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What Can I Do with a Business Degree in Fashion?

The fashion industry is impossible without creative insights, original ideas, and enthusiasts who are ready to implement them.

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But in the same way, it is unfeasible without a well-functioning business mechanism that allows you to profit from fashion shows and sales, expand production, and bypass competitors. The products of a fashion brand become the dream of numerous consumers when it is not only highly original but is well promoted as well.

Why You Need a Fashion Business Bachelor Degree

To develop a brand from a small start-up, you need to have knowledge of business and economics, as well as to know the situation in the fashion world both on the global scene and at the level of individual countries. A fashion business management bachelor’s degree allows you to gain comprehensive knowledge and professional skills to promote a brand in the face of intense competition and an abundance of offers in the fashion market.

What Knowledge Does a Bachelor in Fashion Management Receive?

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Since this specialty is complex, students study courses simultaneously on fashion and business practices:

● Fashion brand development strategies

● Marketing and PR

● Brand finance

● Organization of effective retailing

● Sociocultural dynamics of fashion

● Prognosis and promotion of fashion trends

● Assessment of competitor strategies

● Establishing sales channels

Extensive Opportunities for Graduates of the Istituto Marangoni Miami

By receiving a BFA in Fashion Business, you will become a desirable employee in various companies related to the fashion industry:

● production of fashionable clothes and accessories

● fashion magazines and TV channels

● e-commerce and digital platforms

● fashion agencies

Bachelor of business fashion has enough skills not only to bring an already operating brand to the fashion industry leaders but also to create his own company from scratch.

Istituto Marangoni has a long successful history. Its graduates were famous designers and founders of prestigious fashion houses. By getting a fashion marketing bachelor here, you will accumulate only the most successful experience that will allow you to easily turn your wildest dreams into reality.

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