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Brain Benefits of Playing Wordle User Important Guide Line In 2023

The five letter daily puzzle Wordle has taken the world by storm. But, aside from its addictive character, can Wordle provide any cognitive benefits? Let’s look at the science behind Wordle and how it affects our minds.

Wordle and Intelligence: A Connection?

Wordle does not imply that you are smarter than the ordinary individual. According to Aaron Seitz, a memory and learning expert, being good at Wordle is equivalent to being good at Scrabble. It’s a specific skill, and mastering it does not imply general cognitive superiority.

Specific Brain Training

Penny Pexman, a psychology professor, points out that the benefits of brain training, such as playing Wordle or Scrabble, are quite particular. Competence in one game does not imply proficiency in other tasks. Scrabble gamers, for example, detect words faster, especially in vertical position, but this advantage does not transfer to non Scrabble activities.

Wordle and Brain Aging

While many people believe that playing Wordle will preserve the brain against aging, research has yet to establish that most brain training games provide considerable general protection. The objective of cognitive training is to find training that results in long term brain alterations that protect against cognitive decline or dementia.

The Joy of Puzzles

Many people who enjoy Wordle or other puzzles have a strong “need for cognition,” according to a youme and trends article. This requirement is distinct from intelligence. It’s all about the pure enjoyment of solving riddles.

Brain Areas Engaged by Wordle

Playing Wordle activates the brain’s visual working memory area, which is located in the prefrontal cortex. This region functions as a mental sketch pad, storing and manipulating visual information. Wordle also requires concentration, making it a game that works on specific brain “muscles” such as visual memory and attentiveness.

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The Broader Perspective on Brain Games

While Wordle has distinct advantages, it is critical to grasp the broader context of brain games. The journal Scientific American investigated the benefits of brain training in humans. While some research indicate benefits, it is important to emphasize that just a handful have evaluated whether these effects last and transfer to real life.


Wordle, like many other brain games, has distinct cognitive advantages. While it may not turn you into a genius or protect your brain from aging, it does give a fun challenge that utilizes certain areas of the brain. So, the next time you play Wordle, remember that you’re not only having fun, but also exercising your brain!

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