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Hindu region is best known for its rituals and millions of God and Goddess. God Ganesha is one of them, who is the deity God Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. We hope all you know about the story of Lord Ganesha, how he got the elephant face. Ganesha seems favorite deity not only in India but also in the whole world. There are some persons who don’t show their feelings for religion but express their interest getting their body part with hindu god tattoo designs.

If we talk about tattoo design of hindu religion then you can inked “Om”, “Swastik” or any of the God or Goddess on your part of body and Lord Ganesha Beautiful Tattoo Design With Meaning is also the best option when thinking to inked tattoo. Ganesha is worshiped as the god of wisdom, success, wealth, education, knowledge and destroyer of evils and obstacles.

If you want to take a Ideas For Ganesha Tattoo Design then here are some outstanding Lord Ganesha Tattoo Designs For Men And Women. We here are also sharing ganesh tattoo meaning for more knowledge about the Lord Ganpati.

ganesh tatto design

Holy! Top 20+ Ganesha Tattoo Designs With Meaning For Men and Women

In the Hindu religion, God Ganesha is worshiped in the beginning of any new work. Not any ritual and ceremony start without worship of god Ganesha. As every Hindu religion symbol has has its own meaning similarly Lord Ganesha Tattoo Designs also have a meaning.In tattoo art generally if you draw a big size religious tattoo then they start beginning with flowers or birds, representing that it’s a new spring season after the winter. In the Tattoo of Lord Ganesha sits in the lotus flower. Here we are sharing many ganesh elephant tattoo meaning.

lord ganesh tattoo gallery

Spiritual Religious Tattoos Design For Men & Women

  1. Ganesha Tattoo Design

    Ganesh-Head-Tattoo-DesignGanesha Tattoo on back gives very artistic look when inked in black and white. Here its looking amazing with the combination of colorful flowers and quotes written on this shows your love to the deity ganesha.

2. Ganesh Tattoo Design On Shoulder

ganesh tattoo on sholder


Ganesh Tattoo On Shoulder gives strength to your arms and hands to do more work. With the beautiful color of clothes and ornaments it looks more lively. Here Ganeha sitting in lotus flower is looking fabolus.

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3. Ganesh Tattoo On Wrist

simple ganesh tattoo design

Ganesh Tattoo inked on your any part of body will keep away the evil energies from you and will give you more strength to work. As this is very Simple Ganesh Tattoo Design inked into the ” Om”. It is just the outline of Lord Ganesha. Sometimes simple tattoo convey a lot.

4. Full Body Ganesha Tattoo

genesh tattoo design

Have a took on this beautiful Lord Ganesh Tattoo on back. It’s looking magnificent when inked on the full back. If you have to draw ganesh tatoo on back then try to choose the beautiful big size image.

5. Black & White Tattoo Design

ganesh tattoo design Ganesha, Ganpati also known as Vinayaka all are the names of hindu religion deity lord ganesha. Black and white also looks beautiful when inked for Ganesh Tattoo. Skills of the tattoo maker also making lord Ganesh look stunning. This pretty tattoo has been inked on neck.

6. Ganesh Tattoo Design For Men

ganesh tattoo design for men

Ganesh Tattoos are always in the priority list for men also. Lord Ganesh, elephant face is the god that removes obstacles of every one life and opens the gateway of success. Here combination of colored ornaments makes tattoo looks more adorable.

7. Golden Ganesha Tattoo Design

ganesh tattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo design then there will be not any other beautiful tattoo design other than this. This tattoo fully shows the idol of lord Ganesha. Ganesha Tattoo inked in golden color making it more significant with the golden color as the god of gold and success.

8. Simple Lord Ganesha Tattoo With Black Outline 

simple ganesha tattoo design Sometimes simple tattoo convey the message in more suitable ways. Here this tattoo design is looking very pretty with the simple om outline. This has been made in the simple black color.

9. Lord Ganesh Elephant Head Tattoo Design

ganesh tattoo design with meaning Do you all know how Lord Ganesh got the elephant face. As the head of lord ganesha is the symbol of intellectual  power and strength. Tattoo done in different vibrant colors is looking wonderful.

10. Most Creative Ganesha Tattoo

ganesha tattoo on theigh


Have a look at this eye catching Ganesh tattoo design. I don’t think that there can be any other portrait of lord Ganesha as beautiful as this is. This is looking stunning as variety of colors has been used into this to extend the lord Ganesha powers.

11.Stunning Lord Ganesha Tattoo Design

god ganesh tatttoo ideas Ganesha is the most popular deity in the Hindu mythology. There a lot of varies pictures you can of god ganesha, somewhere sitting, somewhere dancing or showing his challenging demons. This Ganesha Tattoos is looking very beautiful with dark black thin and thick outlines.

12. Beautiful Ganesha Tattoo Design

beautiful lord ganesha tattoo design Lord Ganesh Tattoo For Women in blue ink is looking fa-bolus. Lord Ganesha is a supreme energy in this chaotic universe and you will feel safe and successful after the ganesha tattoo inked on body.

13. Ganesh Tattoo Design On Back

ganesha tattoo on back

Ganesha is the symbol of effortlessness and wisdom in all forms. Life is full of difficulties and Ganesh shows us the write way to move ahead.

14. Ganesha Tattoo Design For Women

simple ganesh tattoo design

As this Ganesh Tatoo is looking very different and unique as compare to the another tattoo design. This has been drawn in very artistic way describing the beauty of lord Ganesha in a very creative manner.

hindu god ganesh tattoo design

15. Unique Ganesh Tattoo Design With Meaning

elephant head ganesh tattoo design

This is the most religious picture of lord Ganesha. This Ganesh Tattoo Design shows the wisdom and prosperity. Tattoo artist has put their efforts in the noose form for this magnificent image of lord Ganesha.

16. blue Lord Ganesha Tattoo

blue inked ganesh tattoo design This Ganesha Tattoo has been drawn in blue ink. This tattoo design looks adorable when inked in blue. This is the modern style for tattoo art.

17. Ganesh Sitting In Lotus Flower Tattoo

lord ganesh tattoo pattern

This Ganesh Tattoo represent creation and wisdom with it’s glorify design. Ganesh is sitting in the beautiful lotus flower wearing ornaments. Tattoo maker has give his whole efforts to make this tattoo realistic.

18. Religious Lord Ganesh Tattoo Design Idea

ganesh tattoo pictures

In this beautiful tattoo design Lord Ganesh is sitting peacfully having modak in one hand and other hand is in the abhay pose of protection. Sweet Modak in lords hands represent his inner sweetness.

god ganesha tattto design

19. Dancing Ganesha Tattoo Design

Ideas about ganesha tattoos Dancing Ganesha Tattoo is not only look beautiful but also it’s the symbol of devotion. Ganesha is a teacher who teaches the art of living to the all devotes by his every symbol.

20. Lord Ganesh Tattoo On Waist

lord ganesh tattoo

God Ganesh Tattoo on waist looks classic and has a super catchy charm. This pattern of Ganesh Tattoo Design is very famous in the other countries.


Here you have seen the different unique and creative ideas for Ganesha Tattoo Design. Hopefully you have enjoyed a lot and this will be beneficial for you to give you a slight view before applying them on hands, shoulder or ankle or neck.

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