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Abortion Laws in Minnesota: A Comprehensive Overview

In Minnesota, abortion is legal, but there are specific restrictions to be aware of. This article aims to provide an overview of the abortion laws in Minnesota in an easy-to-understand manner.

Abortion Legality and Stages

Abortion is legal in Minnesota until “viability,”

which is generally around 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy. Viability refers to the point when a fetus has developed enough to potentially survive outside the uterus with medical assistance. However, this time frame can vary as it highly depends on the fetus’s development.

For determining the stage of pregnancy, the counting begins from the first day of the last menstrual period. Abortion providers, however, may stop offering abortions earlier in the pregnancy, so it’s essential to check with each provider regarding their policy.

No Waiting Period

Unlike some states that require a waiting period after attending a counseling session before proceeding with the abortion, Minnesota does not enforce any such waiting period. This means that once you decide to have an abortion, you can proceed without a mandatory delay.

Parental Involvement

In Minnesota, parental involvement is not required for abortion. Therefore, if you’re younger than 18, you can consent to an abortion without having to notify a parent or guardian.

No Waiting PeriodNo mandatory waiting period or counseling session before an abortion.
Parental InvolvementNo requirement to notify parents or guardian if under 18.
Available Until ViabilityAbortion is legal until the fetus reaches viability, usually around 24-26 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion Providers in Minnesota

There are several abortion providers in Minnesota, both virtual and in-person, each with its own policies and age restrictions.

Virtual Providers

Virtual providers offer telehealth visits and abortion pill mail delivery. Some also provide abortion pills for future use.

Here are six virtual providers that require a mailing address in Minnesota:

  1. Abortion on Demand
  2. Aid Access
  3. MYA Network
  4. Pills By Post
  5. Planned Parenthood of Minnesota – Telehealth
  6. Whole Woman’s Health – Medication By Mail

In-Person Providers
In-person providers offer services in various locations throughout Minnesota.

Some of the in-person providers include:

  • Whole Woman’s Health of Minnesota, Bloomington
  • Planned Parenthood – Brooklyn Park Clinic, Brooklyn Park
  • WE Health Clinic, Duluth
  • Planned Parenthood – Minneapolis Clinic, Minneapolis
  • Robbinsdale Clinic, Minneapolis
  • Red River Women’s Clinic, Moorhead
  • Planned Parenthood – Rochester Clinic, Rochester
  • Planned Parenthood – St. Paul Vandalia, St. Paul
  • For more detailed information, please visit the provider’s website or directly contact them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is abortion legal in Minnesota?

Yes, abortion is legal in Minnesota up until the fetus reaches viability, usually around 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Is there a waiting period for abortion in Minnesota?

No, Minnesota does not require a waiting period for an abortion.

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