55 Latest Fantastic Wavy Hairstyles for Long And Short Hair - Trends 2024

55 Latest Fantastic Wavy Hairstyles for Long And Short Hair

Romantic and stylish wavy hair entangles hearts in the beautiful twists. When it comes to styling the curls, modern women have gone amazingly Broadway. Believe us twisty hairdos are not lesser than the stunning glossy smooth locks. Fashionistas don’t shy away from scissors or hair dye in a way to create a different look. Since people in countries like India get their inspiration from celebrities many of the freshest and boldest styles are hackneyed from beauties. Scroll below for the hottest hairstyles for women and men that you should try for your next salon visit.

Easy & Charming Hairstyles For Women

hairstyle ideas for wavy hair

Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

Having short hair is such a freeing thing. You have more time, use less product, you’re cooler in the summer and can toss on a scarf in winter, no problem. The dilemma is what to do with it that’s different and fun. Read on to know what are trending options for short length curly hair.

  1. Playfully ,Short Twist

curly hairstyle ideas

This look is with minimal fuss and is very manageable on short hair. It goes well with your original hair texture and is simply easy to recreate. This look is soft and stylish at the same time. It gives a bounce and adds volume to your hair with such grace.

2. Disconnected Curly Pixiebest hairstyle for wavy hair

This super easy hairstyle is suited for short hair as it gives out fabulous outcome with very little effort of styling. It goes best with the air dried look but even works with a diffusion of high heat or low intensity. Perfect for girls with short hair and are carefree and shows off their adventurous style and persona.

3. Natural Curly Hair

Ideas for wavy permed hair

This is a trendy hairstyle on the block and gives out youthfulness of a person. It comes out in excellent shape and revives the hair with such ease. The best part is that it looks good on all type of face shapes and is an amazing wash to go look.

4. Short And Curly Harbinger

This is an amazing hairstyle with a sophisticated look and appeal. It is classy and looks elegant too. Perfect for modern day woman and is super easy to go for.

5. Curly Lob

best haircut idea for short wavy hair

This is a long bob hairstyle for long, loose and wavy hair. It gives more curls by cutting off the extra length and rendering out exaggerated layers on your hair. Goes well with the entirely natural texture of hair.

6. Warm Tones

hairstyle for frizzy wavy hair

These are the adorable pixie cut style with long natural curls and highlights the facial features of every woman. Best thing is this needs little maintenance and goes well with women who need a bright yet elegant look for their styling.

7. The Perfect Point

hairstyle for thick wavy hair

This is a curly look with a twist and gives a solid shape and movement of hair upon drying up. It goes well with someone with naturally textured curly hair and is super easy to maintain.

8. Tight Curls

wavy hairstyle idea 2017

This has a rounded mid length curl and has frizzy edges. The nice flow around the edges makes it look elegant. This haircut is perfect for someone who is growing their curls long and in the process, want to do something chic with their hair.

9. Parted Short Beachy Curled Layered Hairstyle

bob cut hairstyle for curly hair

Goes well with short sassy hair with amazing beachy curls. The upper area is smooth and curls are dominant towards the lower end of the hair. Perfect for all your outings and is easy to rock and style. Try out this super stylish hairstyle and give a modern and elegant twist to your regular hairdo and make heads turn.

10. Shaggy Curls

shaggy curly haircut ideas

This is an amazing look for girls with grown-up pixie and comes with shaggy curls towards the end of the hairline. Goes well with any face cut and gives an urbane and stylish look.

11. Thick And Curly

hairstyle idea for thick curly hair

This pixie cut goes well with thick and curly hair. Is well suited for hair with natural texture and is super easy and wearable and looks stylish for every woman. Best thing is it takes very little time to set up and stays long. Opt for this messy look and you will not regret a bit, guaranteed.

12. Bold Curls

thick wavy haircut ideas

This bold look is well suited for fierce and glamorous girls and needs a good amount of moisture to set in. Goes well with natural texture and is easy to style. A perfect match of boldness and elegant, try out this look and you will be surprised at the pleasant responses you will be showered with.

13. Short And Natural

hairstyle for fine hair over 50

This is a short and naturally curly hairstyle for those who want to flaunt their curls in style. It is well suited for women who want a quick and easy morning routine and want to avoid all the fuss. Goes well with short hair if you want to experiment with curls and make yourself look amazing.

14. Carefree Curls

haircuts for frizzy curly hair

Carefree curls for the carefree girls. This look is playful and needs low maintenance. It goes well with anyone’s personality and takes minimal time and effort to rock this look. It is ideal for women with oval or long face shapes

15. Textured Bob Hair bob hairstyle for short hair

Chic and sassy bobs are never out of fashion. They are adorable for another reason of low maintenance. To carry on the fresh new textured look a layer with balayage highlights is an amazing combination. Goes well with the lean face cut and looks amazing.

16. Turquoise Side Parted Mohawk

haircut for wavy hair indian

This hairstyle is disciplined work of art. Perfectly sculpted head, with a tidy side-parted Mohawk and the deep blue-turquoise balayage highlight this hairstyle looks smart. The added height will help trim the face, while the curled bang will maintain a feminine feel.

17. Asian Pixie Haircut

wavy haircut idea for short hair

This fashion aficionado managed to capture our attention for her Pixie haircut in wavy hair. It is not only her pretty face but also because of her Asian styling is making the look adorable. Combing your hair in reverse and applying voluminous mousse on the crown is an effective way to flaunt voluminously!

18. Copper Curls haircut for thin wavy hair

A perfect example of wild yet beautiful hairstyle for the modern woman. These muddled copper curls in mid length hair are interesting. It definitely seeks attention and goes well with long or oval shaped face.

Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Hair

Medium hair hairstyles of the world – unite! Having cute curls in medium length hair is breathtaking. It’s long enough to put up, yet short enough that you don’t need a ton of time to plan your hair routine for a night out.

Let us take a look at some classic, modern, funky, fun and flirty looks for everyone to try and test. So go on and pick your favourite of these hairstyles for medium length hair!

19. Textured Waves

haircut for medium length hair

This flattering cut is crazily admired across the globe. Layers through the bottom three-fourths of the hair create a soft texture that when curled into loose waves and highlighted with a touch of baby lights, looks completely natural and effortless.

20. Ash Blonde Ombre

omber hair ideas

No, that isn’t a typo. “Bronde” is the result of combining brown and blonde shades, resulting in a cool, ashy tone. Very Asian in origin this hair highlight is a popular choice as it mixes well with apparently sinister tresses.

21. Modern Shaggy Asian Style

modern shaggy hairstyle ideas

Made popular in the 1970s, shag hairstyles aren’t only still around, but they’re cool-girl approved and a great find for Asian hairstyles. Medium layered strands – as opposed to short, wispy layers in the original 70’s style cut – will keep it current, as will a cute fringe and some fresh highlights.

22. Half Up-do With Accessories

updo hairstyle for wavy hair

This gorgeous half-back ‘do is fit for a princess. Height at the crown, curls through the length, and some loosely pulled tendrils around the face make for the perfect balance between sexy and sweet. Adding gold jewellery headpiece to your hair gives a face-lift to the entire look.

23. Denim Blue Waves

short permed hair ideas

Wearing denim is forever in style, and now its popularity is extended to hair colour. This moonlight dark shade is ideal for those hoping to ooze a surly and baffling vibe. It’s also a great choice of a hairstyle for an Asian girl, as it melts perfectly in black strands.

24. Soft Waves

short length wavy haircut ideas

Beautiful, rich brown colour with soft waves rippling through with surely make heads turn and give you a stylish and elegant look in minutes. It goes well with heart-shaped face and hair that is medium to thick and naturally straight or wavy because that makes styling easy and fun.

25. Under Lights

best hairstyle idea for wavy hair

This hairstyle is the long hair version of the traditional Bob cut and looks ravishing with bright blonde shining from under a rich dark brunette. It looks fun and elegant at the same time and can be styled for every season.

26. Face Framing Balayage

face framing wavy hairstyle ideas

This is an amazing hairstyle with the star highlights being a centre part, soft waves and face-framing balayage that highlights an easy to carry look for all your day and night outings. It goes best with a heart-shaped face and with medium to high volume density and looks ravishing in every attire.

27. Sweet Chocolate

chocolate hairstyle for wavy hair

Rich chocolate brown hair coupled with soft waves makes the perfect look for all your outings. A fresh and elegant approach to all hair types, style this look for a modern twist to your hairdressing and you will be in for a great surprise.

28. Beach Babe

short and curly hairstyle ideas

These are amazing messy and tight curls ideal for all your office or party looks. Soft curls that fall apart on the shoulders are a real treat and medium layers break the monotony of the look and bring in heaviness with such ease.

29. Simple Elegance simple elegance haircut ideas

A perfect example of elegance and bold statement, these thick and dramatic waves look contrastingly beautiful with medium length waves.

30. Modern Marilyn

best short curly haircut ideas

Medium length strands lifted to the perfect platinum almost appear to glow. The length is cut right at the shoulders and layered slightly to create fullness around the neck. The sleek strands melt beautifully with grace into bouncy curls and the result is breathtaking.

31. Twist And Shout

twisted haircut ideas

These bent away bobs are a wonderful twist to your traditional wavy hair and makes for an ideal style statement. Looks super stylish with medium to long hair and makes you stand out.

Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair Women

Long hairstyles look fantastic even if they are very simple. In case you are lucky to have long hair yet feel unsure about how to style it, you are in the right place at the right time. Not every lady manages to grow long hair. A few young ladies can’t outperform their “hereditary length”, while others battle with the issue of vulnerability, so the new development is not apparent in the terms of length. And for some of us, it’s just a burden that we do not want to carry on our shoulders even for the sake of beauty.

On the off chance that you caught up in the last situation, layered hairstyles are the best arrangement. Hold your desirous length which truly alleviates your much weight. We have prepared for you a comprehensive list of the most beautiful and eye-catching long layered hairstyles.

32. Smoky Purple Ombre

best haircut ideas for women

If you’re after intense shading we unequivocally endorse you to consider this marvellous coif. The black hue softens to dark purple, to icy lavender-pink, like the magic that only an artist could craft. For most extreme impact, match with luscious long Goliath, bouncy twists.

33. Mermaid Curls With Side Cornrows

best blonde short curly hair style

Young ladies wanting to stand out from the crowd must try sporting three bold hairdos – uber long locks, a deep audacious colour, and cornrows – at once. This unicorn-like coif, however, needs a lot of upholding to sustain the colour but indeed the efforts are worth for the look.

34. Blue Braided Festival Hair

curly hair braided hairstyle

Nothing says festival like bright colours and braids. Furthermore, fortunately for everybody, in spite of the fact that these capricious styles are touted as “festival hair”, they aren’t saved on reasonable grounds. Get innovative with plaits which is an entirely new approach to do it.

35. Long Waves

Long waves hairstyle ideas

Healthy and beautiful layers make your long hair full of life and voluminous. It adds to the texture of your hair and makes them look flawless. You can style your long hair with waves in different styles to rejuvenate your long tresses or casual beach waves.

36. Waterfall Of Curls

bridal hairstyle for curly hair

These are elegant long curls and goes well with both natural curls and the ones styled with iron. This style combines the look of straight hair up top and more expressive curls through the bottom end.

37. Lava-Licious

hairstyle ideas for curly hair

These classic ‘S’ shaped waves give a volume lift to your hair and make them look elegant. Keep them loose or tie them and both looks are super elegant and classy.

Hairstyles Ideas For Men Wavy Hair 

Men’s hairstyle trends are always changing and are a little different than last year’s trends. Length, texture, and messiness are the keywords this year. From the Mad Men inspired the look of 2016 the trend shifted to the current year’s looser and less organised looks by exchanging gleaming items for matte.
The difficult to maintain curly hair looks gorgeous in endless style variables for men too. This post shows you the top wavy hairstyles and cuts for men below.
There are seamless possibilities with regards to small tight curls whether for short curly hairdo for men, or something that suits your long curly locks. Are you looking for inspiration? Look no further, we are giving some of the best and most popular short curly hairstyles for men to try.

38. Curly Undercut

curly hairstyle for men
Sweep the hair to sides, backcomb a small portion to create volume. This style can add stature to an average height man while contouring the face. The look can be easily achieved by clipping hair from the back and sides and keeping longer on top. It is worth mentioning here, the curly undercut is one of the skilful haircuts for men.

39. Curly Comb Over

how to style men curly wavy hair

This curly comb-over hairdo is ideally suitable for thicker wavy hair as it would have been straighter hair. The side part is trimmed shorter on either side leaving the middle top longer. Getting a thin firm blade make things considerably simpler, and saves a lot of time at the crack of dawn.

40. Wavy Fringe

curly undercut

Get the Greek God look by blending highlighted hair on top of the front. To create a marvellous look with wavy fringes, you can go for high/low grade on the back and sides as long. In this cut, the longest length is in front and gets shorter towards the crown.

41. Curly Quiff

men wavy hairstyle

The curly quiff requires shorter hair on the back and sides with medium to long hair on top. Men with thicker hair may ask to cut longer layers. This trim down the weight. If you want to style your quaff to one side to tell your barber in advance so that they can alter the cut to suit.

42. Slicked Back

men's wavy hairstyle short hair

Slicked back hairdo can be done on medium length loosely curled hair in combination with an undercut. If you want to take some weight out of your hair and are wondering how to thin men’s hair then simply explain how you plan on styling and your barber can cut and thin accordingly.

43. Long Curly Hairhairstyle idea for long curly hair

This style is for medium length hair. To achieve the look the cut and maintained with scissors only. Thick hair should be shaped using layers. This not only reduces weight but also gives texture to hair.

44. Long And Lustrous

haircut ideas for men

This should be your style if you’re having long curly hair. The fuss-free haircut for men is one of the best options that you should adopt for the season. The hair needs occasional trimming just to keep the length and frizziness in check.

45. Curly Bob

haircut ideas latest for men

Think Game of Thrones star, Kit Harrington. Let your natural curls grow out and ask an experienced barber to shape your hair in a way that best suits the thickness.

46. Textured Crop

haistyle ideas for men

Textured crop hairdo for men is in vogue this year. The natural texture of wavy hair creates a unique definition. Thinning wavy hair can be enhanced with layers.

47. Side Parting Plus Low Fade

cool hairstyle for men for wavy hair

Styling wavy hair was once thought difficult but they can be styled into any slick look. The side part hairstyle gets some fantastic volume of long wavy hair while the sides are cut into a low bald fade.

48. Short Wavy Hair With Drop Fade

wavy hairstyle for men

Here’s a shorter take on the textured crop. This trendy and attractive style is also easy to wear, work a touch of product through almost dry hair to enhance definition.

49. Long Wavy Hair With Undercut hairstyle idea for men

A shaved undercut with long hair on top is a cool combination that makes longer men’s hair easier to wear. To get the look, toil hair at the forehead with some products to keep away the hair from face.

50. High And Tight Wavy Hair

cool curly haircut ideas for men

This military cut hairstyle is an upmarket trend. This short men’s haircut has the same profile with waves high on the top and fades going down the skin along the hairline. High and tight wavy hair has lots more style.

51. Wavy Faux Hawk

mens wavy hairstyle short hair

This wavy faux hawk is a creative hairstyle that took inspiration from Mohawk. This undercut is left a wide swath of hair on top. Hair is left wavy yet squeezed up at the inside like a false hawk.

52. Medium Length Wavy Hair With Lineup

hairstyle ideas for men for long hair

This haircut with lineup suits medium length wavy hair. Wear the undercut hairstyle for a cool look. A touch of product holds hair back and tames frizz. Faded edges add even more detail.

Let’s enjoy your frizzy wavy hairstyle with these cool ideas. If you also have some tips, how to manage your wavy hairs and what kind of hairstyle you prefer then let’s share with us below in the comment section. And how you find these Hairstyle Ideas. Let us know. We always wait for your suggestion!

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