on traditional ceremonies.

5. Chuda

Bridal Chuda

Chuda depicts Indian culture and tradition worldwide. Lavishing Chuda is the symbol of a married woman and the design pattern vary from custom to custom. In some communities, Chuda ceremony is elaborately celebrated a day before marriage. The tradition is mainly part of the Punjabi wedding. The Chudis and Kadas of the ornament are made from plastic or ivory studded in stones or sometimes plain Chudis are also used.

6. Kalire

Bridal kalire

Kaliras are hanging ornaments attached to Chudas. These are preferably gold or silver in color, studded with stones or decorated with pompoms sometime.

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Every girl love these beautiful chandeliers. that is tied on her hand by her friends or sisters.

7. Nose Ring or Nath

Bridal Nose Ring

Nath is the basic tradition of Rajasthani look worn by married women, it symbolizes the beginning of a happy married life for every bride. The nose ring may be plain or embossed in stones or pearls, the Nath is attached with a chain which is hooked up in the hair of the bride. It may vary in sizes from small to big you can pick that would go best on your face. Maharashtrian ones are different in style they don’t have a chain but beautifully weaved in pearls.

8. Bridal Anklets

Bridal Anklet

Anklet or Payal is another conventional piece worn by the bride in both the ankles. The heavy anklets of the bride are mostly made of silver and have a lot of delicate designs and patterns. The delicate anklets may be designed in stones, multi-colored beads or balls. The metallic balls hanging in the anklet emit melodious sound captivating others heart.

9. Kamar Bandh/ Waistband

Bridal Kamarbandh_Waistband

Kamarband is also known as tagdi in common man’s language. Kamarband is made in delicate chains elaborated with coins, beads, pearls or kundans in precious and semi-precious metals. This delicate ornament is slipped along the waist and loved to be worn with midriff-baring apparel such as sari or lehenga. The beautiful belt adds grace to the look of the bride.

10. Gold Kangan

Bridal Gold Kangan

Kangan is the stunning jewelry for the bride, these are normally broad in size and carved intricately from gold or silver. According to Indian tradition, Gold Kadas or Kangan’s are gifted by her parents and in-laws on the day of her wedding and she wears it with the bridal lehenga on the D-day. Kangan made of gold is crafted in latest designs with stones or engravings that later may be preserved for posterity.

11. Bangals / Chudis

Bridal Bangals

Glass Bengals are the part of traditional jewelry worn by the woman on various rituals. The pattern of the Bangles varies according to the culture of the region. This beautiful ensemble is teamed with the bridal lehenga or bridal sarees. Especially in South India Brides wear a mix of green glass Bengals with pattu silk saree on her wedding.

12. Mangalsutra

Bridal Mangal

The auspicious thread weaved in gold and black beads having a pendant in the middle is the conventional tie between husband and wife which woman carries whole her life. The pious ornament is tied around brides neck by the groom on the wedding day at the time of Phera’s.

13. Mang Tikka

Bridal Mangtikka

The incredible piece of jewelry flamboyants the complete look of the bride to traditional omber. The lavishing luster of mang tikka with the classy pendant hanging in the middle of the forehead of the bride increase love to flaunt a unique traditional style on their wedding. The matching piece with earrings and necklace looks amazing in the latest trending style. You can choose mathapatti or pendant style according to your taste which you feel will go, best on your face.

14. Pagh Paan

Bridal Pagh Paan

Pagh Paan’s are similar to Hath-Phools but these are worn on feet. The unique combination of the anklet and toe ring attached with beautiful pearl or stone embodied strings looks graceful on brides Mehandi foot. The ideal accessory covers the entire upper part of the foot in an elegant manner.

15. Broaches

Designer Bridal Broach

A broach is a metal accessory embossed with stones and hangings, in common these are used to tie saree pallu or plates but when used to pin up bridal blouse at back gives a sexy look to the newly wedded. The beautiful accessory can be used to hook the dupatta of bridal outfit.

16. Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Accessories

there are numerous antique pieces available in the market to ornament your hairs at the time of conventional ceremonies to get into a traditional look. Metallic hair comb pins can be tugged on the side of the bun to increase elegance, hairpins, Juda pins or broach with hanging strings can also be used. If you are opting to style in a braid for the special day choose south Indian style full-fledged braid accessory. Flowers are also nice option to wear on either you are carrying braid or bun for infusing divinity in the environment.

17. Bajubandh Or Armlet

Bridal Bajubandh

Armbands or armlets, worn by a woman on traditional ceremonies are generally known as Bajubandh. Traditionally in some religions, the antique ornament is compulsory for the woman to wear even father marriage for lifelong as it represents safety and luck of a married woman’s husband. The traditional piece looks beautiful with puff sleeves or mega sleeves. It comes in various designs and patterns you can choose as per your liking to wear it on both the arms or on the single side.

18. Toe Ring Or Bichiya

Bridal Toe Ring

Toe ring is another essential bridal jewelry piece. These are small metal bands or rings worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot. Toe rings are a traditional symbol of marriage worn by women just from the day of the wedding. They are also known as bichiya made of ornately decorated silver. These could be simple rings or small studs of colored stones elaborated in peacock or flower pattern.

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