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Top Best Happy Teachers Day Quotes Images Wishes Messages Whats App Status

In India, every year Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th of September. The day is celebrated as the birth date of the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This is the day when you can make feel special to your teachers by wishing them through quotes, lovely messages, and Images. Here we are to help you to celebrate this occasion of Teachers Day Messages, Wishes Images, Quotes, Teachers Day Whats App Status, Teachers Day Facebook Profile Pic and much more.

Teachers Day is a very special day for students as well as for teachers. Students get the chance to thanks the respected teachers for their hard work that they did to educate them.

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The day on which Teachers Day is celebrated is very from country to country. World’s Teachers day is celebrated on 5 October.

Here you will get the Latest collection of Happy Teachers Day Wishes, Quotes, Images, Pictures, Funny Quotes on Teachers Day and much more to celebrate this day with your teachers in a special way.

Best Happy Teachers Quotes Wishes Messages Images Photos Latest Collection

Many ways to celebrate this occasion. Generally, in schools and colleges students celebrate this day. There are many Teachers Day Essay Competitions are held. Students prepare Speech On Teachers Day, Slogans On Teachers and much more things to give a special feel to teachers on this auspicious day.

Quotes, On Teachers Day by Narender Modi

  • “I feel blessed I can address students who are the future of India.” – Narendra Modi
  • “We must acknowledge the importance of teachers to the society.” – Narendra Modi
  • “Until teachers get their due it is difficult to bring about a change.” – Narendra Modi
  • “We must question why the smartest students don’t choose to become teachers.” –Narendra Modi
  • “When I went to a school in Japan, they told me that both the teachers and students perform cleaning tasks here to keep the schools clean. I wondered why can’t we do it in India.” – Narendra Modi
  • “As students, I am sure you have several dreams. If you are determined to move ahead nothing can stop you. Our youth is talented.” – Narendra Modi
  • “India is a youthful nation. Can’t we think of exporting good teachers?” – Narendra Modi
  • “It’ easy to find information on Google guru but that’s not equal to gaining knowledge.” – Narendra Modi
  • “Both teachers and students must move ahead together for the nation to progress.” – Narendra Modi
  • “If you are determined nothing can stop you from determining your dreams.” – Narendra Modi
  • “If your education is not enough, the experience will teach you lessons.” – Narendra Modi
  • “One should play and sweat. Life shouldn’t be bogged down by books.” – Narendra Modi
  • “Importance of technology is increasing every day, we must not deprive our children of technology, if we do then it’s a social crime.” – Narendra Modi
  • “Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan served this country well, he did not celebrate his birthday, he celebrated it for teachers.” – Narendra Modi
  • “We want to make nation-building a people’s movement.” – Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech on Teachers Day 2015

As per the Media report: PM Modi has addressed mass of students on teachers day 2015 a day before the 5th of September means on 4th of September between 10 am and 11.45am. He has given his speech a day before as 5th of September is a holiday in 2015 due to the Janmashtami festival.
He has interacted with the students all across the country on 4th of September in order to share some tips on public speaking. He answered the question of a student (“How have you achieved such mastery in oratory?”), who was very curious to know how the PM gives speeches without a script. PM Modi answered that “To be a good orator, you need to be a good listener. You need to listen with your eyes and your mind,”. He also motivated the students by saying that “Don’t worry about what people will say. Don’t be nervous. You should be confident,”.
He said that what you want to say just write down “That will help you sharpen your speech,”. He also suggested students take help from the Google and YouTube and said that “You are google guru Vidyarthi (students) after all. If you see other speeches online, you will gain confidence,”.
He was also questioned by a student about leadership to which he answered that “To be a leader, you should be attached to people. Their pain should give you sleepless nights,”.

He urged students to think for, ”why they would want to become leaders”, “for happiness, elections or to solve problems.”
The controversy around PM Modi’s Teachers’ Day Speech on 5 September 2014
Though the children of India have been celebrating Teacher’s Day on a day when they express their love and respect for their teachers and in turn teachers also show their affection for their pupils, but this year’s Teachers’ Day on 5th of September 2014 is in news for a reason other than a simple student-teacher event.
As per the directives of the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry all government and private schools across the country were asked by the Government to ensure and arrange for PM Narendra Modi’s live televised Teachers’ Day speech and interaction with school children at the Manekshaw Auditorium in Delhi.
The said directive also stated that schools will have to arrange for televisions, cable connections, and projectors etc. so that students can also see the question-and-answer session which will be telecast live on Doordarshan between 3 pm to 4.45 pm.
Controversial Directive:
But the directive is being criticized by some schools and opposition parties on the ground that the school children cannot compulsorily be forced to remain in school until 5 pm to watch PM’s speech. Opposition parties are suggesting that the timing of speech should be changed to suit school hours so that small school children will not have to remain in school until evening.
Furthermore, another problem which is being faced by schools authorities is that at such short notice they are finding it difficult to arrange technical instruments needed for the live telecast of the Speech as all schools of the country are not well equipped with modern telecommunication instruments and infrastructure.
One more question which is of significance is that whether school children can be asked to compulsorily watch and listen to PM’s speech. Though PM of the country has every right to address the students and children of the nation but making them listen to it compulsorily seems unwarranted.
For instance, when PM makes his speech to the nation on 15th of August or on 26th January every year, it is not compulsory for anyone to listen to it and everyone is at his or her liberty to either listen to it or not. Then why Teachers’ day speech of the PM is being made compulsory for school children across the country?
Hopefully, the controversies around Teachers’ Day will not affect the auspiciousness of the day which is being celebrated every year on 5th of September in the memory of a great educationist and scholar President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and the sanctity and usefulness of Teacher’s Day will not be marred by pointless political controversies.
It would be better if Teachers’ Day remains as a day of Teacher-Student bonding of love and respect as it has always been.

We all have a favorite teacher in our life to whom we consider our ideal. Now, this is the day to show your love and respect to your teachers by sending them these Beautiful Lovely Wishes Quotes Images Messages to your teachers. You can also wish them on a phone or by sending Happy Teachers Day Whats App Status.

Hope you guys will really like this article of Happy Teachers Day. Our team wishes you a very Happy Teachers Day. Stay connected with us for more updates!

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