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What is Anti Wordle? Wordle Hints Today News

Wordle’s success has led to the creation of Anti Wordle, an innovative twist on the classic word game. In Anti Wordle, the goal is reversed players strive to avoid finding the correct word, adding a layer of strategy and challenging their vocabulary. This interesting variation raises questions about its gameplay and strategies, highlighting a fresh approach to word games.

What is Anti Wordle?

Antiwordle is a fun word game that is the opposite of the popular game Wordle. In Wordle, you try to guess a secret word, but in Antiwordle, you try not to guess the word for as long as possible. You get a puzzle with 5 letters every day, and you have to keep guessing words without finding the right one. The game ends when you finally guess the correct word. It’s a challenging and interesting twist on normal word games!

How to Play

In Antiwordle, you’re given a 5-letter word puzzle daily. But, unlike Wordle, you have to try not to find the right word. The game gives you unlimited tries, and the challenge continues as long as you can think of words that don’t solve the puzzle. When you finally hit the correct word, the game ends.

The Color Scheme:

Just like Wordle, Antiwordle uses colors to guide you:

  • Gray means the letter is not in the word, and it gets removed from your options.
  • Yellow indicates the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot.
  • Red shows the letter is in the correct spot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Start with Few Vowels: Since there are only 5 vowels, use them sparingly at the start to avoid getting too close to the correct answer.
  • Avoid Rare Words: Stay away from words with less common letters like ‘X’ or ‘Z’, as they might accidentally lead you to the correct word.
  • Double Down on Yellow Letters: Keep using the yellow letters (wrong position) in your guesses to steer clear of the right answer.

Who Created Anti Wordle?

Joel Beer, a web developer known for prior initiatives such as Will Code For Beer and Toucan Green, created Anti Wordle in 2022.


Ans: Anti Wordle provides a new and thrilling challenge for word game fans. It flips the script on standard word guessing games and offers a one of a kind experience that keeps players returning for more. So, if you’re looking for a new word game to explore, give Anti Wordle a shot!


Q1. What is Anti Wordle?

Ans:- Anti Wordle is a word game where players try to avoid guessing a specific word for as long as possible, inverting the usual Wordle gameplay.

Q2. How do you play Anti Wordle?

Ans:- Players guess words but aim not to find the day’s correct word. Each guess eliminates letters and words from the possibilities, making it harder to avoid the correct word.

Q3. Is Anti Wordle free to play?

Ans:- Yes, Anti Wordle is typically available for free on various websites and platforms.

Q5. Can you play Anti Wordle more than once a day?

Ans:- Anti Wordle usually offers a daily challenge, so it’s typically played once a day.

Q6. Does Anti Wordle help improve vocabulary?

Ans:- Yes, like Wordle, Anti Wordle can enhance vocabulary and strategic thinking, as players must consider a wide range of words to avoid the correct answer.

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