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10 Outdoor Flowering Plants Perfect To Perk Up In In Your Winter Garden

Winters are all about hot coffees, fuzzy socks and warm sunlight.

On the other hand, the weather can bring drab days of discomfort and chilling nights. So, it’s not just you waiting for the sun to nourish your with warmth, those greens decking your backyard need some share too. However, not all plants can bear the winter chill. If your garden looks like a monotonous green carpet and you wish to add some colours to it, go for some specific winter flowering plants. They will not only enliven your space but also bring a lot of freshness during the freezing days.

Take the guide to some amazing outdoor flowering plants perfect for your backyard during winters. Read on:

  • Hellebores

Add an interesting view to the garden by introducing Hellebores that brave against the dry and cold shades. This flowering plant bears colourful blooms like white, grey, pink, apricot, purple and so forth. Also, the flowers vary from single shaped  to double or even star shaped, giving you an ample variety to choose from a single plant type.

  • Mahonia

This evergreen shrub blooms in early winter with fragrant yellow flowers. Also, the improved hybrid called the Winter Sun Mahonia bears berries, often attracting birds and bees. Just make sure you enrich the soil with humus, keeping them moist and drained for a healthy growth of the plant.

  • Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is not just an aesthetic flowering shrub but comes with powerful medicinal properties. It is used to cure skin infections and acne apart from scalp sensitivity and hemorrhoids.

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The plant bears clusters of ribbon-like flowers that provide a beautiful spectacle in winters.

  • Winter Cherry

The plant bears low temperatures and bright light making it a perfect fit for your winter garden. The plant has white flowers and dark green foliage, creating a perfect contrast. It also bears tomato-like berries but they are toxic.

  • Daffodils

Daffodils, also known as Lent Lily, come in several different flower styles and colours, while the common usually remains the colour yellow. They grow in full sun or partial shade. They must be planted in early winter when the ground begins to freeze.

  • Primrose

Your garden is sure to get a lot happier and sunnier with the introduction of the primrose. They are easy to grow and show their spectacular shades during mid to late winter. 

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus are preferably beautiful flowering plants and extreme winters countries are not ideal for this beauty. Make sure you provide them with ample of sunlight to help them stay warm and nourished. If you are looking for easy maintenance plants for your outdoor or indoor needs, you can go for hibiscus and place them indoors for an extra dash of colour.

  • Orchids

One great myth that orchids hold is that they are primarily summer flowers. However, with around artificial hybrids upto 1,00,000, many varieties of orchids are grown across all seasons, and comfortably during winters. One of the most popular gardening and gifting flowers online, orchids enjoy indirect sunlight whether you place them in a vase or pot them. Make sure they enjoy a shady nook of your garden.

  • Jade

Perfect for dry and cold weather, Jade plants are one of the most common flowering plants that grows in shade and produces small white and pink star shaped flowers. Although jade plants are indoor plants but they require plenty of water to grow. Therefore, you can as well keep them under warm winter sun as it needs outdoor conditions to bloom.

  • Stock

Fill your winter garden with fragrance with stock plants. Flowers appear in single and double blooms under moist soil conditions. The flowers are pink, red, white, purple, lavender. 

So, make sure you fill your garden with amazing winter beauties by planting these flowering plants and add a dose of vibrancy to your space.

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