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20 Surprising Benefits Of Neem Oil On Hair, Skin And Its Uses

Azadirachta Indica is also commonly known as Neem tree oil. It is commonly available in nature and it is most important part of the Ayurveda. Neem is a multipurpose herb and because of its exceptional medicinal properties of curing illness, it is often referred to as “plant with a promise”. Here are some Wonderful Benefits Of Neem Oil. Neem oil is a pungent yellow-brown oil found in the seeds of the neem tree which originated in India and some parts of Asia.

Every part of the tree like bark, leaves, branch, fruits, flower and even roots are used and beneficial. It is also used in the alternative to synthetic chemical based insect repellents and head lice treatment. Neem tree oil has properties of anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti parasitic. These properties help in giving relief from symptoms of the skin diseases, hair treatment.

Nowadays it is an important part of the cosmetics also. Even though it is also used in the household products. So from this, you can conclude that this is the best and safe to use and it doesn’t have any type of the side effects. Here below you can read Amazing Benefits Of Neem Oil For Skin, Hair & Scalp also Uses Of Neem Oil.

benefits of neem tree oilBenefits Of Neem Tree Oil On Hair, Skin And Its Uses

Neem tree oil has lots of the benefits and it is an important ingredient in most of the skin care products as well as loaded with lots of the nutrients. It is beneficial for the skin diseases and can cure them. It helps in the healing the cuts and wounds on the skin as it has astringent properties. It also gives relief from the itchy and dry skin. So here is a list of the benefits of the neem tree oil on the skin, hair and other uses.

benefits of neem oilBenefits Of Neem Tree Oil On Hair

Neem tree oil has an anti-fungal property which helps in treating the hair and scalp problems. It strengthens the root of the hairs and helps in the regrowth of the hairs.

neem oil for hair1. Neem Tree Oil Gives Healthy Hairs

By massaging the scalp and hairs with the neem tree oil every week or at least 3 times then you can get rids of the dull hairs. Massage hair with neem tree oil and let it be there for a whole night and then wash your hairs and scalp with mild shampoo it will give you a healthier and healthy hair. If you didn’t like the odour of the oil you can dilute it with the other oil like almond oil or coconut oil. It doesn’t leave any type of the irritation on your scalp.

Benefits of neem oil for hair

2. Neem Tree Oil Treats Dandruff

It is the best remedy to treat dandruff and dry scalp. Most of the shampoo contains neem as its main ingredients and can help in treating dandruff. Neem oil also improves the scalp health and maintain the pH balance of the scalp so that dandruff can be treated. It also prevents any type of the redness and itching on your scalp and fights against the skin infection causing fungus. So it promotes the regrowth of the hair and strengthen the follicles of the hairs and prevent the thinning of the hairs and prevents hair fall.

benefits of neem oil for natural hair

3. Neem Tree Oil Treats Frizzy hair

Neem oil can also treat the dull, rough and frizzy hairs. For this, you can add few drops of the neem oil in your regular shampoo and then leave for few minutes and wash it. This will help in retaining the shine in your hair and also leaves moisture on your hair. Neem oil can mix with the lotion or cream so that ultimately it will make you hydrated.

benefits of neem oil for hair growth

4. Neem Tree Oil Treats Lice On Your Head

Neem oil has a medicinal property too so it is the safest way to remove lice from your head and also remove the undesirable effect of the lice on your head. Just apply neem oil on your head for a night and then comb your hairs with the nit comb to remove lice and there is no allergic reaction by the application of the neem oil.

neem oil uses

5. Neem Tree Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Neem oil helps in the hair growth and improves the quality of the hairs. As it is an anti-fungal property which helps in treating dandruff which is one of the causes of the hair fall. It will also fight with the hair thinning reasons.

neem tree oil benefits

6. Neem Tree Oil Removes Split Ends

The main cause for the split ends is the rough and dull hair which are not manageable. Application of the neem oil on your scalp provides moisturizer on your hairs and helps in the requirement of the damaged cuticles strength to your hair follicles.

home remedies to treat hair problems

Benefits Of Neem Tree Oil On Skin

Neem oil is also beneficial for the skin too it will fight the infection causing bacteria and treats it.

neem oil for skin7. Neem Oil Delay Ageing And Protect Skin

Neem contains a high amount of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which protect your skin from damage. It will fight the free radicals which are responsible for the ageing. Neem oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients which provide nourishment to your skin and improves elasticity. It smoothens the skin and make it baby soft and reduces the fine line and wrinkles.

benefits of neem oil for skin care

8. Neem Oil Treats Acne

Neem oil is the best oil for treating the acne problem and it clear and clean the pimples and removes bacteria causing pimples on your skin. It will also reduce the redness of the acne. Neem oil can be added to any type of the mask to tighten the pores and removes the impurities from your skin.

neem oil remove acne

9. Neem Oil Treat Symptoms Of Eczema

Eczema is the skin infection which can be genetic also. Neem oil can reduce the symptoms of eczema from your skin and give you relief. As it is rich in vitamin E it can penetrate the skin and leaves a layer of the moisture on your skin and prevents dryness. Neem oil acts as a protective barrier for your skin. It has an antiseptic property which helps in healing the cuts and wounds on your skin and keeps away the infections.

benefits of neem oil lamp

10. Neem Oil Treats Fungal Infection

Fungal infection like ringworms, nail fungus and athlete’s foot are very common so neem oil treats this fungal infection. Most of the antifungal cream contains neem has its main component.

neem benefits for skin care

11. Neem Oil Removes Pigmentation And Dryness

Application of the neem oil leaves a layer of the moisture on your skin and removes the dryness. Neem oil heals the crack due to the dryness and reduces freckles. On the regular use of the neem oil, you will get a fairer skin and dark spots will go away. Neem oil destroy the excessive formation of the melanin which is responsible for the skin colouring agent.

benefits of neem oil for skin

Health Benefits Of Neem Tree Oil

benefits of neem oil for health

12. Neem Oil For Dental Care

Most of the toothpaste, mouthwash contain neem as it is an antiseptic which will help in keeping your teeth and gum healthy and free from infection too. So you can use such products which have neem in it.

neem oil health benefits

13. Neem Oil Used As Medicines

Neem purifies the blood and treats a digestive disorder. It can be used for topically also in the form of the paste.

neem oil health benefits

14. Neem Oil Used In Beauty Products

Skin and hair care companies used neem oil in their products which are good for the skin and hair health.

neem oil as beauty product

15. Neem Oil Used As Pesticides, Fungicides And Germicides

Neem oil is multipurpose and it is well known to use in the formation of the pesticides and fungicide in the agriculture purpose. Neem oil inhibits the growth of the insects.

neem oil uses in fields

16. Neem Oil For Pet Care Products

Neem oil helps in controlling scabies, hot spots, and other skin diseases in your pet. Neem oil is good for killing the insects and lice when added in the shampoo.

neem oil for pet care

17. Neem Oil Used Bug Repellent And Prevents Mosquito Breeding

Neem oil is used as an excellent repellent for common garden bugs which also include caterpillars, nematodes, and mites. When neem oil is emulsified in the water it inhibits the breeding of mosquitoes in that areas.

neem oil uses

18. Neem Oil Used In Cleaning

It is very difficult task to clean the mattress and carpet to remove bacteria from it. You can add neem oil in the shampoo and then spray on your mattress and carpet which helps in removing the mites and bacteria and fungi from it.

neem oil uses and benefits

19. Neem Oil Treat Wounds

Neem oil also helps in the treatment of the wounds on your skin, you can add neem oil in the vaseline and then apply on the wound and let it be there. Repeat the process it will heal the minor wounds.

neem oil for wounds

Neem oil has a multipurpose work on your health as well as other benefits also. It is an amazing tree found in nature which has no side effects but numerous benefits. So guys just try these remedy and watch a look on your cosmetics whether they are having neem in it or not. Hopefully, after reading this Amazing Benefits Of Neem Tree Oil On Skin & Hair you will be ready to bring neem in your home also!