Traditional South Indian Bridal Make Up Tips

Wedding is the big dream day for every girl. From childhood girls starts to do planning for their wedding day. Indian weddings are full of rituals and traditions. There are a lots of events before and after the wedding. So, looking beautiful is the necessity for to be bride. Here are Make Up Tips For South Indian Wedding.

As one of my close friend wedding is coming in the next month and she had started to follow the bride beauty tips to look beautiful on her special day. Indian Bridal Looks amazing on wedding with a perfect matching make up, jewellery and with the beautiful wedding lahnga.

Make Up also has great importance for bride on her wedding day. All efforts that you have done to make your special, make up will worth them. Here, today I am putting some Tips For Bridal Make Up to complete for your dream wedding.

south indian bridal make up

South Indian Wedding Bridal Make Up Tips

As the time has come to think about the wedding beauty. Here, we have put together some little efforts to make the South Indian Bridal Look more beautiful. You can rock your big day by keeping some little points in mind. As the this one day is full of many emotions hugging, kissing, crying, happiness.

make up tips for south indian bride

Best South Indian Bridal Make up Tips

In south Indian Wedding brides saree and ornaments are the main attractions. So, to get the attention on brides face make up plays a vital role. Make up of south indian bride should be bold in red, golden or should be matching with the saree color.

Here are the steps that will enhance the South Indian Bridal Wedding Look.

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Step 1:

Every make Up first step is cleaning to make the fresh feel. Face should be oil free and dirt free before make up. You can use any simple cleaner or rose water to clean the skin. After clean, let them dry and then apply moisturiser to make the skin hydrated.

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step 2:

As indian wedding is the long lasting whole day process, so base or primer you will use should be matching with the skin tone and long lasting. As the entire wedding day will be very hectic so make Up should be stay for long hours, as this is the base of a complete painting.

make up for indian bride

Step 3:

Consoler is equally important as primer. It will help to hide the sports on face. If you have dark circles or patchy skin then this will give the more brighter look to your skin.

bridal make up tips

Step 4:

Foundation should be according to skin tone. Make sure before applying it on the skin in natural light and artificial light. start from the centre, apply in on the complete face.

south indian bridal make up

Step 5:

For the extra glow you can use a hight lighter to give a glossy shine. don’t use shimmery and goddy products. Let the glow be natural.

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Step 6:

Don’t forget to blush your cheeks..!!! A bit of colour on your cheeks will make an extra glow on your skin. If you have a fairer colour then pink will be the best suitable.

south indian wedding make up

Step 7:

Eyes attracts some one towards you. so, eye make up should be very bold and according to the wedding saree. Now days colored eye liner are in trends but black looks more glamours with the dark black mascara. Try some glittery shinny primer before applying liner and eye shadows. Apply dark black bold liner below curvers of eyes, this will give your eyes more bright look.

Step 8:

Now let comes to the last and final step of make up. By applying hot bold dark bright color lipsticks. For dusky indian skin tone dark red, maroon or wine colors looks amazing. Start lip make up by applying lip balm, this will provide mousiture to your lips. Then apply lip linear similer to the color of lipstick and fill the center area with lip color.

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These are the make up tips for south indian bride for her big day event. You all can try these make up ideas to make your day special.

Tips For South Indian Bridal Wedding Make Up

south indian bridal make up for wedding south indian bridal make up for wedding

  1. South Indian bride should keep in mind about the wedding saree colour and ornaments while choosing the make Up for eyes, lips, face and neck. Also make up colour should be match with your skin tone. Dusky skin tone bridal have to wear make Up in Deep Colours.
  2. Generally, in south indian weddings bride have to change multiple dresses during wedding, then it’s not possible to change make up every time. So, before make up keep in mind to choose such make up colours that will match with most of the dresses.
  3. Lip stick colour should be match with the costume and bright in colour. So that it will highlight on the heavy silk saree and gold jewellery. And also should be waterproof. Put lip balm on them to keep the lips moisturised.
  4. Always use the mascara and other make up waterproof. It will stay long hours during wedding.
  5. Make Up should be according to wedding time either in day or night.
  6. If you are getting any facial or using any other type of products before wedding, first try some patch test to avoid the wedding day blunder.
  7. If you are putting contact lenses on wedding then put them before staring the make up.
  8. Apart from these make up tips you should have to take care of your skin before coming your special day. If you are suffering from acne or pimples then should consult a doctor.
  9. Avoid junk food and drink 8-10 glass of water to get hydrated and glowing skin on wedding day.
  10. We can understand before wedding it’s not possible to sleep early but bride should sleep 7-9 hours of deep sleep to stay away from dark circles.
  11. Always use sun block before going out from home and do night cleaning of your face regulerly.
  12. Don’t forget to shape your eyebrows and waxing before some days of wedding. Sometimes these routine activities also gets alleric. So, be alert.

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Hope these South Indian Bridal Make Up Tips will be very helpful for you before your dream date come. As these are very small point but you should have to keep in mind. These little point will help you to looks more beautiful as you are.